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Global Mktg Presentation 3.0


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Global Mktg. Capabilities Presentation - April 2010

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Global Mktg Presentation 3.0

  3. 3. International Distribution: Summary of Services<br /><ul><li>Regulatory• Logistics: Customs, Warehousing & Cold Chain Storage• Local Order Processing• Collection, Accounts Receivables• Credit & Risk Management• Government and Private Sales• Repackaging & Labeling• Delivery & Transportation• Reverse Logistics – Returns, handling expired, obsolete product• Cross Docking• Sample Management
  4. 4. Pharmacovigilance – Follow-up and tracking
  5. 5. Bridging studies – Follow-up</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  6. 6. Terminology:<br />‘Approved’ / ‘Accredited’ / ‘Preferred Distributor’ <br />‘Govt. Authorized Agent’<br />‘Clearing & Forwarding Agent’<br />‘Warehousing Agent’ <br /><ul><li>Endorsement from Ministry of Health – ‘local’ bidders are preferred
  7. 7. Accredited bidders – Principal-to-Agent Agreement
  8. 8. Comply with paperwork for government tenders
  9. 9. Physical presence required during bid opening process
  10. 10. Negotiate bidding prices – 1 cent difference in price can win or lose tender!
  11. 11. Consolidation of local orders for differed deliveries, drop shipments.
  12. 12. Multiple agents for govt. bids, private markets , institutional markets
  13. 13. Staffing: 5 to 10 people specialized in customs , regulatory, tenders,</li></ul> logistics and other business functions. <br /><ul><li>Ward off competitors’ efforts for bids through counterproposals</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  14. 14. REGULATORY & LEGAL COMPLIANCE:<br /><ul><li>Filing initial application for Product Registration
  15. 15. Obtain required certification, licenses
  16. 16. Follow-up on application through multiple agencies
  17. 17. Submit samples, submit analytical, BE studies and clinical reports
  18. 18. Initiate bridging studies, periodic stability tests done locally </li></ul> (follow-up and coordinate)<br /><ul><li>Prepare dossiers per country laws
  19. 19. Registration with ‘local government’ (state / province)
  20. 20. Registration for private distribution in ‘cooperatives’</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  21. 21. REGULATORY & LEGAL COMPLIANCE:<br /><ul><li>Labeling requirements; Local / regional language translation
  22. 22. Periodic follow-up (weekly)
  23. 23. Most Governments DO NOT OPEN Letters of Credit
  24. 24. Customs documentation is CRITICAL
  25. 25. Comply with specified product delivery criteria
  27. 27. Delays in product delivery and improper storage at govt. appointed </li></ul>facilities can result in damage, loss of potency , product obsolescence – write off, returned product and additional cost for disposal or reverse logistics<br />AmbianceVentures<br />
  28. 28. PRIVATE MARKETS:<br />Influential in lobbying Federal and Provincial Governments, Regional Distributors<br /><ul><li>Agent / Distributor plays a crucial role
  29. 29. Reputation in private market supply chain
  30. 30. Supply logistics, cold chain, customer service
  31. 31. Institutional : Large insurance companies, Hospital chains
  32. 32. Retail: Pharmacy chains
  33. 33. Wholesalers: Physician offices
  34. 34. National level programs through private clinics
  35. 35. Create Local Advisory Boards; Strong connections with KOLs</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  36. 36. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLES, COLLECTIONS:<br /><ul><li>Governments do not open Letters of Credit
  37. 37. Terms vary from 90 – 180 days credit
  38. 38. Sometimes bank guarantees can be obtained.
