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ViBe Flyer


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Brief description of ViBE

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ViBe Flyer

  1. 1. ViBE – OverviewVoice & Data on onelink with no effect onvoice quality
  2. 2. Overview In principle the idea of VoIP is great, reducing costs and integrating voice with your existing data infrastructure. VoIP allows you to get rid of PSTN lines and PBX systems meaning a big reduction in management and maintenance, which, most importantly cuts your costs. But while VoIP undoubtedly brings many benefits, users still have to make a number of compromises to reap these rewards. In reality VoIP suffers from one major ViBE effectively creates a connection overBY ANALYSING EACH problem; call quality quickly degrades over any link (ADSL, 3G, ISDN or satellite) thatVOICE DATA PACKET, low bandwidth links. VoIP calls can also prioritises voice data packets meaningSTRIPPING AWAY ALL easily over-subscribe a link making it hard to all the problems with VoIP calls, including manage your VoIP system. Getting a network jitter and latency, simply stop being aTHE UNNECESSARY with enough bandwidth to cater for all your problem. Whatever the data overheadsDATA, VIBE CAN SEND VoIP calls and other data can be expensive – flowing over a link, voice data alwaysAN UNPRECEDENTED even more expensive than sticking with your has priority, meaning ViBE calls areNUMBER OF VOIP conventional telephone system. always at business class quality, withoutCALLS OVER A And so using a VoIP system has meant compromising other data activities.DATA NETWORK. making some kind of compromise, At present three to four voice calls are either a compromise in call quality comfortably carried over a standard ADSL or a compromise on cost. link. Once the number of calls increases, and data is also sent over the link, then VoIP ViBE removes the bandwidth problems call quality starts to degrade. that have always been associated with VoIP, allowing calls to be carried over Compressing the voice data would seem v voipex x cost effective ADSL. like the most obvious way of getting more VoIP calls across the available bandwidth, ViBE finally delivers VoIP without compromise. however such compression is detrimental TELECOMS TECH How ViBE Works to call quality. ViBE tackles the problem in a much more effective way. By analysing For any VoIP call to be of a high quality its each voice data packet, stripping away voice data needs to flow continually from the unnecessary data, ViBE can send an point to point. Once the flow of voice data unprecedented number of VoIP calls over is interrupted the call becomes jittery and a data network. both participants are likely to find it hard to understand what the other is saying.
  3. 3. ViBE – Benefits60 simultaneous calls over an average UK broadband connection
  4. 4. Benefits ViBE’s main benefit is its ability to use standard ADSL (broadband) connections to carry a high volume of VoIP calls simultaneously - and all at business class quality. The number of calls ViBE can carry at once is dependent on the bandwidth available. But 60 coexistent calls plus other data - like email and web browsing - is possible based on the UK’s average upload speed of 768Kbits per second as at February 2011. By taking advantage of ViBE’s ability to is approached. Problems such as pops, use ADSL you can avoid IP infrastructure crackles, and even gaps in speech can upgrades when making the move to VoIP. become evident. ViBE guarantees a high ViBE lets you maximise the use of your quality of all calls regardless of bandwidth. existing IP infrastructure, with no need ViBE reduces the time your voice takes to get for an expensive bandwidth upgrade to to its destination. This eliminates the risk of accommodate both the voice and data. calls becoming disjointed when both parties Without ViBE a dedicated broadband line speak at the same time - so often a problem would be required for every three to four when VoIP is used over low-speed networks. telephone lines you wish to replace. With existing VoIP solutions, should a With ViBE a single dedicated broadband broadband networking relying on ISDN line can be used to replace 60 telephone failover in the event of a problem, any lines. If the requirement is smaller, the existing calls would likely be dropped. voice can share the same connection asVIBE REDUCES THE When used in conjunction with our ISDN your existing IP data.TIME WHICH YOUR backup options, ViBE ensures all callsVOICE TAKES TO GET TO Traditionally IP networks are only around continue (bandwidth allowing), with just aITS DESTINATION. THIS 70 per cent efficient. ViBE not only slight pause (approximately one second)ELIMINATES THE RISK increases