WKTEP Library Orientation Part 1


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  • The following databases are hosted by EBSCO HOST and this means they share common search . It also means that more than one database can be searched at a time. They share common search features. Remember you can’t string your terms together as you do in Google must separate terms with AND . All these searches display search results giving the most recent items first. They also include citation help for you.
  • WKTEP Library Orientation Part 1

    1. 1. Finding Research Literature for Your Inquiry Project www.library.ubc.ca
    2. 2. We want to save you time!
    3. 3. Get help! 3 librarians!! Chris.Ball@ubc.ca  Joanne.Naslund@ubc.ca  Danielle.Winn@ubc.ca 
    4. 4. Getting started with your inquiry What information is there about problem based learning? What’s Your Topic? broader term = Inquiry original term = Problem based learning Problem based learning List Keywords inquiry Related/narrower term = Project based learning inquiry based learning Project based learning Research Search Tools Search for journal articles Books • Google • bibliographies • Google Scholar • handbooks • Wikipedia Indexes & Databases Education Source ERIC (Ebsco) CBCA complete Canadian Newsstand Other sources • organizations • web sites • directories
    5. 5. Find us on the web http://www.library.ubc.ca
    6. 6. EZProxy (what you’ll see off campus)
    7. 7. Display and Folder
    8. 8. Saved Items (1)
    9. 9. APA Style or RefWorks
    10. 10. Find this article Allen, D. E., Donham, R. S., & Bernhardt, S. A. (2011). Problem‐based learning. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 2011(128), 21-29. doi:10.1002/tl.465
    11. 11. Look for type of resource
    12. 12. Fulltext of article--pdf
    13. 13. Finding articles on a topic Google Scholar  Indexes and Databases Education Source ERIC (EBSCO) CBCA Complete PsycInfo 
    14. 14. Research Guide for Education
    15. 15. Google Scholar Via the UBC Library
    16. 16. EZProxy (what you’ll see off campus)
    17. 17. UBC eLink --Links out of this database and to all other resources held by UBC UBCeLink --Determines whether UBC Library has a print or electronic version of journal article.
    18. 18. Use Indexes and Databases ERIC (Ebsco) Education Source PsycInfo Greenfile Communications & Mass Media Complete
    19. 19. Canadian content
    20. 20. CBCA Complete Includes four databases: Business, Current Events, Education and Reference Focuses on Canadian content You can limit your results to “Scholarly journals and peerreviewed”
    21. 21. Wrap up & Review  Need more help – what’s my name?  UBC Library web address? For online help:  Thank you!
    22. 22. Wrap up & Review  Need more help – what’s my name? Joanne.naslund@ubc.ca  UBC Library web address? www.library.ubc.ca For online help:  Thank you!