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My planning portfolio on digital and branding, focusing on some work I did for Wiz Interactive and BORN consulting.

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  1. 1. JOANA VEIGA Planning Portfolio
  2. 2. The strategy focused on delivering wine expert con- tent for wine-savvy (wine encyclopedia, wine blog, etc) but also to attract the foodies, a vast audience that was keen for wine info but didn't want to know about the technical bits. We knew that this highly digital people were online searching for new flavours and we wanted to at- tract them into the website and introduce them wine pairing solutions, encouraging them to give it a try next time they were shopping. Sogrape Vinhos Gourmet encapsulated more than 500 recipes from all over the world, along side with a huge cocktail depository. Strategic WorkSogrape Wines is a winery with a vast portfolio of wines and spirits being sold and distributed across the world. Some of these iconic brands are Mateus Rose, Sandeman, Finca Flichman, Cutty Sark or the exquisite Barca Velha. Could Sogrape Vinhos portal be more than a gate way into the brands portfolio? Can a winery attract non-experts and have positive awareness and visibility beyond the product brands? Challenge
  3. 3. Sogrape Vinhos portal case.
  4. 4. This work belongs to WIZ Interactive where I worked as Strategy Director from May 2011 until May 2013.
  5. 5. Starting of from the product signature - Designed for Humans - we developed a campaign that was based on a simple question: "What is this of being human?" and created a platform for people to answer. To promote the participation we created 3 videos with both celebrities (fashion designers, blogger, musician, radio djs, film director, etc) alongside with real people, sharing their insight into this "humanity", with a call to action to the website. These films were seeded via Samsung's Facebook's community, Facebook adverts and banners. We had more than 7 thousand participations of people sharing their stories. The questions were related with product’s features, an innovative tech piece that was actually the most human-like of all devices designed by then. Strategic WorkSamsung is known for developing state of the art technology and functional devices that excel in per- formance. But Samsung’s challenge is to attract not only the savvy-tech geeks but also the lifestyle, design-wise, trendsetter, “make it cool”, “my phone’s a state- ment” people. ATL investment made sure that everyone knew the smartphone was available. The challenge was to engage with people and help re-shaping Samsung’s brand perception Challenge
  6. 6. If the whole world could hear you now, what would you tell? What's your best side?What would you share with someone but never had the chance?
  7. 7. This work belongs to WIZ Interactive where I worked as Strategy Director from May 2011 until May 2013. The campaign minisite allowed people to share their stories, via text, photo or video. 7 thousand entrances were made. Facebook community engaged with the campaign, sharing and dedicating the videos with their beloved ones.
  8. 8. Working side by side with the client and Samsung’s agencies rooster we fostered a content strategy and digital activations, helping to shape brand’s perception and supporting product launch. Strategy focused on humanising the Community Managers while supporting Customer Care, but also developing cool and out-of-the-box activations that attracted but most importantly engaged a mainstream audience that started to see Samsung as a lifestyle brand. Strategic WorkIn January 2011 Wiz won Samsung’s Social Media pitch for handling the Facebook account, with 60k fans at the time. The challenge was to promote engagement, rather than Community growth (Likes). However, Customer Care was an important issue as the Facebook Community was a gateway to complaints from highly tech geeks. Samsung needed a place to become more of a lifestyle brand and less of a technical response center. Challenge
  9. 9. This work belongs to WIZ Interactive where I worked as Strategy Director from May 2011 until May 2013. When the Community reached 100k fans it was time to celebrate and appreciate the fact So we invited the Community into the celebration, choosing how the Community Managers would say thanks. Fan-O-Rama was born. When the Page reached 100k a photo session was released with both Samsung’s and Wiz team with a call to action to the tab where fans could vote into one of 5 challenges. A day of military training won and the team went to it. The video was published with a surprise. Who saw it attentively could enter a sweepstake to win a brand new Samsung smartphone. Samsung Fan-O-Rama case Creative Work
  10. 10. After 16 years, Companhia das Sandes was acquired by a Fund that decided it was time to refresh the brand. They asked for our help to understand the business, evaluate the market and finally use those insights into both changing the brand and deliver a 3 year comms plan, transversal to all touch points. Challenge Dated and old look & feel, extensive and confusing product portfolio.
  11. 11. >> Business overall workshop to train the client – industry & trends analysis. >> Strategic recommendations document that guided the client through out the process: . internal comms plan . product portfolio refresh . new product development . loyalty scheme . in-store needs . brand promise . brand comms >> Data and intelligence to formulate the briefing that supported the rebrand. Consultancy & Creative Output- We looked into the portuguese and international market via: >> National and international benchmark, through in-store visits and desk research to more than 50 fast food brands (including a visit to London); >> TGI quanti study focusing on the fast food con- sumer (n: 5031/15-64); >> In-depth analysis of top fast food chains in PT (stores, brand promises, comms, product portfolio, price, loyalty schemes, etc); >> Questionnaires in-store to clients, >> Staff interviews (n: 16), after tuning the script with the client; >> Food Trends identification and analysis; Methodology
  12. 12. >> New positioning able to leverage the new brand: - focusing on convenience (it’s fast food), - healthier meal solutions; - lifestyle community sense (on the go, urban active, with healthier concerns, fond of animal rights and ingredients' origin), >> Support to new brand identity, >> Support to new brand visual language, >> Support to new store architecture proposal, >> Support to promotional activities and comms plan, >> Support to new loyalty scheme. Strategic Work >> Companhia das Sandes has an hard core “fast food” proposition, a complete opposite to the healthy trends; >> The current customers have no emotional con- nection; it is a functional brand settled in price and convenience; >> The brand is not able to attract competition cus- tomers, in a very diverse, sophisticated and cramped food court; >> The portfolio is too vast but the star products are pretty much 5. The healthier-sophisticated menus don’t sell (not attracting the healthy/sophisticated consumer); >> The retail experience is very confusing across stores and there is no brand coherence across the consumer journey. Brand/ Market Insight
  13. 13. 2010 Bronze Rebranding
  14. 14. This work belongs to BORN (ex-Brandfiction) where I worked as Strategy Manager from Sep 2008 until May 2011. New store, store decoration explaining new ingredients certification, new loyalty scheme. 2010 Bronze Rebranding
  15. 15. Some brands I’ve worked for in the past 10 years
  16. 16. Lisbon 2011/2013 Strategy Director Lisbon 2008/2011 Strategy Manager Agencies I’ve worked for Amsterdam 2008 Account Planner Lisbon 2006/2007 Account Executive Lisbon 2004/2006 Account Executive
  17. 17. JOANA VEIGA Planning Portfolio