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Edgewood Campaign Book

  1. 1. We know you. J445 Creative Plan Corrisa Bielefeldt Carolyn Sandvick Jeremy Vuernick Nick Dmytrenko Rachel Yanofsky Brittany B Brody Anna Discher Rick Maturo Jaime Flynn Dustin Bui
  2. 2. Table of ContentsStrategic Foundation....................pg. 5Creative Plan.................................pg. 8 Print.........................................pg. 11 Radio........................................pg. 17 Billboard..................................pg. 21 Online......................................pg. 25 Website Critique.....................pg. 29 Social Media............................pg. 32 Web Video...............................pg. 35 Out of Home...........................pg. 36 Corporate................................pg. 39Appendix.......................................pg. 43 2
  3. 3. At Myriad, our messages resonate with in nity and timelessness. Whether today, tomorrow or ten years from now, viewers remember Myriadmessages and actively share them with others. e opportunities for clients to interact are limitless and purposeful. We aim to deliver on promises to both clients and consumers and produce novel messages that demand attention and consideration long a er exposure. Come to the other side and see the world through our eyes. At Myriad, your possibilities are endless. 4
  4. 4. Strategic FoundationKey Research Insights Institutional Background Edgewood was established in 1927 in Madison, WI as a Catholic college for women in the Domincan Tradition. e Deming Way campus on Madison’s west side serves as the hub for many of Edgewood’s returning adults and graduate programs. It provides easy access, convenient parking, classrooms, lounges for quiet study or small group work, and wireless technology. Edgewood Brand e Edgewood slogan is “Cor ad Cor Loquitur” or “Heart speaks to heart.” Edgewood’s mission is to engage students within a community of learners committed to building a just and compassionate world. Edgewood fosters open, caring, thoughtful engagement with one another and an enduring commitment to service, all in an education community that seeks truth, compassion, justice and partnership. Competition Graduate and Accelerated Adult Programs: Herzing, Globe, Phoenix, Cardinal Stritch UW-System: UW-Whitewater, UW-Madison, UW-Stout Target Audiences Students are interested in advancing their careers to make meaningful di erences, getting quality education, staying and supporting the Madison community. In addition, they seek small class sizes and personal communication between students and professors. Past Marketing Communication5
  5. 5. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Strong brand and community More expensive than competitors Personalized educational Currently not uniquely experiences di erentiated from competitors Driven student body Lack of uni ed Edgewood brand Great location, free parking Opportunities ThreatsIncrease branding di erentiation Close competition in proximity and program o eringsFoster community online and in classroom Online classes changing community feel Increase relations with local businesses to attract new Stigma of adult accelerated candidates programs 6
  6. 6. Strategic Foundation SWOT Explanation Edgewood College has a strong community and respectable name. Its smaller classes and dedicated professors provide a personalized experience and welcoming community. Edgewood also has relevant, accredited graduate programs based on desired employee quali cations, increasingly students’ marketability a er graduation. e college also caters to the lives of working adults through online and accelerated classes, evening o erings, and its convenient location near the beltline. At the moment, the graduate program is not uniquely di erentiated from colleges such as Herzing and Globe. It also lacks brand recognition and visibility. Additionally, Edgewood’s higher tuition costs deter potential students from possible enrollment. Key Strategic Principles Our main campaign objective is to increase Edgewood’s perceived value and position in relation to its competition and increase enrollment of high- quality students to Edgewood’s graduate program. Our secondary goal is to raise Edgewood’s brand awareness in the Madison area. Creative Directives We will accomplish these goals through messages portraying Edgewood as a personal, professional graduate school, highlighting its key strengths. By promoting Edgewood’s community, convenience, and program relevance, we will e ectively position Edgewood Graduate as the best local choice for o ered graduate degrees.7
  7. 7. Creative PlanCreative Brief: Campaign Overview Our campaign features the slogan “We know you.” is emulates Edgewood’s personable, community-focused learning experience as well as illustrates Edgewood’s programming. Because Edgewood Graduate understands its prospective students, its curriculum accommodates to the aspirations and unique needs of working professionals. e “We know you” theme has a conversational, yet professional tone, that focuses on positivity and the audience’s ambition. Our target will identify with these messages because it speaks directly to who they are and their career objectives. is campaign also stresses the role Edgewood College can play to advance a student’s career, while acknowledging their current accomplishments. By recognizing their achievements, the audience will perceive us with a sense of positive familiarity, increasing their receptiveness to our messaging. ese messages will drive our target to continue their education and enhance their personal worth.Creative Brief: Strategic Directives Target audience Our target audience is young (average age 33) professionals living in the Madison area. eir life revolves around their nuclear family, work, and community. ey are ambitious, dedicated learners, who pride themselves on community involvement. With this in mind, our campaign focuses on their sense of ambition and community through need and emotion-based appeals. We will use geographic targeting to e ectively communicate with prospective students in the Madison area. We will employ print, out of home, radio, and online channels to spread our messaging. is will allow us to reach our target audience whether they’re in the o ce or at home. 8
  8. 8. Creative Plan Strategic Directives Continued Key Product Attributes e Edgewood Graduate Program o ers a unique experience and should be marketed as such. ere are several key points that play a role in the strategy and tone of the creative plan: - A strong, advanced adult education - Convenient class programming - A small community with an excellent support system - An experience tailored to students’ needs - Accelerated programming and online class o erings Key Customer Bene ts ese attributes make Edgewood a prime candidate for those interested in furthering their education. Our creative plan demonstrates the care and interest Edgewood invests in their students and illuminates the opportunities available for anyone interested in advancing their career. Campaign Strategy and Positioning rough our slogan “We know you” and its accompanied “Get to know us” message, we aim to construct a message most appealing to our target. “We know you” will di erentiate Edgewood from lesser institutions focused on hurrying students through the education process without any community or personal support. It also di erentiates Edgewood from institutions that are too large to pay special attention to each student. is e ectively illustrates Edgewood’s community, connection and personalization. “Get to know us” relieves uncertainty, which is a signi cant barrier for adults re-entering education. It makes the experience real because the audience is able to envision themselves at Edgewood and understand the bene ts. Essentially, the tone of the campaign messages will overcome uncertainty with trust. Creative Objectives One of the main goals of the creative campaign is to increase awareness of Edgewood’s graduate program in the Madison community. We hope to generate curiosity so prospective students seek out information about the school and its program o erings. We are con dent the experience Edgewood provides is a strong pull for many adults looking to return to school. We will communicate to our audience Edgewood’s outstanding student experience, present them with important enrollment information, and entice them to enroll at Edgewood themselves.9
  9. 9. Creative Brief: Campaign Messages Our print messages use warped body copy to form images associated with the target audience’s career, giving our ads stopping power. Each print message addresses one of Edgewood’s several most popular programs. e copy shows key consumer insight by emphasizing personal ambition while challenging the audience to continue their education. We also incorporate novel inserts containing more information about the programs, giving our audience the opportunity to carry the information with them. is medium is meant to increase positive associations with the college and spur student inquiry. e use of billboards will yield high frequency, especially in our proposed locations near the beltline. Billboard exposure ensures future students will see our messages on their daily commute. e simple, clean presentation allows greater comprehension and readability of our billboard copy. e billboard copy relates driving terminology to educational ambition in a clever and appealing way. e Edgewood Graduate logo is prominently featured to increase brand awareness and link it to our other messaging. Our banner ads are similar to the billboard copy in that they play o online terminology and relate it to Edgewood’s graduate community. is clever juxtaposition is meant to highlight Edgewood’s personal feel. Our online, radio and corporate materials also features the phrase “Get to know us” in order to link to our website and play o the “We know you” slogan. ese