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Systemology presentation- System Center & the modern datacenter


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An examination of the use of Microsoft System Center 2102 and Windows Azure in modernising the modern datacenter.

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Systemology presentation- System Center & the modern datacenter

  1. 1. Enabling the vision of the Modern Datacenter System Center 2012 SP2 Azure
  2. 2. Trends Roadmap System Center & Azure Issues Feedback Outline
  3. 3. Business Challenges Influence Your IT Solutions 70% of IT budget is spent maintaining inflexible and siloed datacenter equipment Infrastructure Complexity The average enterprise maintains 48disparate financial systems and uses 2.7 ERP systems Server Sprawl Dedicating servers to single applications Application Developer “IT slowsme down.” Business Owner “I can get it better, faster, and cheaper if I work around IT.” Compliance and Security Often cited as top concerns for IT
  4. 4. IT Transformation Trends Flexibility, agility and lower cost Focus on business value Data explosion Personal devices with corpcontrols
  5. 5. Managements systems across a hybrid environment Service catalogue and better ways of provisioning requests Better cost effective storage solutions and access management Tools and systems to manage the full range of devices Implications for the Datacenter
  6. 6. Pragmatic DC Modernisation AUTOMATION INTEGRATION CLOUD
  7. 7. Automation What & Why Automate •Remediation tasks •Preventative maintenance tasks •Monitoring & alerting Soft Benefits •Consistency & auditability •Reduces training for L1 staff •Staff satisfaction with IT increases ROI •Task level •Reduced downtime •Reduced MTTR ActivityEffected AreaCurrent Effort (Hrs)New EffortStaff member submits their requestStaff0.50.25Service Desk receiving and discussing requestHelp Desk0.50IT approval processIT484IT provisioning for staff memberIT40Communication to staff member to close requestHelp Desk0.250DocumentationIT0.50Total Effort for Request53.754.25Annual Requests - expected average1005375425Average cost for 1 hr effort$26.04Annual Cost$139,973.96$11,067.71Annual Benefit128,906.25$
  8. 8. Integration What & Why Consolidation •Multiples tools for monitoring, deployment etc •Unnecessary complexity Soft Benefits •Easier for IT teams to manage •Reduces training for L1 staff •Staff satisfaction with IT increases ROI •Removal of duplicate spend •Lower IT operating cost •Lower vendor costs
  9. 9. Cloud What & Why Flexibility & Scale •Move dev/test to cloud •Common aps –Office 365 Soft Benefits •Fewer systems for IT teams to manage •Reduces training for IT staff •Allows IT to focus on other areas ROI •Move Capexto Opex •Lower IT operating cost •Easier to move to charge-back model
  10. 10. •Azure •System Center 2012 •Office 365 •Service Manager •SharePoint •Orchestrator •System Center 2012 •SCOM •SCCM •Service Manager •FIM •Orchestrator •VMM Automation Integration Cloud Service Catalogue Microsoft enabling the modern datacenter
  11. 11. Service Manager •Self Service •Help Desk •CMDB •ITIL Operations Manager •Monitor infra, apps & services Configuration Manager •Deploy •Patching •Updates •SOE Data Protection Manager •Protect •Recovery •Servers •Desktops •Bare metal recovery Virtual Machine Manager •Manage virtual hosts, network & storage App Controller •App self service Microsoft Datacenter Platform Orchestrator •Workflow management & integration engine •Automate the creation, monitoring, and deployment of resources Forefront Identity Manager •Management of policy, credentials, users, access •Identity & access compliance Azure •Public cloud resources •Private cloud management Office 365 •Outlook •SharePoint •Lync
  12. 12. Orchestration
  13. 13. Runbooks Activities Links Databus Orchestrator Concepts Standard activity Operations Manager Operations Manager Operations Manager VMware Standard activity HP Service Manager Service Manager Hyper-V
  14. 14. Orchestrator Custom Automation –build, test, debug, deploy, and manage automation in your environment. Integration–integrates with System Center, other Microsoft products, and non-Microsoft products to enable interoperability across the data center Orchestration–provides the tools for orchestration to combine software, hardware, and manual processes into a seamless system Extensible–provides extensible integration to any system through the Orchestrator Integration Toolkit Simple–Quick to install and configure, and start realizing value Workflow management solution for the data center
  15. 15. Extending Orchestrator Integration Packs Integration Toolkits
  16. 16. Virtual Machine Management Demo: Orchestrator
  17. 17. System Center for the Datacenter {
  18. 18. Through Virtual Machine Manager’sgranular template deployment capabilities, IT Admins can standardize and accelerate deployment of VMs, apps and services into the cloud. Accelerated Deployment These templates, and service templates contain specific application-level configuration options, for workloads such as SQL, and the ability to add pre/post scripts, to accelerate deployment of other key workloads.
  19. 19. How network virtualization works •Overlays multiple virtual networks on shared physical network •Uses industry standard General Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) protocol Problems solved •Creates VM mobility across datacenter, hoster cloud or Azure without network constraints •Provides ability to import customer IP addresses and network topology •Helps remove VLAN constraints •Helps eliminate hierarchical IP address assignment for virtual machines Abstracting workloads with Hyper-V Network Virtualization Physical server Physical network Blue virtual machine Yellow virtual machine Blue network Yellow network
  20. 20. Operations Manager Demo: VMM
