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Ssc Bb Ingles B


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Ssc Bb Ingles B

  1. 1. High school education(18 years) Yes No Higher education Professional training of degree superior University degree F.P. Upper Degree Masters Doctorate
  2. 2. Professional training of degree superior technician superior of sociocultural animation technician superior of social integration technician superior of childhood education Professionals of the Education
  3. 3. Their are educators They work with Persons Vocation . Social sensibility. Personal resources. Professional resources . You implicate directly with people. Profession assistant . Believe in the importance of education for the society´s development. Point to social change. Develop personal resources allow you to teach (Listening, social skills,…). Before work with people you have to grow up yourself. Learn and train on the theory basis and practises of teaching job. Training by means of practises.
  4. 4. T .S. S ociocultural Animation T .S. S ocial Integration T .S. Childhood Education Rural development. Cultural centres. Street rules education . Idleness and leisure time. Neaighbourhood association. W ork with minorities . Prevention and sensibilitation. Cooperation. F ormancion non-formal . … Ocupacional insertion. Functional diversity. Families service. Social risks. Accompaniment. Psychosocial support. … Educatio n from 0 to 6 years. Children´s school. Education non-formal. Farms schools. Specific programs leadered to children from 0 to 6 years. …
  5. 5. <ul><li>http: //iesbarriodebilbao . es/blogs/servicios </li></ul>