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Home Decor Trend Presentation

This is a home trend presentation I created to demonstrate how the Tudor Romance trend in fashion can be translated to home decor design. Through use of textured fabrics such as brocades, jacquards, velvets, and leather, and a rich, deep color palette, a decadent, extravagant feeling is conveyed.

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Home Decor Trend Presentation

  1. 1. A Chivalrous Life A home trend presentation By Kristy Janigo
  2. 2. A Chivalrous Life A home trend presentation By Kristy Janigo I originally designed a clothing line called “A Chivalrous Night,” inspired by the Tudors and their reign in England. The “Tudor Romance” trend is important today, evidenced by the popularity of the cable television show “The Tudors” and Alexandar McQueen’s last collection. The trend lends itself to home design as well. Three types of materials are used to convey the theme: brocades,metals or metallic fabric, and tactile, surface designed fabric such as velvet and quilting. Dark espresso and cherry wood finishes remind us of the opulence of the royal family. As the economy recovers, customers are looking for items that feel luxurious but are still affordable. “A Chivalrous Life” aims to highlight how to answer the demand. I have prepared the following report, illustrating how the trend can be referenced as a design direction in both holiday and home decor, whether in the living room or bedroom, during the Christmas season, or year round. And now the adventure begins...
  3. 3. Trend Overview
  4. 4. Below: Images from Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2010 line, inspired by Byzantine art. The design elements reflect luxury, decadance, and wealth. McQueen developed the collection, which was unveiled in a series of private viewings in Paris, in the weeks leading up to his death in February, 2010. Above: Images from The Tudors , a television show that aired in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom, from April 2007 to June 2010. The series was based loosely on the reign of English monarch Henry VII. The costumes and set designs captured the opulence, drama, and extravegance of the royal family.
  5. 5. Runway Trends: Images on this page from 2010-2011 runway shows. Details included sequins, shoulder embellishment, a rich color palette, structural silhouettes, brocades, jacquards, and surface designed, textural fabrics.
  6. 6. Materials and Trims
  7. 7. Fabric Trend: Brocades and Jacquards -Brocades with lurex thread inter-woven -Motifs resembling mosaics art -Print mixing and pieced -Texture, 3D surface design -Vintage or worn appearance
  8. 8. Fabric Trend: Shine and Metallics -Moire taffeta and satin for shine -Foil coatings, sequins, and lurex for bright shine -Surface texture and printing for dull, burnished shine -Silver, bronze, and gold
  9. 9. Fabric Trend: Tactile and Surface Designed Fabrics -Richly colored velvets, patterned velvets -Patterned lace -Beaded, sequined, and embellished lace -Fur, leather, suede -Quilting of varied shapes
  10. 10. Trims: -Trim embellished with sequins and lurex -Jacquard and brocade patterns on trims -Twisted, braided, or woven trim -Metal studs, grommets, and rivets -Vintage or antique buttons
  11. 11. Holiday
  12. 12. Shiny glass bulbs Ornaments: -Heavily embellished ornaments with beading, corded trim, rhinestones -Mimicry of mosaic art with decoration patterns -Simple glass ornaments in Chivalrous Life color pallette --Metallics
  13. 13. Figurines and Tree Stars: -Silver, pewter, bronze and gold finishes on figurines -Print mixed fabric and embellishment on stars -Metal finishes, rhinestones and glitter on stars
  14. 14. Christmas Decor: -Realistic garlands with berries and pinecones -Monogrammed and brocade table runners -Brocade trims and lace decoration
  15. 15. White Christmas Cross-Merchandising: -Special emphasis on white and silver -Mirrors, silver, glass, and white painted finishes -Evokes the feeling of being in a winter wonderland
  16. 16. Home Decor
  17. 17. Leather Sofas and Pillows: -Leather sofa in neutral colors -Patterned brocade and velvet for couch and pillows -Concise color story for high mix and matchability Brocade
  18. 18. Lighting: -Metal bases with antique detailing -Silver, gold, bronze, and espresso metal finishes for bases -Lampshade colors in Chivalrous Life color palette -Eye-catching detailing on shades, including pleating, weaving, smocking, and other surface design
  19. 19. Midnight Twilight Mist Waterfall Ice Lily Daffodil Apple Pie Cabernet Wild Berry Candelabras: Candels: -Silver, bronze, and gold finishes -Scents reflecting Chivalrous Life theme -Antique detailing -Multiple shapes and sizes -Silhouettes with smooth curves -Colors from Chivalrous Life color palette
  20. 20. Wall Decor: -Coordinating stories of shelves, mirrors, wall hooks, frames and brackets -Gold, silver, and espresso finishes -Fleur-de-lis, scrolls, and curlicues as design elements
  21. 21. Furniture and Seating - Cherry Finish: -Stained wood for a rich finish -Plush seating with brocade and velvet upholstery -Scroll and floral carving and detailing -Bronze or gold metal hardware
  22. 22. Furniture and Seating - Dark Espresso Finish: -Stained wood for a rich finish -Plush seating with brocade and velvet upholstery -Scroll and floral carving and detailing -Silver metal hardware
  23. 23. Bedroom Decor: -Canopy beds with etched posts -Headboards with ornate detailing -Dark espresso and cherry finishes -Patterned printed or brocade bed spreads