the call capacity of your network, during switchover ensuring call continuity but also increases the efficiency of the during resiliency failover.OF CALLS BECOMING network for existing data to a level inDISJOINTED WHEN ViBE Benefits: excess of 90 per cent. Ordinarily when usingBOTH PARTIES SPEAK VoIP over a broadband network, even the • Cut costs by using your existingAT THE SAME TIME. presence of one or two calls can make data IP infrastructure connections very unreliable and ‘choppy’. - 60 Calls plus data over a v voipex x With ViBE, your data transfer scales standard ADSL line perfectly as more calls are made, even • Active - Active link bonding TELECOMS TECH when approaching the maximum load. • Real Time Monitoring ViBE uses a customised QoS (Quality of • Call continuity during resiliency fail over Service), designed specifically for voice data. While existing QoS was designed to • Cut costs by moving to VoIP and removing manage bandwidth as best as possible for the need for: multiple applications, it falls short of being - PSTN/ISDN Lines able to cope with real-time requirements - PBX Systems such as voice. ViBE addresses this issue • Get all the other benefits of VoIP by using custom methods to guarantee - Flexibility – Location Independence quality of service for real-time applications. - Integration with desktop (Outlook, Conventional QoS methods of sharing data Salesforce – click to call) and voice on the same IP connection results in a loss of call quality when full capacity
  5. 5. ViBE – Technical Information Better than QoS performance
  6. 6. Technical InformationReduced bandwidth requirements - G.729 causing conversations to become disjointed. ViBE Featurescalls require 42kbps of bandwidth when ViBE completely eliminates this problem. • Seamlessly convert G.711 to anothertransmitted over a broadband link due to Link quality monitoring - optional reporting format and back againoverheads, whereas the actual voice data generates statistics such as the number of • Overheads per call nominally reducedonly needs 8kbps. ViBE removes many simultaneous calls over time, link latency, to less than one byte per packet. G.729of these overheads and maximises the uptime, and packet loss, as well as call jitter. @ 10mS uses 8.23kbit/s of availablebandwidth usage. ViBE Installation bandwidth regardless of WAN typeVPN support - ViBE can be configured to (compare to 84.8kbit/s on ADSL)create one or more virtual private networks Typically ViBE can be deployed in two ways, • Implemented at both ends of link - voicebetween several sites, ensuring that your as a point–to-point configuration or in a and data controlled in both directionsvoice and data remain secure. service provider / enterprise configuration that can handle multiple customer locations. • Data packets are sliced with zero overheadResiliency control - ViBE can intelligently and don’t need to waitcontrol resiliency options on the IP network ViBE Hardware • Understands about hidden overheads -in order to ensure continuity of calls. ViBE enabled devices are available in a 100% of link bandwidth can be usedViBE will detect a network failure in less variety of configurations with capacities • Works well even on slow links making itthan one second and take remedial action. from 30 to 3000 simultaneous calls. possible to use 128k link for voice and dataMultiple IP link bonding - multiple links All ViBE hardware supports: • Interactive traffic not choppycan be bonded efficiently, so for example, • Full router functionality such as policytwo standard 512Kb / 256Kb broadband lines ViBE has built in SNMP and is capable routing, BGP, stateful firewall, etc.could be used to manage 50 simultaneous of monitoring:calls while still carrying other data. • Hardware failover using VRRP • Underlying link qualityReduced call jitter - average call jitter • Can be paired to avoid hardware Single Point of Failure • Packet loss, latency and jitteracross the WAN is reduced to the order of • Faults with the link can be distinguished1ms whether or not data is present on the • Link bonding and failover, call access from customer created onessame link. This compares with more than control, statistics generation, etc.100ms of jitter typically found on a standard • Calls in progress • Can use N+1 in the core of an enterprise/broadband connection. service provider • General system healthReduced call latency – end-to-end latency • ViBE can also be deployed tois reduced, especially in the presence of high third-party devices including: Netgeardata loads. With standard broadband, end- DG834GT, DGN2000, DGN3500 andto-end latency can easily rise above 100ms, Vmware ESXi server v voipex xPoint to Point Installation TECH TELECOMS Service Provider / Enterprise Installation ADSL / MPLS Internet