  39. 39. Assuming the Financial Risk - Agents / Distributors are experienced in collections </li></ul> from both government and private buyers<br /><ul><li>Private and institutional buyers want 90 – 120 days credit</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  40. 40. LOGISTICS:<br /><ul><li>Customs clearance – proper documentation
  41. 41. Receiving shipments, ensuring cold-chain at port / airport
  42. 42. Deal with port authority, associated bureaucrats and labor unions
  43. 43. Reduce risk of product damage and obsolescence
  44. 44. Freight consolidation – in-bound and out-bound
  45. 45. Re-packaging, re-dressing or special labeling in controlled environment
  46. 46. Storage permits and licenses
  47. 47. Cold chain validation
  48. 48. Proof of delivery procedures
  49. 49. Documentation:
  50. 50. Packaging list, Invoice, CoA, Customs Duty,
  51. 51. Point to point delivery: inland distribution to multiple final destinations
  52. 52. Return of expired, damaged or defective product
  53. 53. Disposal of expired, damaged or defective product</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  54. 54. PHARMACOVIGILANCE:<br />While an agent or distributor does not undertake fulltime PV responsibility,<br />they are the first responders within their specific region or country for <br />AE’s and SAE’s <br /><ul><li>Collecting defective product
  55. 55. Contacting reporting medical facility for liaison
  56. 56. Product recalls when necessary
  57. 57. Submit samples of ‘defective’ product to authorized labs.
  58. 58. Destruction of returned product if necessary</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  59. 59. Operational Objectives & Methodology:<br />(1) Discover: Data collection pertinent to Clients’ needs<br />(2) Diagnose: Analyze data and information to arrive at a cost-effective international strategy<br />(3) Design: Design the solution through application of strategy - a plan / proposal<br />(4) Deliver: Implement the solution through appropriate sales tactics.<br />APPROACH:<br /><ul><li>Capabilities presentation to examine opportunities to market vaccine</li></ul> products in select global markets in accordance with your strategy.<br /><ul><li>Identify potential partners / distributors for import of finished products or bulk vaccine for stockpile or re-distribution to private and public buyers in foreign markets
  60. 60. Design a step approach for future marketing needs in international markets.</li></ul>AmbianceVentures<br />
  61. 61. Who is……?<br />Our Operations in India<br />Principal Role: International Logistics & Distribution<br />Exports & Imports<br />Freight Consolidation<br />Customs Documentation & Clearance<br />Product Registration<br />Regulatory Filings<br />Bridging Studies, Bioequivalence Studies<br />Storage, Warehousing, Cold Chain Distribution.<br />Dependable source for Biologics, Pharmaceuticals, <br />Diagnostic Products and Hospital Supplies<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  62. 62. INTRODUCTION: How we handle global business<br />Pennsylvania (USA) & Mumbai (India) based Global Business Development company with offices and operations in United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Dubai and Affiliates in China.<br /> Specialized in International Business Development and Exports of Life Science products – Vaccines, Generics, Biologics, Diagnostics, and pharmaceutical machinery <br />End-to-end solution for:<br /><ul><li>Formulation, Analytical Development
  63. 63. Export APIs, Finished Products, POC / In-vitro Diagnostics
  64. 64. Contract Manufacture
  65. 65. Neutral Label & Private Label Manufacture
  66. 66. Global Marketing Assistance
  67. 67. Complete Export Documentation – Registration, Customs, Regulatory</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  68. 68. GLOBAL MARKETING, TRADE & BUSINESS STRATEGY<br />We market in the following countries:<br />North America: <br />United States, Canada, Mexico<br />European Union: <br />United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Ireland<br />Latin America / Central America:<br />Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Caribbean Is., Guyana, Surinam, Colombia<br />Asia, West Asia & Pacific: <br />Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, <br />Middle East Nations, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam<br />Africa:<br />Cameroons, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, Sudan, <br />South Africa, Uganda, Zambia<br />CIS Countries:<br />Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  69. 69. We Specialize in International Marketing:<br />Diversity of Our Product Range:<br /><ul><li>Branded and Generic Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Biogenerics,
  70. 70. including Private Label, Neutral Label, Govt. Label
  71. 71. Biologics – Adult & Pediatric Vaccines, Sera and Anti-venoms
  72. 72. Our current focus: H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine, Seasonal Flu Vaccine.
