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JMV is a manufacturer and supplier of Class B/ Type I single Phase SPD


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JMV’s Class B / Type I Surge Arrestor is characterized by very short and quick response time having low guard level and high current distraction capability

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JMV is a manufacturer and supplier of Class B/ Type I single Phase SPD

  1. 1. ACPOWERSURGEPROTECTIONDEVICES Class B/ Type I Single Phase JMV/B/# NPE: Class B Surge arresters enhance protection of low voltage systems against the vitality of surge current triggered in the system. These surge protectors are also known as Type I lightning surge arresters that resolute over 10/350 µs waveform to protect electrical installation of the building. These surge arresters are equipped at the transition LPZ 0-1 as per IEC 62305 in regard to the protection against lightning strikes and the generated surges within the installation or induced transients nearby our installation. The series of over voltage surge suppression devices measure permanent requirement of the SPDs in conjunction to the lightning protection zones. It is importantly contemplated for power supply and information technology protection. Class B/ Type I Surge Protection Devices can also be distinguished on behalf of phase wiring system and the corresponding load It is an inevitable part of all AC Power installations. Model JMV/B/1 NPE JMV/B/3 NPE Housing material PA Number Of Modules Degree of protection Ambient temperature (operation) 2 4 IP20 Mounting type DIN rail: 35 mm -40 °C ... 80 °C Nominal voltage UN 240 V AC Arrester rated voltage UC 320 V AC (L-N), 320 V AC (N-PE) Nominal frequency fN Lightning test current (10/350) µs, peak value limp Response Time 50 Hz 65 kA (L-N); 100 kA (N-PE) Protection Level 1.3 kV (L-N); 1.3 kV (N-PE) ≤ 100 ns (L-N ); ≤ 100 ns (N-PE) Connection Type Biconnect terminal block Indicator Remote Signaling Yes Yes Pluggable Yes Standards 61643-11 JMV LPS LIMITED W-50, Sector-11, Noida 201301, India