online ads are meant to drive tra c to the Edgewood Graduate website and raise brand awareness. In order to reposition Edgewood Graduate as unique from its competitors, our radio ads use humor appeals that playfully highlight the disadvantages of other colleges while simultaneously promoting the bene ts of Edgewood. Several of the bene ts we highlight are Edgewood’s community of students, caring professors, and online options. e music and announcer are the same in order to establish unity between these messages. Other media works to e ectively communicate our message. Cinema screens will give potential students more information on Edgewood Professional Programs in an environment with focused, prolonged exposure. Additional time will allow us to present more information on our high involvement product. Mall installations will also provide a venue to increase brand awareness and present information in novel ways. Lastly, business handouts will be distributed to corporations that could bene t from sending their employees to Edgewood Graduate College. e handouts are highly informative and illustrate the unique advantages of Edgewood. Targeted businesses will include hospitals, schools and o ce buildings, all involving careers with the potential to advance with further education. rough this mix of creative media messages, we will successfully meet our campaign goals, including increased brand awareness, more e ective positioning and raising potential student interest. 10
  10. 10. Creative PlanPrint Strategy e goal of our print messages is to inform potential students about several graduate programs at Edgewood while demonstrating the college’s deep understanding of its students. Our target audience is adults seeking to gain a graduate degree in nursing, education, or business. e big idea behind our print messages is that Edgewood o ers advanced programs that help students increase their viability in the job market. Speci cally, if a student seeks a nursing degree, an MBA or a teaching degree, Edgewood o ers classes uniquely adapted to the current marketplace. Furthermore, our “We know you” campaign message is present in the print ads through the empathetic language and tone of the body copy. e print ads are text-based with words shaped like items that represent the various occupations pertaining to the degree. For example, the nursing degree ad copy is shaped like a heart monitor, the MBA copy forms a neck tie, and the teaching degree copy is written on the side of books. e audience will be drawn to the bold images because they are relatable to their career and are visually appealing. e ad copy also includes insight about the life of the potential consumer in order to illustrate that Edgewood knows them. By detailing what the consumer’s life is like, our language and framing will further resonate with them. We also include motivational messages to drive and inspire the target to continue their education. ese positive, relatable messages allow our ads to speak to our audience and draw a greater response. Additionally, we will place inserts in all three print ads to o er more information about the degree programs. ese inserts will allow the target to physically and mentally take the information regarding Edgewood with them, increasing the likelihood they will reread and share the ad. e inserts will be strategically placed in order to further capture the audience. e nursing degree insert will be placed within the heart on the print ad, the MBA insert will be placed in the dress shirt pocket, and the teaching degree insert will resemble a bookmark. Clever positioning will draw greater attention to the ad and keep more eyes on the page. ese ads t together as part of an integrated campaign where each print ad is portrayed in a consistent manner. All ve ads feature Edgewood’s school colors, text in the shape of a relatable object, and an insert containing further information about the speci c program o ered. Additionally, the look and tone of the copy will remain consistent with the “We know you” campaign.11
  11. 11. Creative Plan Radio Strategy e objective of our radio messages is to di erentiate Edgewood’s graduate programs from competing schools, as well as raise awareness about the unique advantages of Edgewood. Adults seeking graduate programs in the Madison area are our target audience. e big idea behind our radio messages is to portray Edgewood as being in-touch with their target audience’s wants, needs, and values when compared to other schools. In this way, “We know you” shows how Edgewood relates to students and caters each program to t their needs. e scripts feature scenarios where a student attends a school that does not o er a personable, dedicated community of learners and teachers like Edgewood provides. One script features an online web class taught by a computer who rushes students through its program. Another has an emotionally removed professor refusing to answer a student’s question. Finally, the last script shows