  73. 73. Hospital Supplies – Private Label and Generic
  74. 74. Pharmaceutical Ingredients: APIs, Empty Capsules, Excipients,
  75. 75. Fine Chemicals, Intermediates
  76. 76. Lab Supplies: Instrumentation, Reagents and Chemicals
  77. 77. Dental Products and supplies
  78. 78. Packaging Materials: Vials, Ampoules, Bottles, Blister packs, Aluminum Foils
  79. 79. Diagnostic Tests and Devices: HIV, Pregnancy, Diabetes, Malaria, STDs,
  80. 80. OTC and Personal Care Products – Branded, Generic and Private Label –
  81. 81. Custom manufactured at our own facilities in Dubai Tax Free Zone or India</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  82. 82. Outsource your Export Marketing, Regulatory and Customs formalities to us:<br />We have an established and reliable Worldwide infrastructure for Marketing and logistically sound Distribution, capable of handling large or small volumes.<br />Deep contacts and superior reputation within Governments and<br />Private Markets resulting from 28 years of international business dealings<br />Dependable Agents / Distributors across all continents who will pro-actively<br />promote your products to focused target segments, Ministries of Health and<br />non-governmental entities at Federal, Provincial and Local levels<br />The Best of Logistics in terms of Warehousing, Cold Chain for timely deliveries.<br />Expertise in Shipping, Scheduling, Consolidation for FCL shipments, Optimal<br />use of container space, Economical and timely Routing, Freight Insurance.<br />World-class Air and Sea Connections <br />Efficient Customs handling including pre-shipment inspections of product, <br />packaging, labeling, shipping marks<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  83. 83. Former President of India – Dr. A.P.J. Kalam, and the <br />Hon. President of the Philippines – Gloria Macapagal Arroyo preside over signing of agreement with Valerian Lobo (Feb 2006)<br />LOB International was appointed ‘Authorized Sourcing Agent’ by <br />The Philippines Ministry of Health for supply of Pharmaceuticals, Biologics and Hospital supplies from India<br /> <br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  84. 84. Advantage – Ambiance Ventures: <br />U.S. Operations<br /><ul><li>By partnering with us, as a local producer, you will dominate with low prices, efficient logistics and production capabilities.
  85. 85. NEWEST PRODUCTS & FORMULATIONS – Far Superior to existing players!
  86. 86. Marketing of Vaccines to Government & Private markets
  87. 87. Rapid formulation, development and commercialization per US FDA standards
  88. 88. Client will own the Intellectual Property for formulation, development and manufacture.
  89. 89. Leverage local know-how in India to deal with bureaucracy and the government
  90. 90. Enjoy benefits of local manufacture and exports to other countries
  91. 91. Import finished products in Generics, Diagnostics and APIs</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  92. 92. OTHER SERVICES in Life sciences from<br />Our US Office:<br />Strategic Consulting & Market Development Services<br />Client Profile:<br />Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Healthcare<br />Companies in US, Canada, Latin America, India & China.<br />Areas of Expertise:<br />Contract Manufacture<br />Bulk Drugs, API Imports<br />Generic Drug Formulation, Development & Validation<br />Alliance Management: Identify partners, Due Diligence, Venture Capital<br />Country Representation: US, India, Latin America, Europe<br />Medical Conventions, Trade Shows, Speakership, Advisory Boards<br />Strategic Marketing, New Product Commercialization<br />Outsource Clinical Trial Design, Site Management, BA/BE Studies<br />Thought Leader Development, Business Intelligence<br />Expertise in multiple therapeutic areas<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  93. 93. CONTRACT MANUFACTURE – <br />Why Outsource your Contract Manufacture to us in India?<br /><ul><li>Reduce capital expenditure and costs of manufacturing operations
  94. 94. Generic substitution, LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY, TIMELY PRODUCTION
  95. 95. Need to access specialized, economical mfg technology and methods
