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A metal structure for protecting solar panels-Angled Air Terminal


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Dealing with this area, it is important that you and your facility is well prepared to face these natural occurrences. It has been observed that by installing a metal conductor on the roof top catches the lighting discharge and dissipates it safely to the ground.

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A metal structure for protecting solar panels-Angled Air Terminal

  1. 1. ANGLED AIR TERMINAL RODS An Advance Protection to PV Systems The probability of structure penetration by a lightning current is considerably decreased by the presence of a properly designed air-termination system as per IS/IEC 62305 and NBC 2016. Air termination systems can be composed of any combination of the following elements - Rods (including free-standing masts), Catenary Wires, Meshed Conductors. Roof/Ground mounted photovoltaic systems need vertical air-terminal to avoid direct flashover. JMV LPS LIMITED Leading the Nation towards Electrical
  2. 2. COMPANY During the intervening era of immense commercial and technological advancements, JMV LPS Limited has progressed, becoming a world leader in Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Lightning Protection System for every Industry segment. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization along with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications. We focus at implementing things with accuracy for the installation to be effective and everlasting. Expedite excellence in innovation, quality and customer service is the key to our steady growth in electrical industry. Committed to evolution
  3. 3. Leading the Nation towards Electrical Safety ANGLED AIR- TERMINAL RODS Angled rods designed for protecting ground mounted photovoltaic systems or carports with PV system on carports against direct lightning strike. The air-termination rod is fixed e.g. at the metal support structure of the PV modules by two saddle clamps, which also provide a lightning current carrying capable contact. . A distance of 15-20 cm between the saddle clamps shall be provided . The free length of 80-85 cm shall be provided. . The air-termination rod is adjustable to the inclination angle of the PV system. . The standard design is angled to 55° which corresponds to a PV system inclination of 35°. Part Number JMV/AATAl-10 Name of the manufacturer JMV LPS Limited Material Al Diameter 10 mm Total Length 1000 mm Electrical resistivity 2.65x10-8 Ω-m Temperature Coefficient α/o C 0.00429 Conductivity σ x 107 /Ωm 3.77 mho Tensile Strength 310 MPa Max. Gust Wind Speed 224 km/h Weight 362g
  4. 4. JMV LPS LTD. Follow Us W 50, Sector 11, Noida 201301, India +91-0120-4590000 +91-0120-4335001