a student’s self-absorbed group partner refusing to help with their project. In each ad, the school does not meet the desires and needs of the student, and his or her frustration builds. e radio ads conclude with an announcer providing information on Edgewood Graduate Programs. All three ads incorporate humor to grab the target audience’s attention and make them look forward to hearing the next commercial. e humorous but irritating situations will resonate with the target audience and positively portray Edgewood as a solution to their problems. To provide additional consistency, the ads all conclude with the same music and recognizable announcer voice. e radio scripts highlight the bene ts of choosing Edgewood, while demonstrating how Edgewood caters to its students’ wants and needs. In this way, the messages t together as part of the “We know you” campaign, spread across multiple platforms. Furthermore, the ads will be pleasing to the listener, easy to visualize, and most importantly, memorable, making the audience want to learn more about Edgewood.17
  12. 12. Radio Advertisement: Catered Classes PROFESSOR: (CHALKBOARD NOISES) And that’s why price is always proportional to market demands. JESSICA: Excuse me, professor. PROFESSOR: Now if we can just move on to… JESSICA: Excuse me! PROFESSOR: Who said that? Was it you Doug? JESSICA: I’m Jessica. PROFESSOR: Sorry, this class is so big I can’t remember everyone’s name. JESSICA: Can you go over that last part again? PROFESSOR: We don’t have time. In this class, we focus on quickness over comprehension. Just talk to me a erwards. JESSICA: But I have to go and pick my kids from soccer practice. PROFESSOR: Come to my o ce hours then. JESSICA: Um, I work during the day. PROFESSOR: Looks you’re out of luck then Doug. JESSICA: I’m still Jessica. SFX: MUSIC FADES IN ANNOUNCER: At Edgewood College, we know you. Our average class size for graduate programs is thirteen students, meaning our teachers will not only know your name but who you are. We know you’re busy with your career and family, which is why our classes conveniently meet a er you’re done working. Get to know us by visiting, edgewood.edu, or stop by our Deming Way campus, right o the beltline. Unlike other colleges, we’re happy to take your questions. SFX: MUSIC FADES OUT 18
  13. 13. Creative Plan Radio Advertisement: Online Classes WOMAN: Hey honey. Would you mind watching the kids? I have to take my online class now. MAN: Sure thing. WOMAN: (TYPING NOISES) Okay, here we go. Student name. What was it again? ree-six-two-four-nine-nine-zero-three-two. COMPUTER: Good to see you again number three-six-two-four-nine-nine-zero-three. Pop quiz. What major organ pumps blood throughout the body? WOMAN: (TYPING NOISES) e heart. COMPUTER: Congratulations number three-six-two-four-nine-nine-zero-three. You have now completed our accelerated program. You are now a doctor. WOMAN: Wait, I paid thousands of dollars for this? I didn’t even learn anything. COMPUTER: Upgrade now and enroll to become a lawyer, teacher, reman, astronaut. SFX: MUSIC FADES IN ANNOUNCER: At Edgewood, we know you. You’re not looking for an online college, but a college that o ers exible online options. You’re not just paying for a degree either. Edgewood o ers a real, college experience with engaged professors and a vibrant student community. It’s the convenience of online without compromising quality. Get to know us by visiting, edgewood.edu, or stop by our Deming Way campus, right o the beltline. To us, you’re not a number, you’re a person. SFX: MUSIC FADES OUT19
  14. 14. Radio Advertisement: A Community That Cares SFX: BELL RINGS. BACKGROUND HALLWAY NOISE. DOUG: Hey Chad. Did you nish your part of the research paper? CHAD: Who are you again? DOUG: I’m Doug. We’re working on a group project together. CHAD: Oh right. Sorry, those groups can get pretty big. DOUG: It’s just the two of us. CHAD: Alright, well I didn’t do that research thing, but you can do it if you want. DOUG: Well we can work on it tonight, but I have to make dinner for my family in an hour. CHAD: No can do man. Two-for-ones at the club tonight. You can come if you want, but you’re driving. DOUG: Actually I think I’m going to the professor to get a new partner. is two-for-one project isn’t working for me. CHAD: Hey man, you can’t spell “success” without “excess.” Right? SFX: MUSIC FADES IN ANNOUNCER: At Edgewood, we know you. In addition to earning your degree, you want to be part of a community of students that care about their education and yours. We work together to ensure students are a part of a rich, learning environment where values matter. You’ll feel comfortable working in groups or sharing a slice of pizza. Get to know us by visiting, edgewood.edu, or stop by our Deming Way campus, right o the beltline. An education and a community, the best two-for-one. SFX: MUSIC FADES OUT 20
  15. 15. Creative Plan Billboard Strategy Our billboard ads are meant to raise awareness of Edgewood Graduate College. We also want to demonstrate the close proximity of the campus and Edgewood’s personal interaction with students. ese ads will target individuals seeking graduate programs in the Madison area. e billboards will be placed strategically along the Beltline Highway. Since our target takes this road to work, we believe they will have a good chance of being exposed to our billboard ads. e big idea behind the billboard messages is that Edgewood Graduate Programs provide the direction our audience is looking for to further their education. Each advertisement has a personal tone meant to resonate with the audience as well as reiterate the “We know you” message. e hook of the ads is the double meaning in each billboard’s copy. e copy relates the target’s academic goals to common driving terms and language. For example, in the ad “You’ve got drive. We’ve got the destination,” the word “drive” has two meanings; motivation and commuting. is play on words will grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to head in the “direction” of Edgewood. e message is consistent among all three billboards, demonstrating consumer insight through personal statements such as “You’ve got drive” and “You’re heading in the right direction.” Furthermore, each ad will display the Edgewood logo to increase brand recognition and feature the “We know you” tagline and “Edgewood Graduate Programs” copy at the bottom. ese ads t together as a part of an integrated campaign through the same personalized “We know you” messaging, while also depicting the values of Edgewood.21
  16. 16. Creative Plan Online Strategy Our Edgewood online banner ads are designed to increase click-throughs to the Edgewood Graduate College website. e creative messages aim to target individuals interested in graduate programs in the Madison area. We intend on placing the banner ads on local business sites in order to best reach our target. e banner ads are meant to reinforce Edgewood’s valued notions of community interaction and personalization. In order to get the attention of the target audience, these messages are portrayed through clever Internet analogies. For example, on one ad, the copy will read “Our Chat Room.” e image displayed will be a real “chat room” consisting of students interacting with one another on a personal level. ese messages will portray Edgewood as a graduate college of student interaction and community collaboration. In order to maintain consistency, each banner ad displays an image relating the copy to the community message. In addition, they all feature the Edgewood logo, “Get to know us” tagline, and a link to the graduate school’s website. In this way, they are well integrated under the “We know you” campaign theme.25
  17. 17. Creative PlanWebsite Critique Edgewood College Homepage e current Edgewood College homepage can be improved with easier navigation, more relevant photographs and more intriguing content. In order to distinguish the undergraduate and graduate programs, we suggest a divided navigational bar including links for both programs in separate columns. We have also indicated the tabs we feel would be most bene cial to the audience, the primary focuses in the main navigation bar, and secondary interests on header tabs. A streamline design provides easy information retrieval and increased engagement with site. events to draw interest and engagement of audience Edgewood Graduate Homepage By highlighting the link to the graduate page from the home page, we predict increased tra c. Pictures featured in the header create a personable connection between the viewer and the graduate program. We suggest a vertical page layout to engage viewers and provide a deeper understanding of Edgewood history and given graduate programs. Also, including quick links to apply and get more information will be placed higher on the page, making them more visible and accessible. attitudes the previously described homepages. Edgewood Speci c Program Pages Graduate program pages should imitate the design used in the Masters of Business Administration. e well-organized links combined with engaging photos provides an appealing summary of the graduate program. We do, however, suggest modifying the current color palette, header, and footer to match the layout of the previously described homepages.29
  18. 18. Social Media Strategy Objective: Increase the online presence and awareness of the Edgewood brand and more speci cally, the graduate programs available Recommendations: platform that is separate from the main Edgewood student body community when accessing the building is not an option the campus, so this will increase the sense of community for their experience as students loop about what is happening with similarities to the target demographic and encourage them to follow the Edgewood account on Twitter overwhelmed with content directed at the undergraduate program and athletics more conveniently and e ectively access prime content and learn more about what Edgewood has to o er Additional Opportunities: It would be most bene cial to hire an intern to manage the online presence of Edgewood’s graduate program. is task would provide bene cial learning opportunities to a student and also help further the spread of information about Edgewood. Because content needs to always remain current and of high quality, or followers/fans will inevitably decline, a student intern could make that the focal point of their internship, which would be a win-win for both parties. 32