  96. 96. Have alternate mfg. sources in the event of supply interruptions
  97. 97. Unforeseen increase in demand
  98. 98. One-stop-shop for all PHARMA products and diagnostics needs
  99. 99. Our 28-year experience in sourcing for generics, contract mfr, combined</li></ul> with buying power in India, China, Thailand, and other promising supply<br /> sources globally. <br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  100. 100. Our Contract Partners offer following <br />STANDARDS OF MANUFACTURE & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE:<br /><ul><li>ISO 9001
  101. 101. ISO 13485
  102. 102. cGMP
  103. 103. ANVISA (Brazil)
  104. 104. FDA (United States)
  105. 105. EMEA (European Union)
  106. 106. SAHRPA (South Africa)
  107. 107. ANMAT (Argentina)</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  108. 108. Popular Categories of products exported globally through our offices:<br /><ul><li>Anti-retrovirals (HIV, AIDS), Anti-Virals (Oseltamivir, Zanamivir)
  109. 109. Anti-TB cocktails
  110. 110. Anti-Malaria cocktails
  111. 111. Biogenerics for Cancer
  112. 112. Cardiovascular
  113. 113. Antibacterials
  114. 114. Immunosuppressants
  115. 115. Hormonal, Infertility
  116. 116. Erectile Dysfunction
  117. 117. Sclerosants
  118. 118. Mucolytic agents
  119. 119. Anti-pyretics
  120. 120. Cough and Cold
  121. 121. Pediatric & Adult Vaccines
  122. 122. H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine-2010-11 Season</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  123. 123. DISTRIBUTION & PRICING STRUCTURE<br />“Right products at the right price, within your quality specs”<br /><ul><li>Primary Consumption, Secondary Distribution
  124. 124. Specialists in Government Contracts, Private Market
  125. 125. Drop shipments
  126. 126. All Customs and Shipping Documentation
  127. 127. Labeling (in any language)</li></ul>Pricing Variants:<br /><ul><li>Name of Product (if branded) or Generic Name
  128. 128. Indication
  129. 129. Chemical name or composition
  130. 130. Form of Product (tablet, capsule, liquid, gel, powder) / Bulk
  131. 131. Strength (100mg, 250ml, etc.)
  132. 132. Quantity per shipment (kgs., litres, units)
  133. 133. Packaging (drums, bottles, strips) – MULTIDOSE, PRE-FILLS
  134. 134. Shipment Packaging requirements
  135. 135. Labeling Requirements – Regulatory Compliance</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  136. 136. DIAGNOSTIC TEST KITS<br /><ul><li>Blood Glucose
  137. 137. INFLUENZA
  138. 138. Pregnancy
  139. 139. HIV ( 1 & 2)
  140. 140. Hepatitis
  141. 141. Malaria
  142. 142. Dengue
  143. 143. Chikungunya
  144. 144. Syphillis
  145. 145. TB
  146. 146. Cardiac Markers
  147. 147. Dry Chemistry
  148. 148. Bio-chemistry
  149. 149. Hematology
  150. 150. Immunology, Rheumatology
  151. 151. ELISAs for Body Fluids</li></ul>Ideal for Rural Clinics, Pharmacies; can be manufactured ‘Private Label’<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  152. 152. OUR SPECIALTY:<br />Leverage low cost contract manufacture at our facilities!<br />NEUTRAL LABEL, PRIVATE LABEL CONTRACT MANUFACTURE:<br />Vaccines, Generics, Cosmetics, Diagnostics, FMCG<br />Custom Packaging – For Re-distribution<br />Neutral (‘generic drug’) labelingper Ministry of Health requirements<br />of numerous Countries in multiple languages<br />In Portuguese / English / Spanish / French / Cyrillic / German / Arabic<br />Private labeling with your own Brand Name, Company Identity, <br />Compliant with regulations – Pharmacies, HMOs, Export, or for<br />Secondary Distribution<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  153. 153. A Division of Ambiance Ventures <br />Distribution Offices in Mumbai (Bombay), India:<br /><ul><li>Fully staffed office (52 FT employees)
  154. 154. 5000 sq. feet of Warehouse space
  155. 155. Cold Chain refrigerated facility: 1500 sq. feet</li></ul>Sales and Logistics Office in Manila, Philippines:<br />We are Authorized Purchasing Agents for the Govt. of Philippines<br /><ul><li>All requirements from India by Philippines Ministry of Health are purchased</li></ul>through us – ‘one-stop-shop’ for vaccines, generics, hospital products from <br />multiple suppliers.<br /><ul><li>All logistics is coordinated by our Manila office.
