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KNGS Green application hosting


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My presentation for the Green application hosting workshop.

Topic: how transparency in energy measurement leads to change in behavior.

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KNGS Green application hosting

  1. 1. Transparency makes datacentersector stronger.Jan Wiersma
  2. 2. Energy chain
  3. 3. The trigger (1)• Directly charge customers for energy consumption.• But; do they really care ?!?• So a little story…
  4. 4. The trigger (2)• A Test&Development environment out of control…• A VM Sprawl…• Solution; implement billing model…
  5. 5. Dashboard• Provide the software / query developer with CPU, RAM, Disk I/O and kWh usage
  6. 6. Setup• HP c-class blades, ILO & AO – energy usage (ssh script)• Other hardware, IPMI – energy usage• Windows & Linux OS• Oracle DB & Java• HP OpenView, HP Insight Control - Dash board• Vmware vCenter (& ssh script on ESX)• Visual Sudio perf testing, HP LoadRunner (Mercury) – system&application insight.
  7. 7. Other tools• Microsoft’s Joulemeter – estimate energy usage• Intel’s Energy Checker SDK – uses external power meters.
  8. 8. Result & To do…20% less energy usage every time without a ‘real’ effort• Virtualization;• Crappy sensors;• DTAP setup;• The total application chain & architecture;• Software & hardware choice.So; providing measurement and control (with a little financial stimulus) leads to resultsDetails:
  9. 9. Integration• Integration between hard&software• Lots of quality data available at the DC facility level.• Integration between facility and IT is key for the future
  10. 10. 2011 20121. Industry Alignment 1. Facilities & IT Alignment2. Standardized Stack Framework 2. Simple, top-level efficiency metric3. Data Center Certification 3. Standardized Stack Framework4. Move from Availability to Resiliency 4. Move from Availability to Resiliency5. More products enabling modularity 5. Renewable Power Options6. Simple, top-level efficiency metric 6. Containers vs buildings7. Wire-line Power Network 7. Hybrid Data Center Designs8. Liquid Cooled IT Equipment Options 8. Liquid Cooled IT Equipment Options9. Expanded IT Equipment Power 9. Free Cooling “Everywhere” Options 10. Converged Infrastructure10. Infrastructure Intelligence Intelligence (Convergence)
  11. 11. 10. CONVERGED INFR. INTELLIGENCE• UPDATE: The Data Center Infrastructure is becoming a complexmachine requiring connection up the stack• Treat the DC infrastructure as an IT system • Converge in the infrastructure instrumentation and control systems • Connect it into the IT systems for ultimate control• Standardize connections and protocols to connect components• What’s measured and controlled will be addressed and tuned
  12. 12. Will they care ? Cloud will drive green software Pay-per-use will drive efficient software
  13. 13. Einde / The End / Fin Stay up to date with EvoSwitch: