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SXSWedu 2014: How mentorship puts the "ed" into "edtech"


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Panel Presentation from "Lightning Talk Series - At The Helm: Women's Impact in EdTech" sponsored by EdTech Women (
In this presentation, I share four stories of graduate students I mentored from the Learning Technologies program at the University of Texas at Austin who are putting the "ed" into "edtech" in their current work. I call for all of us to mentor others, especially those underrepresented in the edtech field, and to ensure that the "ed" is in "edtech" and to seek help if you are unsure. Ultimately, collectively we will continue to shape and change education.
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SXSWedu 2014: How mentorship puts the "ed" into "edtech"

  1. 1. How mentorship puts the “Ed” into “EdTech” Joan E. Hughes Associate Professor of Learning Technologies The University of Texas at Austin @techedges
  2. 2. Shantia Kerr, Ph.D. So many students of color see me sitting at my desk, knock on my door and sit down to chat. I’ve had undergraduate students tell me that they never had an African American professor.
  3. 3. Gloria Gonzales Dholakia, Ph.D. You prepared me to do this type of work: Understanding what edtech looks in most schools, what students want it to look like, what teachers need from edtech to be practical in their classrooms.@gloriagd
  4. 4. Rachel Barrera, Ph.D. I could not have graduated without all of your guidance, advice, encouragement and support. I related to you as a female in academia, which helped me think about where to go in my academic career and life. Mentors can make all the difference. @rachelbalam
  5. 5. Xavier Maldonado, M.Ed. When I’m at work and we’re trying to grapple with how we keep pushing the edtech boundaries, I think WWDHD (What would Dr. Hughes Do). It helps keep me focused on what’s important. @xmaldonado41
  6. 6. Mentor. Put the ‘Ed’ in EdTech. Change education.