  156. 156. All Philippine Govt. tenders are routed through us.</li></ul>Affiliate Offices in China:<br />Sourcing offices in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shanghai<br />OTC, Dental Hygiene Contract Manufacturing Plant in Dubai<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  157. 157. Our Business Model – <br />The Power of Bulk Buying and Bulk Freighting<br /><ul><li>28 Years of international business with integrity and efficiency
  158. 158. One-stop-shop for multiple products resourced from numerous mfrs.
  159. 159. We specialize in small orders and shipments - consolidated into container loads
  160. 160. Not all mfrs supply all your requirements. We source for you and consolidate smaller shipments for FCL rates
  161. 161. Helps your customers to minimize paperwork and transactions with multiple buyers – e.g. multiple letters of credit, multiple bills of lading
  162. 162. We take on the ‘headaches’ of logistics and excise /customs at port of origin even for smaller shipments to combine loads into affordable freight rates </li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  163. 163. Our Business Model – <br />The Power of Bulk Buying and Bulk Freighting<br /><ul><li>Our volumes enable us to buy in bulk – hence better pricing, than if you were to direct buy from the manufacturer!
  164. 164. We pass the benefits on to you!
  165. 165. We represent manufacturers from India, China, Thailand, Europe, United States
  166. 166. All clients we represent are WHO, cGMP compliant, and many are ANVISA, US-FDA or EMEA approved
  167. 167. We work with you for Due Diligence including your visits to mfg. facilities in Asia for monitoring regulatory compliance, inspections
  168. 168. You can leverage low cost contract manufacturing at our facilities</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  169. 169. Affiliate of Ambiance Ventures USA <br />We are yourOffice Address in India<br /> As our Partner / Client, you may use our Offices and Warehouse facilities in Mumbai (Bombay) as your own:<br />On your Website<br />On Letterheads<br />In Correspondence and Applications<br />During visits to India by you or your clients<br /> Separate Phone and Fax lines for your company<br /> Assign a designated rep to respond on your behalf<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  170. 170. BRAZIL - Update<br />Govt. Market H1N1: Brazil’s MinisteriodaSaude is buying a total of 83 million doses of vaccine against influenza A virus (H1N1), which will be used in a vaccination campaign planned for the period March to April 2010 – FIRST ROUND<br />Supply contracts: GSK, Sanofi Pasteur - 33 Million doses from Sanofi at $7.60 /dose via InstitutoButantan for first responders and susceptible population<br />PAHO to provide 10 Million doses later(??)<br />Potential for at least 5-6 Million more doses if price is right!<br />(Priority groups such as pregnant women, health workers involved in patient care, children from 6 months to 2 years, indigenous people and people with chronic pre-existing conditions (cardiac, pulmonary, renal, metabolic, etc.) Details of strategy will be announced early February).<br />Private Market H1N1: 12-15 Million doses<br />Seasonal:Public: 17 Million doses; Private: 3 Million doses<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  171. 171. Region Main Cities Population<br />SE: 1-Sao Paulo 10.434.252 <br />Metro area: 20.237.000<br /> 2-Rio de Janeiro 6.136.652 <br /> 3-Belo Horizonte 2.399.920 <br />SO: 4-Curitiba 1.788.559 <br /> 5-Porto Alegre 1.440.939 <br />NE: 6-Recife: 1.515.052 <br /> 7-Salvador: 2.711.372 <br /> 8-Fortaleza: 2.416.920 <br />FD: 9-Brasilia: 2.363.108<br />Total: 41,009,522<br />GDP/Capita $13,400<br />Spain 40,397,842<br />GDP/Capita $25,600 <br />Demographic data:<br /><ul><li> Population: 191.297.098
  172. 172. Age structure:0-14 years: 25.8% male 24,6M / female 23,7M </li></ul>15-64 years: 68.1% male 63,5M / female 64,6M <br />65 years and over: 6.1% male 4,7M / female 6,7M (2006 est.) <br /><ul><li> Population growth rate: 1.04% (2006 est.) ;
  173. 173. Birth rate: 16.56 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)