  19. 19. Creative PlanSocial Media Mock-Up
  20. 20. Social Media Mock-Up
  21. 21. Creative Plan Web Video Strategy e Edgewood College online video o ers more information for the po- tential student. By showing real students and faculty at Edgewood College, interested adults can better understand the community of the school. Our objective with this video is to provide an interactive, viral video with more information on the type of people who are not only enrolled in Edgewood Graduate Programs but also those who facilitate and teach the students. is video will be placed both on our YouTube channel and on our graduate web page.35
  22. 22. Out of Home Strategy e goal of our out of home advertisements is to increase brandrecognition and awareness, in addition to providing further information to thetarget in places they already frequent. Adults who are interested in graduate programs and furthering theireducation are our target audience. e rst out of home ad will be placed on a movie theatre screen precedinga movie. is type of ad is bene cial because it allows for ample viewing time,as well as a readily available, attentive and interested audience. Furthermore,the target will likely attend movies with his/her children, or go to a movie withfriends or spouse during the weekends. In addition, these types of ads are locally targetable and reasonably priced.At Marcus eatres in Madison, movie theatre screen ads are $700/month, up to30 seconds per ad, running on all 16 screens approximately 500 times per week. ere is a one-month minimum. e second out of home ad will be placed in a shopping mall and willconsist of a mirror with two hovering graduation caps. One cap is placed lowerthan the other, so that younger children will enjoy the advertisement by playingin front of the mirror, and will draw the attention of their parents towards theadvertisement. Once looking at the ad, the adult will see him/herself as anEdgewood graduate. In other words, this creative marketing strategy will gobeyond the traditional information-based materials, and allow the audienceto imagine how an Edgewood Graduate education could enhance their lives.It symbolizes the slogan “We know you” by placing the viewer in the actualadvertisement, persuading them to visit the website to nd more informationabout the opportunities awaiting them. It is important to note that the corporate materials created can also beplaced outside of the home in places such as day care centers and workoutfacilities in order to generate awareness and community interest. 36
  23. 23. Creative Plan Corporate Strategy e purpose of the corporate material is to inform businesses in the area of the programs available at Edgewood College. ey are designed to speak to the businesses and employees, encouraging furthering education and ultimately improving the quality of life and success of the given business. e corporate materials are divided into two types, one for business and one for employees. e business materials speak directly about the bene ts of furthering the education of current employees and what Edgewood speci cally has to o er. e employee materials speak directly to potential students, encouraging them and explaining the bene ts of furthering education through the Edgewood programs. Speci cally, there are three emphases for various the positions and subsequent educational opportunities. Education, business, and nursing programs are highlighted separately from one another in an e ort to directly target the most likely students to enter into those respective programs. All of the copy parallels the “We know you” slogan, by identifying personal characteristics that show we understand the mentality of both targets. Additionally, the materials encourage the “Get to know us” portion of the campaign as well, by encouraging them to learn more about what Edgewood has to o er. Overall, the purpose of these materials is to inform and encourage the action to take classes at the Deming Way campus. is information will be distributed in the form of a cardstock info sheet, in the shape of the Edgewood logo, in order to further branding. Many times employers and employees alike are simply uninformed about what is available to them, so these corporate materials are used to plant that theoretical “seed” that can lead to enrollment.39
  24. 24. E-mail Blast
  25. 25. E-mail Blast
  26. 26. E-mail Blast
  27. 27. Vilas Communication Hall821 University Avenue Suite 2111Madison, Wisconsin 53706