Plastic Surgery for men and women


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Outlining the reasons to go to a board-certified Plastic Surgeon (member of ASPS). Plastic surgery options, both surgical and non-surgical (botox, juvederm, fat injection, etc) for men and women.

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Plastic Surgery for men and women

  1. 1. Jennifer Newman Keagle, M.D.Clinical Assistant Professor, UCLA Division of Plastic Surgery Good Samaritan HospitalLos Angeles Center for Women’s Health @ California Hospital
  2. 2. Why go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?What is Plastic Surgery?Who gets what?What are my options?Am I candidate?I only want a little bit done…I want the whole enchilada……Questions?
  3. 3. “Cosmetic Surgeon”DentistEmergency Room PhysicianOphthalmologistFacial Plastic SurgeonInternal MedicineOral SurgeonENT (Otolaryngologist)Podiatrist
  4. 4. /
  5. 5. Where on the body do Plastic Surgeons operate?Anywhere there is skin and soft tissue….FACEABDOMENBREASTSBACKEXTREMITIES
  6. 6. Member of the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) and/or Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  7. 7. My Training
  8. 8. My Practice
  11. 11. Most common procedures-WomenBreast augmentationTummy tuckLiposuctionEyelid surgeryBreast lift
  12. 12. Most common procedures-MenLiposuctionRhinoplastyEyelid surgeryFaceliftBreast surgery (to reduce enlarged breasts)
  13. 13. Gravity Stinks!Face  Brow  Eyelids  Cheeks  Lips  Nose  Ears  NeckBody  Breast  Abdomen  Knees  Thighs
  14. 14. What can be done?Non-surgical Fillers (restylane/juvederm) Neurotoxins (botox/dysport) “permanent” fillersSurgical Face Body Breast
  15. 15. • How do they work?• -block nerve impulses• -muscles that cause wrinkles are “paralyzed” temporarily• Is it permanent?• -No• How long do they work for?• -3-4 months• What is the difference between the two?• -Apples and oranges• -different molecule sizes• Will I get addicted?• -NO!
  16. 16. Am I a candidate?Forehead WrinklesBunny linesGlabellar linesCrows feetDown turning mouth“strong” jawlineDo not have Multiple Sclerosis or any other neuromuscular diseases
  17. 17. What are they “made” of?-hyaluronic acidHow long do they last?-9 to 12 monthsWill I will look fake/plastic/have that look?-NO!What is the difference between the two?-apples and oranges-Physician preferenceDoes it hurt?Will I need to take the day off of work?Is there a scar?What about those other ones I’ve heard of?
  18. 18. Am I a candidate?-nasolabial folds-deep glabellar lines-marionette lines-grooves
  19. 19. What???- fat is taken from your abdomen or thighs- It can then be injected into areas needing augmentation or fillCan you do it in the office?-yes, depending on the areaDoes it hurt?-noAre there scars?-small and heal wellDo I need to take off work?Is it permanent?
  20. 20. Am I a candidate?Do you have areas that need fill/augmentation?  Cheeks  Folds  Lips  Temporal area  Deep wrinkles  “sagging”  Old scarsDo you have spare fat?
  21. 21. Surgical optionsFace Browlift Facelift Blepharoplasty Fat injection Rhinoplasty Genioplasty Neck lift Submental liposuction
  22. 22. Surgical optionsBody Abdominoplasty Liposuction Body lift/thigh liftBreast Mastopexy Implants Mastopexy + implants
  23. 23. Rhinoplasty“nose job”Lifts tip, reduces hump, narrows nose, improves outward appearanceImproves breathing1-3 hours in the operating roomGeneral anesthesia (can be MAC)Swollen for 1-2 wksBruised if osteotomy done
  24. 24. Am I a candidate?You’ve been thinking “it’s time”You’ve always wanted to get it doneTip of nose is drooping with timePrevious traumaDifficulty breathing“breathe right strips” help a lot with breathingCan be done in combination with face, etc.
  25. 25. Blepharoplasty (eye lift)-1-2 hour outpatient surgery-asleep-upper and/or lower lids-one week recuperation(mostly due to bruising)-excess fat and skin removed-incisions well hidden
  26. 26. Am I a candidate?Drooping eyelidsPeople tell me I look tired when I’m not“I hate the bags and wrinkles under my eyes”“I have to lift the skin of my upper lid to see better”
  27. 27. Forehead lift-1-2 hour outpatient procedure-can be done different ways: open, endoscopic-lifts brow-eliminates glabellar furrow and forehead wrinkles-usually done in conjunction with other procedures (facelift, blepharoplasty)
  28. 28. Am I a candidate?You pull your brow up to see betterSick of getting botox in the forehead and glabella every 3-4 monthsEyelids look even droopier after getting botox in the foreheadUpper eyelids are still saggy despite getting a blepharoplasty
  29. 29. Facelift-asleep in the operating room for 4-6 hours-can be done in combination with eyes, forehead, nose, fat injection-lifts the jaw line, cheeks and neck-incisions are well-hidden-can do neck alone-will want to recover for 1-2 weeks-skin and soft tissue (SMAS) tightening and lift
  30. 30. Am I a candidate?You’ve been thinking “it’s time”Sagging neckJust want to turn back the clock 10 yearsWant the cheekbones you had when you were younger“I just want a better neck”
  31. 31. OthersEars (augment lobe, reduce or “pin back”)Chin (genioplasty or liposuction)Cheek implant/fillerScar revisionsLesion/skin cancer removalKeloid/hypertrophic scars
  32. 32. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)Asleep in the operating room for 2-4 hoursCan be done in combination with breast lift, face surgery, etcNo exercise/heavy lifting for 4-6 weeksOk to return to work within a week (depending on work)Tightening of muscles and skin+/- liposuction
  33. 33. Am I a candidate?Sagging bellyweight loss with residual skin/hanging tissuePrevious pregnancies/childrenClothes don’t fit right“I hate my pooch”Lower back painGetting hernia fixed
  34. 34. Breast liftImplants aloneMastopexy (surgical lift)Lift and implantsCan be done in combination with other surgeriesAsleep in operating room (1- 3h:depending on procedure)Approx 1 week off of workNo strenuous exercise/heavy lifting x 4-6 weeksSupportive bra x 6 wks
  35. 35. Am I a candidate?Breast ptosis/saggingNormal mammogram“I’m going to finally get this done”
  36. 36. LiposuctionSuction/power-assistedGood for abdomen, thighs, hips, knees, chin, armpits/outer breasts, lovehandlesOutpatient surgeryCan be combined with breast reduction, facelift, tummy tuck
  37. 37. Am I a candidate?Work out but can’t get rid of that extra “fat”?Have extra bulk in your thighsWant to contour your waistHips just “a little too wide”Have extra fullness in your chinGetting a breast reduction and want to contour the outer breast
  38. 38. Time for a consultation….
  39. 39. Dr. Jennifer Keagle Plastic Surgery 1245 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 601Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health 1513 S. Grand Ave. Suite 400 213-250-1300