  21. 21. Operations Manager Rich Dashboards-monitors the key elements of the infrastructure–physical, virtual, hardware, software, and within applications and presents the key information through simple visual dashboards Centralized Alerting –OpsMgr collects information about monitored services andin the event of an issue, raises an alert Extensible–Management Packs enableOpsMgr to monitor other technologies Knowledge–Helps admins remediate issues faster with inbox product guidance Topology Views–Visualize key systems and applications across physical and virtual Comprehensive infrastructure & application monitoring
  22. 22. Dynamic Optimization
  23. 23. Windows Azure Demo: Operations Manager Service Manager
  24. 24. workloads
  25. 25. >_ Getting Started with Virtual Machines
  26. 26. Gateway Windows Azure Virtual Network
  27. 27. Once Hyper-V Replica is enabled, VMs begin replication •Affordable in-box business continuity and disaster recovery •Replication frequencies of 5 minutes (Configurable from 30 seconds, 5 minutes or 15 minutes in R2) •Secure replication across network •Agnostic of hardware on either site •No need for other virtual machine replication technologies •Automatic handling of live migration •Simple configuration and management Replicate Hyper-V VMs from a Primary to a Replica site Hyper-V Replica Once replicated, changes replicated every 5 minutes Upon site failure, VMs can be started on secondary site
  28. 28. Hyper-V Recovery Manager •Protect important services bycoordinating replication and recovery of VMM-managed private clouds •Automates replication of VMs within clouds between sites •Hyper-V Replica provides replication, orchestrated by Hyper-V Recovery Manager •Can be used for planned, unplanned and testing failover between sites •Integrate with scripts for customization of recovery plans Orchestrate protection and recovery of private clouds
  29. 29. On Premise Portal Options
  30. 30. Service Manager Delivery & Automation •Through Service Manager, IT Admins can define a service catalog for application owners to request infrastructure, such as new SQL, Exchange or SharePoint VMs. Once approved, Orchestratorwill automate the deployment and delivery of the new virtual machine, or service, into the cloud, and provide delegated access to the application owner. This process is accelerated using the free Cloud Services Process Pack.
  31. 31. Azure Pack for On Premises Rich self-service experience Windows Azure consistency Monitor and provision services
  32. 32. Service Management Automation web service Windows PowerShell workflow-based runbooks Automates workflow tasks within WAP environment Azure Pack Admin: Automation
  33. 33. Potential Danger Areas Process •Identity Management •Process, Risk & Governance Technology •Strategy •Infra fundamentals •Server OS People •Culture •Knowledge •Capability
  34. 34. •IDM is about ensuring the right people can access the right information, when they need it, where they need it. •The problem: •IDM is often overlooked or not properly understood •AD is no longer sufficient •New staff, changes in roles and leaving staff •Moving workloads to the cloud, or accessing corporate data via mobile devices and automated zero-touch service requests Identity & Access Management
  35. 35. •Review AD structures and take steps to simplify complex structures •Review IDM policies and procedures. •Address governance •Consider tools like Microsoft FIM & BHOLD Addressing IdM
  36. 36. Governance, Risk & Compliance unauthorised devices & software; configuration of IT assets manually intensive process managed in silos Limited use of technology not an enterprise wide integrated approach
  37. 37. •Pathways is a set of packaged consulting reviews targeting complex IT areas that customers often find difficult to address. •Pathways –Identity & Access Management. A review of identity and access management policies and tools in the context of supporting the modern datacenter. Provides a detailed report on issues and advice on remediation. •Pathways –ITSM. A review of IT Service Management capability, process and tools in the context of supporting the needs of the changing organisation. Provides a detailed report on capability, risks and recommended journey plan. •Pathways -GRC. A review of GRC processes and policies to examine and recommend a plan to achieve a pragmatic level of capability and technology to meet the needs of the organisation. How we can help with Process areas Pathways Pathways Pathways
  38. 38. Strategy? Tool duplication Poor IT mang’tsystems Old client & server OS Outsourced IT confusion Lack of IT skills Technology
  39. 39. •Microsoft Private Cloud Immersion Experience •Knowledge & understanding of Microsoft Datacenter and Cloud technologies •Contributes to IT strategy •Pilot Microsoft technology •Use Deployment Planning Service benefits [for SA customers] •Pathways –Microsoft System Center •A review of the use of Microsoft System Center within an organisation. Provides a detailed report on opportunities for improved configuration, areas of under-utilisation, staff knowledge & capability, risks and recommended journey plan to maximise value to the organisation •Contributes to IT strategy and operational plans How we can help with Technology areas Pathways
  40. 40. •The single most critical enabler of IT service and IT project success is the knowledge and capability of IT staff •Knowledge of & adherence to IT processes is the next significant contributor to success •IT complexity presents knowledge challenges •Lack of interesting IT work a common reason to staff churn People 0 25 50 75 100 (Operation) EventManagement (Operation) IncidentManagement (Operation) ProblemManagement (Transition) ChangeManagement (Transition) Release andDeployment (Transition) ServiceAsset andConfiguration (Transition) ServiceValidation andTesting
  41. 41. Consolidate tools to reduce complexity Retain a level of direct involvement in projects Use Microsoft training vouchers to minimise the cost of specialised training Addressing the People Issue
  42. 42. •Pathways ITSM. •Know where the gaps are. •Set a baseline. •Measure improvement. •Flexible engagement model. •Specialist training & technical support options How we can help with People issues Pathways
  43. 43. •Please complete feedback forms •To receive complimentary service offer •Questions •1 on 1 discussions Close + Q&A