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Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) - MTBC Luncheon


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MDM or EMM - It's all about Mobility.

What we have learned and experienced on the Mobile world and how we can help companies do more that allow mobile access to company assets, but protect the devices and the content on them BYOD is already here with >95% of users using personal devices for their jobs.

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Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) - MTBC Luncheon

  1. 1. MDM or EMM It's all about Mobility 1
  2. 2. Agenda 2 • How Mirrored Storage got into EMM • BYOD Revolution • EMM Best Practices • Security 2.0 • MaaS360 Offering • Q&A
  3. 3. Mirrored Storage Experience • Is your device secure? • Now can multiple device/version/platforms/… be managed together? • Most Important Feature? – Desktop Features – Cost of features – What’s possible – Cloud vs. In-house • Is it possible to Manage FOR customers? • Market in moving at lightning speed! 3
  4. 4. The BYOD Revolution 95% Source: Already said yes to BYOD 4
  5. 5. Top IT Management Concerns Source: Infoworld / Forrester 5
  6. 6. Key BYOD goals • Protect corporate data • Protect user privacy and personal data • Support a diverse set of platforms/device types • Help users adhere to HR, audit, legal, compliance and security guidance • Support a diverse set of policies, roles, personas and access rights • Improve productivity and accessibility • Support employee work-style choice
  7. 7. EMM is Integral for BYOD • Supports BYOD with self-service enrollment • Configure devices and protect employee privacy • Enforce security policies and meet regulations • Push content, apps and docs to separate workspaces 7
  8. 8. Current EMM Best Practices Integration  AD/LDAP: 15% integrate for device enrollment & app/doc access  Email Access Control: 20% quarantine new devices w/o MDM Apps  App Catalog: 80% of companies pushing apps  Enterprise Apps: 25% of companies pushing enterprise apps  Enterprise Apps: On average 6 apps per business. Median is 3. Docs  Containerize specific workflows / use cases: 40% of customers use Doc Mgmt  Specific LOB use cases – sales materials, BOD materials, flight materials Device  iOS: ~80% of all enterprise devices. Leading BYOD choice.  Android: Standards to reduce fragmentation. Tablets in field operations.  Policy: Password, Require device encryption, Email/EAS configuration 8
  9. 9. EMM • Mobility is becoming the platform, not an add on • Organizations need comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management • IT needs growing beyond enabling these new platforms 1. More use of identify, context and more sophisticated policy 2. More app management & security (and app dev assist) 3. More separation of corporate & personal apps/data 4. More mobile utilization of corporate network/resources
  10. 10. App Management & Security 2.0 EMM App Security Requirements Containerize Enterprise Apps • Further encrypt • AAA • Compliance checks • DLP controls Link & Tunnel Enterprise Apps • SSO • Shared clipboard • Data sharing • Tunnel to corporate LAN • “VPN free” Link Public & Corporate Apps • SSO • Shared clipboard • Data sharing MaaS360 App Security
  11. 11. Separation of Work & Personal 2.0 Separate Work & Personal Apps • Ensure sandboxing • Ensure selective wipe Separate Work & Personal Content (Especially Work Docs & Attachments) • Reduce DLP risk • Ensure selective wipe • Tunnel to corporate LAN • “VPN free”Securely Access Content Repositories EMM Data Security Requirements MaaS360 Workplace
  12. 12. MDM 1.0 Practices • Over-the-Air Device Configuration of Email, Calendar, Contacts, Corporate Wi-Fi • Applications & Web Clips • Passcode enforcement • Remote lock and wipe • Corporate Wipe, Full Wipe • Expense Management • Comprehensive Reporting & Real-time Alerts EMM Best Practices • App Management • Document Management • Secure Web Browser • URL Filtering / Phishing • Geo-fencing Policies • Secure Container • Encryption and DLP • Email, Contacts, Calendar • Third-party Apps Evolving to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  13. 13. Comprehensive Mobility Management The Essentials • SMS, email, or URL enrollment • Email, calendar, contact profiles • VPN and Wi-Fi settings • Device feature configuration • Policy updates & changes • Inventory management • Compliance reporting Advanced Management • Mobile app management • Document sharing • Event-based policies • Proactive expense controls • BYOD privacy settings • Shared device support • Self service portal 13 Location-based policies Device Enrollment, Acceptable Use OTA Configuration Enterprise App Catalog 13
  14. 14. Robust Mobile Security Device Applications Network Email Documents Auto-quarantine/access approval Contain emails and attachments Remote wipe of work email Password authentication Restrict copy, paste, share Remote wipe of work files Configure Wi-Fi and VPN profiles Cert delivery and authentication Dynamic policy based on SSID Encryption and passcodes Jailbreak/Root detection Locate, lock, wipe Blacklist/Whitelist mobile apps Wrapping and compliance rules Remote wipe of managed apps Web Define URL filters and categories Allow access to intranet sites Disable native/3rd party browsers 14
  15. 15. MaaS360 Enterprise Mobile Security Secure Mail Application Security Secure Document Sharing Secure Browser A Trusted WorkPlace container for seamless security and productivity Dual Persona to separate personal and work data in the BYOD era 15
  16. 16. Why Choose Comprehensive EMM? • Provide options to address multiple use cases • Protects corporate resources and reduces risk of data loss • Preserves the native experience on the device • Allows you to manage the data even if employee owned • Platform choice and device type left to end user Device Level App/Doc Level Enterprise Level Work App Catalog ***** * Doc CatalogApp Wrapping 16
  17. 17. Why Customers Love MaaS360 Powerful features to address the full mobility lifecycle Seamless integration with all your existing infrastructure Simple and fast with an exceptional experience Proven approach to cloud mobility management Secure containers to separate work and play Exchange AD/LDAP Lotus BES Certs 17
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  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. Q&A John Neibel President & Founder 214-550-0550