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Arpin Green

  1. 1. Arpin Group, Inc. Current Environmental Initiatives Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.
  2. 2. (1) Completely retrofitted Arpin International Group’s Boston, MA location using green building materials and relocated its Garden Grove, CA office to a new, sustainable building. In addition, Arpin has plans to continue these initiatives in all remaining properties. (2) All Arpin Group companies use only recycled paper for printing and buy and distribute only earth-friendly promotional products. (3) By investing over $2M in IT upgrades, Arpin Group has virtually eliminated the need for internal and external printing with our customers and vendors. We are on our way to becoming a paperless company. (4) The company has implemented a “Green Loan” program for Arpin employees, making it possible for them to borrow money for energy-saving home improvements and hybrid automobile purchases. (5) All Arpin Group locations recycle cans and glass. (6) We are working to sign a national and international agreement with a plastics recycling company to take in and reuse all of our shrink wrap and bubble wrap. In fact, Arpin Group’s corporate headquarters has already accomplished a zero waste output from any move we service. Every element (cardboard, paper, etc.) is recycled and does not end up in a landfill. And, the company only purchases those aforementioned materials from companies that support sustainable forestry. Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.
  3. 3. (7) Arpin has formed an R&D unit to create innovative solutions to further reduce its carbon footprint by building global partnerships with experts in education, non-profits and government agencies. (8) Currently, we are working with a roofing company to retrofit our fleet of trailers with solar collection material. The solar energy generated will feed a unit’s batteries and eliminate all idling (an incredible reduction in emissions). (9) Arpin Group is joining the EPA’s Smart Move program as both a carrier (Arpin Van Lines) and logistics company (Arpin International Group) to manage our company owned and outside fleets to reduce and/or eliminate emissions by switching to hydrogen fuel cells. (10) Arpin Group is currently searching for a LEED certified building to house its domestic and international R.I. locations. (11) Arpin has partnered with Terra Pass to purchase carbon offsets. In 2008, Arpin purchased enough offsets to completely eliminate the carbon imprint of all of its offices worldwide including employee travel and commuting. (12) In 2008, Arpin Group hosted four business to business e-waste recycling collections. The collections netted 55,640 lbs. of e-waste which would have otherwise been sent to the Central Landfill. Working in partnership with Office Recycling Solutions, collected items were reused or disposed of properly. Arpin is committed to helping preserve the environment.