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Wiki Wednesday: Google Tools, Part I


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Wiki Wednesday: Google Tools, Part I

  1. 1. Wiki Wednesday:Google Tools, Part I October 26, 2011 Save Time | Make Life Easier | Bring a Smile
  2. 2. Google Apps
  3. 3. Gmail Tips & Tricks● Drag to attach● Insert images in the message instead of attaching● Filters and search● Search, label, and archive● Forward conversation in chronological order (More > Forward All)● Forgot to attach? Gmail will stop you.● Dont forget about this blog post: 3 Email Shortcuts
  4. 4. Customize Your Account● Account settings review● Google Labs● Stars/Labels
  5. 5. Google Docs ● Whats new? ● Templates ● Revision history (Like Words Track Changes)
  6. 6. Calendar● Tasks● Easy add● Find a time● Offline
  7. 7. Google Products
  8. 8. Maps● Traffic (Activate through Google Maps, browser-based and Android app)● Earth (Download)● Body (Android App)● Google Sky [Space] (Browser-based and Android App)● Gallery: Alps, Amazon, Pompei, and many, many more
  9. 9. Google Groups
  10. 10. Stay "In the Know"● Google Alerts ○ Filter and Reader Exercise● Google Reader ○ Adding subscriptions ○ Keyboard shortcuts ○ Reading tips ○ Whats Hot in Google Reader?● Google News: ○ Now with Editors picks
  11. 11. Fun from Google
  12. 12. Google Doodles● To see archives, go to and click "Im Feeling Lucky" button● Beautiful pieces of art● Tribute or celebration● Interactive and fun● And sometimes distracting. Its reported that the Pacman doodle took 4.82 MILLION hours of productivity in May last year (source).● History and "how its made" of Doodles: http://mashable. com/2011/08/03/google-doodles/
  13. 13. Say What?●●
  14. 14. Next Time Wiki Wednesday:Google Tools, Part II November 16th 11:30