  174. 174. Death rate: 6.17 deaths/1,000 population (2006 est.) </li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  175. 175. Sales Force Structure: Our Operations in Brazil<br />Field Force Distribution<br />Field Force<br />Medical Reps: 50 <br />Sales Coordinators: 02<br />Sales National Manager: 01<br />Product Manager: 01<br />Total: 54<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  176. 176. Brazilian Vaccines Market<br />Estimating a CARG 6.5%/Year: The Market in 2008  $ 330 million (US$ =2.00)<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  177. 177. Latin America Business Development Model <br />1- Regional (multinational) Innovative Partnership [ Win-Win Project – WWP]<br />1- A new core product is located by one of the partners (PA, PB, PC. PD…)<br />2- The International Project Team is activated (country representatives)<br />3- Marketing, Sales and Regulatory evaluation is performed in each country by the team.<br />4- The Regional Dossier with Regulatory, MKT & Sales potential is provided to the Global Company<br />5- Contract is signed and the Registration and Pre-MKT activities are started <br />PD<br />PA<br />PC<br />PE<br />PF<br />PB<br />PG<br />PH<br />PJ<br />PI<br />Argentina<br />Mexico<br />UM<br />Br<br />Chile<br />Colombia<br />Brazil Mexico Argentina Colombia Chile<br />US$ 20.5 billion US$ 19.2 billion US$ 4.2 billion US$ 2.1 billion US$ 1.6 billion <br />Our connections in Mercosur govts., and rest of Latin America (for swine flu & seasonal vaccines).<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  178. 178. LATIN AMERICA<br />Strong Market Leadership in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico <br />(75% population of Latin America)<br />Market Development:<br />Stage 1: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina<br />Stage 2: Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, Central America<br />Stage 3: Other LatAm countries<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  179. 179. LATIN AMERICA<br />Therapeutic Areas / Markets of interest:<br /><ul><li> Vaccines – Complete Portfolio
  180. 180. Cardiovascular
  181. 181. Anaphylaxis and Emergency Care
  182. 182. Plasma-derived Therapeutics
  183. 183. AntiVenoms</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  184. 184. ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, CIS, AFRICA<br />INDIA: Government Licensed Importer, Distributor with strong network.<br />28 years in Pharma, Biotech Distribution, Imports and Exports<br />High level connections<br />ASEAN Countries: Government Authorized Sourcing agents in Philippines, ASEAN Nations<br />Marketing / Distribution set - up in:<br /><ul><li>ASEAN (14 countries)
  185. 185. Russia, Other CIS countries, Central Eastern Europe
  186. 186. Eurasia & PacRim
  187. 187. Middle East
  188. 188. Africa</li></ul>AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  189. 189. GLOBAL MARKETING, TRADE & BUSINESS STRATEGY<br />We market in the following countries:<br />North America: <br />United States, Canada, Mexico<br />European Union: <br />United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Ireland<br />Latin America / Central America:<br />Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Caribbean Is., Guyana, Surinam, Colombia<br />Asia, West Asia & Pacific: <br />Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, <br />Middle East Nations, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, Vietnam<br />Africa:<br />Cameroons, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, Sudan, <br />South Africa, Uganda, Zambia<br />CIS Countries:<br />Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Tajikistan<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  190. 190. Contact: Jay Nadkarni<br />Ambiance Ventures, USA<br />P.O. Box 622, Swiftwater, Pennsylvania 18370 (USA)<br />Tel: 570/ 460-1804<br />;<br />Contact: Valerian Lobo<br />LOB International, India<br />G-6 Khira Industrial Estates, B.M. Bhargava Rd.<br />Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai 400 054 (INDIA)<br />Tel: 9122- 2661-5006, 9122-2661-6008<br />;<br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />
  191. 191. THANK YOU<br />Questions?<br />Contact:<br />JAY NADKARNI<br />Cell: (570) 460-1804<br /><br />AmbianceVentures USA<br />