Diet diets Dieting or Best Weight Loss Diet Programs


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GOOD CARBS BAD CARBS the journey! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and I’m going to do something about this starting right now! These sick feelings are the result of the good carbs bad carbs dilemma and what it all means.
I’m on a journey to rid myself of the extra baggage that has crept on my body in the form of unwanted fat. Yes that right…..FAT! I’ve tried so many gimmicky diets that I’ve lost count so I’m looking for a complete change in eating regimen that I can stick with through thick and thin….more thin than thick I hope hahahaha….
Come join me on my journey! Join me at

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Diet diets Dieting or Best Weight Loss Diet Programs

  1. 1. ==== ====If you want to see the Best Weight Loss Diet Program which helped me lose 22 lbs, thats 10kg, inonly 14 days, check out my website ====These days, weight loss diet programs seem to care more about what their stockholders want,than they do with what the actual users of their programs want! Money, money, money! Well, whatabout us folks who have been struggling with trying to lose weight for years, and we wantsomething that just WORKS for crying out loud... WITHOUT emptying out our wallets and purses!Most of these diets out here are all based around doing ineffective and dangerous things to loseweight, and then putting a clever name on it so that they can appeal to many people! My friend,thats clever marketing 101!Those "fad diets" are not natural, they are not practical, and most of them cost more than high-priced bills! So, is there a way out from the madness? Are there really diets out here that actuallycare for helping people lose weight? Well, read on to find out the 4 secrets I learned afterFINALLY finding an effective diet program!Quick Introduction:I have a TON of experience with diet programs, fitness programs, etc. given that I have tried outso many of them over the years trying to find THAT ONE program that is guaranteed to work...FOR ANYONE. After my research and after using many programs, I finally figured out which typesof diets are the most effective for losing pounds of stubborn fat for anyone with any body type.Read on to find out more.Secret #1:You actually eat food in order to lose weight! There is no such thing as reducing caloriessignificantly, and then expect to lose a ton of weight, and then expect to look and feel great. Byfocusing too much on reducing calories and nutrients, you end up robbing yourself of key healthand body benefits. Benefits such as feeling a lot of energy, having a lean and trimmed body,avoiding having loose skin, and so much more.Effective diets will have you EAT TO LOSE WEIGHT! And by that I mean you will be eating veryoften during the day with reasonable sized meals. The trick with how you lose weight is how thediet program adjusts your meals (such as calorie shifting).Secret #2:You eat ALL TYPES of foods! Eliminating carbs and fats from your diet is asking for trouble! I hadto learn that the hard way! Its gotten so bad these days that if people actually see that foodcontains just a tiny portion of the C word and the F word, they cringe in disgust!
  2. 2. My friend, the truth of the matter is that it is actually important for you to get carbs and fats in yourdiet! The key, (and which youll clearly see in the more effective diet programs), is that you have toeat the healthy carbs and fats... and avoid the unhealthy versions. Its simple: The healthy versionof carbohydrates is fiber. The healthy version of fats is monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, andomega fatty acids. The unhealthy versions of carbs is sugar and processed foods. The unhealthyversions of fat is saturated and trans fats.Secret #3:The most effective diets are based on burning pounds of fat... not JUST POUNDS! What does thatmean? Well, that means that diets that are more focused on having you decrease the scale arethe ones you need to avoid by all means! This means they are more than likely based on doingunnatural things that will end up causing you to just either/or lose water weight... or worse... losemuscle tissue!When you go on a diet based on burning pounds of fat, it will be 100% all natural, highly effective,your body will turn out AMAZING, and your results will last permanently.Secret #4:The fourth secret of a highly effective program is that it is going to place a lot of attention onboosting your metabolism. When your metabolism is running full speed... all day long... you canjust imagine whats going to happen with your weight loss and fat loss goals! Boosting yourmetabolism (naturally) is by far one of the most important aspects of getting in amazing shape.Ironically, most of those fad diets out here today are based on doing things (such as reducingcalories too much) that will end up slowing down your metabolism! Go figure!==== ====If you want to see the Best Weight Loss Diet Program which helped me lose 22 lbs, thats 10kg, inonly 14 days, check out my website ====