HootSuite App Directory Guide


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The HootSuite App Directory is a collection of applications and extensions that all HootSuite users can add to their dashboard to create a customized experience.

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HootSuite App Directory Guide

  1. 1. App Directory GuideThe HootSuite App Directory is a collection of applications and extensionsthat all HootSuite users can add to their dashboard to create a customized Nov 9th, 2011experience. These apps are built and maintained by 3rd party developers The App Directory Launchesand partners, and further expand the HootSuite social content ecosystem The App Directory launches for HootSuite Enterprise andenhancing the dashboard’s capabilities as a social media management system. Pro users. YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, and Get SatisfactionWhether you use one or all of them, these purpose specific tools allow users are added.to carry out a variety of social tasks. From community managers and social Nov 23rd, 2011media coordinators to bloggers and publishers – the HootSuite App Directory Free for Allhelps make the most of your social media efforts. The App Directory is opened to all HootSuite users. Dec 13th, 2011 Constant Contact Integration Constant Contact is added to the App Directory. Feb 1st, 2012 Third Wave of Apps Digg, TrendSpottr and InboxQ are added to the App Directory. April 3rd, 2012 Orkut Integration Orkut, a social network popular in Brasil, is added to the App Directory followingShaping the App Directory the Portuguese localization of the dashboard.In striving to create the best social media management system, HootSuite April 24th, 2012seeks to deliver the core functionality of our users’ favorite web tools and Fourth Wave of Appsapplications. As each app is developed with end user value in mind, your MailChimp, Vision Criticalfeedback plays an important role in shaping our roadmap. Surveys, Chime.in, Identi. ca and an RSS Reader are added.The many requests for applications, integrations, mashups and tools wereceive help us understand what’s important to you and help us determine What’s next? Have your say!what tools and apps to offer next. In addition to listening to our users’feedback, we also encourage 3rd party developers and partners to sharetheir ideas. 1
  2. 2. App Directory GuideFeatured Apps Get Satisfaction Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build online communities that enable productive conversations between you and your customers. The Get Satisfaction app allows you to monitor your Get Satisfaction community, reply to topics created by your customers, filter those topics and more. YouTube YouTube is the leader in online video, allowing users to share original videos worldwide. The YouTube app allows you to view, search, upload and share videos with your audiences across your social networks. Constant Contact Constant Contact provides email, event and other online marketing tools to help small organizations grow their businesses by building stronger customer relationships. The Constant Contact app allows users to view results of recent email campaigns, and share these campaigns across social networks, extending the reach of their online marketing initiatives. Tumblr Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. The Tumblr app allows you to post to your Tumblelogs and share your Tumblr posts to all of your social networks. Other features include posting and reblogging to your Tumblr queue, viewing a stream of all your Likes in the Dash, viewing post notes and more. MailChimp MailChimp provides an easy way for users to send email newsletters, manage subscriber lists, and track campaign performance. The MailChimp app allows you to view and search for recent campaigns, share these campaigns to your social networks, view campaign results and more. Trendspottr TrendSpottr is a web service that identifies real-time trends and trending information from Twitter and Facebook for any search query. The TrendSpottr app allows you to search for trending content by topic, keyword or phrase, or select from a list of popular searches and easily share trending stories, videos and more with your social networks. Flickr The popular online photo management and sharing application is now available for HootSuite. The Flickr app allows you to add multiple Flickr accounts to view, search, upload and share images with your audiences across all of your social networks. 2
  3. 3. App Directory Guide Vision Critical Surveys Vision Critical Surveys lets you easily design and send surveys to get quick and actionable data to support your business decisions. The Vision Critical Surveys app for HootSuite allows you to share surveys with your social networks, monitor results in real-time and more. RSS Reader The RSS Reader app provides a quick and easy way to view RSS feeds in the HootSuite dash. Simply add your feeds individually, or batch import your feeds, and get a stream of organized stories and articles that you can not only preview, but share to your social networks. Chime.in Chime.in is a social interest network that enables publishers to join and build dynamic communities around brand topics and products. The Chime.in app allows users to schedule and send chimes, view and leave comments, preview photos and video and more. Identi.ca Identi.ca is the best-known social network developed on the Open Source microblogging software StatusNet. The Identi.ca app allows you to post status updates, monitor timelines and messages, track your replies, view conversations and more. Digg Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web, from the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog. With the Digg app you can view current Top News stories, search stories, Digg stories and a whole lot more. InboxQ InboxQ delivers a real-time stream of questions related to your business, products, industry or general interests from Twitter directly to your browser. With the InboxQ app you can find questions on Twitter based on keyword and/or phrase searches, fine tune search results and more. Orkut The popular Brasilian social network is now available for HootSuite. The Orkut app allows you to view images, play videos, post to your network, comment on activity and more. 3
  4. 4. App Directory GuideGet Started Contact Information:Installing Apps Web:Installing apps in HootSuite is quick and easy to do. Simply access hootsuite.com/appdirectory“Tools” from the launch bar on the left-hand side of the dashboard and Twitter:select “App Directory”. All available apps will be listed in the “Featured @HootSuite_AppsApps” section of the popup window. Click the “Install” button for the appof your choice - you will then be prompted to add streams. Feedback: feedback.hootsuite.com Need Help? help.hootsuite.com Are you a Developer? hootsuite.com/apps/developersStep 1: Install Apps Step 2: Add Stream(s)Adding Additional StreamsNeed to add additional streams after installing an app? Simply, click the“+ Add Stream” button in the upper left-hand side of the dash and select“Apps” in the popup window. Next, click the “+” button next to the appstream(s) you would like to add to the current tab. 4