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8digital nov 11 v1


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8digital - PR & Promotion Platform for Performing Artists. COMING SOON!

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8digital nov 11 v1

  1. 1. How not to suck at your own PR
  2. 2. We will tell you HOW!
  3. 3. ...BUT first... let’s get a tad serious the music business is full of artists trying to be seen and heard
  4. 4. GONE are the days where folks paid for music GONE are the days where Record Labels developed Artists and spent £££ on PR & Promotion
  5. 5. NOW we’re on our own Tragedy...
  6. 6. BUT sometimes YEAH sometimes from adversity comes inspiration
  7. 7. what if... you take your publicity into your own hands?
  8. 8. Hold on to your hat
  9. 9. For a fraction of the price of a spin doctor 8digital will help YOU to help yourself by using our super pr packages to get your face in the media
  10. 10. 8digital will supply ...the maps ...and frankly... YOU manage your own PR Campaign
  11. 11. it’s ALL about DIY - managing your own PR & Promotion using the tools of the PR trade oops... WARNNG never use flame in a cornfield!
  12. 12. The End Well, really it’s the beginning! Whew...exhausted.. Right, we’re off to the Pub Whose round is it? contact [email_address]