Strategic Management - Robin Hood Case Study


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Strategic Management
PORTER Analysis
PESTL Analysis
SWOT Matrix
BCG Matrix

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Strategic Management - Robin Hood Case Study

  1. 1. Gestão Estratégica e Comercial Robin Hood Case Study Lisboa, Outubro de 2012Elaborado por:Joana Paulo nº 72455 Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia BiomédicaJoana Correia nº 62844 Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Física e TecnológicaMarta Ornelas nº 62840 Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia BiomédicaSaúl Costa nº 72408 Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Biomédica
  2. 2. Executive SummaryKill Sheriff SDismemberment of the Group T RGeographic expansion A TRecruitment controlled E GHelp of Barons Y Common Objective S F U A Loyalty C C C T E O Efficient logistics S R S S Strategic Plan Structure
  3. 3. Introduction Uncontrolled Revolt of Training Economic risk growth ofRobin Hood Group management group Alternative Sheriff Setting rates routes for the empowerment for everyone rich ones SWOT
  4. 4. Market Definition - SegmentationMarket Segmentation: specific group of consumers who haveneeds and / or similar features Rich people Marketers Mugged People in Sherwood
  5. 5. Analysis of the External Environment Entry of new competitors: very low Substitute Rivalry among products or competitors: too services: very high low Negotiation Power power of negotiation of customers: supplier: high Medium
  6. 6. Internal Environment Analysis
  7. 7. Analysis of the Competitive Position of the Company/Organization SCF - Sucess Critical Factors • Robin Hood was a good leader; • Popularity – “Rob fromthe rich and give to the poor”; • Experience in training new recruits and stoling travelers; • The band’s organization in departments; •  Group’s location;
  8. 8. Strengths   Weaknesses  SWOT Analysis     • Robin  was  a  strong  leader  ;   •  New  members  was  accepted     without  any  criterion  ;   • Band’s  moBvaBon;   •  Robin  Wood  unknewn  several   • Huge  number  of  members;   members;   • Band’s  locaBon;   •  Discipline  was  harder  to  enforce;   • Strong  support  of  the  poor   •  Low  vigilance  and  low  security  of   people;   the  encampment;   • InformaBon  easily  accessed;   •  Few  resources;   • Good  archeries;   •  Robin  Hood  was  out  of  law;       Fig.1: SWOT Analysis         • Recruit  new  members  in  a  strict  way;         • Delegate  more  tasks  to  feed  the   • Accept  barons  invitaBon;   band,  collect  and  produce  food,   • Possible  associaBon  with  the   • Training  and  accept  more   barons;   respect  and  discipline  inside  the  band   recruits;   and  vigilance  the  encampment;   • Band’s  popularity;               Threats         • Increase   military   capabiliBes   of   •  Killing  the  Sheriff;     the  Sheriff;   •  Change  the  place  to  stole   • Band’s  division;   • Travelers  deviaBons;   travelers;   • Change  the  posiBon  of  the  band;   • Strong   sense   of   revenge   by   the   •  Use  the  strong  support  of   • Transit  tax  for  the  travelers;   prince  John;   the  poor  people  to  try  new     • Sheriff  has  poliBcal  connecBons;   methods  of  providing;   • H ard   negoBaBons   with   the   travelers;  
  9. 9. Definition of Strategy Robin Hood and his band Fig.2: BCG matrix,*Picture edited from appointments theoretical classes 2012-2013, chapter 3, strategic management;
  10. 10. Recommendations and conclusions•  The current strategy must be changed! –  Human Resources need to be reconsidered •  A new recruitment process •  Focus on training of the group –  The internal structure should be adapted to new challenges
  11. 11. Conclusions and Recomendations Finances Cash Surveillance Operation Management Raids Executive Recrutment Director Human Resources Training Farming Feeding Buying Logistics products Shelter
  12. 12. Recommendations and conclusions Help the Barons restore King Richard to power Kill The Sheriff
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention!