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  1. 1. By Joan Llucià
  2. 2. We went to Mallorca on Monday 16th. We had to be in the airport at 5:30 am! We took the plane at 7:00 and we arrived at 7:45 aprox.
  3. 3. In the airport of Mallorca we had to take a bus to go to the hotel. We had to toke the bus more times to go to other sites. The name of the hotel was Linda. Is was a good hotel, and our rooms were next to each other.
  4. 4. Almudaina Te Almudaina is te palace which the kings of Spain had their holydays. We went to the different rooms of the Almudaina, like the living room, the yard, the corridors, the battlement...
  5. 5. We visited a shop that sells all things which are made with wood of olives trees. In the shop there is the place where they make all those things manually. When we left the shop we went to the pearl factory “Majorica”. In this factory there is jewelry shop with the ppearls which are made in the factory.
  6. 6. We also visited caves which have a lot of stalactites and stalagmites: some are hollow and, when you hit them, the stalactites made music. One stalagmite is one of the highest of Eurpoe.
  7. 7. We went by bike all Tuesday morning. We went along promenade. In this morning some went to the beach to sunbathe. Twice more times we went to the beach, but at night
  8. 8. On Wednesday night we went to karaoke to sing songs. At the begining, someone thought that we would be shy and nobody would sing, but in the end it was just the opposite: all of us wanted to sing.
  9. 9. Bellver Castle Bellver Castle is a gothic castle, and we visited the yard in the castle, the roof... In the roof has some wonderfull views.
  10. 10. Agreeing with all of us, finally, on Thursday morning we went to ride a horse. We separated in two groups. It was amazing.
  11. 11. We visited the famous cathedral of Mallorca. It was one of the mighest of Europe. This cathedral has a shrine of modern style, by Antonio Barceló, a famous mallorcan arquitect
  12. 12. On Friday, the last day, Anna and Victoria did a tour through Palma de Mallorca with questions. In this tour we visited streets, cathedrals, the doll museum, etc...
  13. 13. On Friday night we went home... Bye-bye Mallorca