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Mark Andreessen Career Planning Blog entry


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Some of the things that I agreed and disagreed with in Mark Andreessen's Career Planning blog entry at

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Mark Andreessen Career Planning Blog entry

  1. 1. Jordan Murph Mark Andreessen Blog on Career Planning, 2007 Some Things That I Disagree With °That career planning= career limiting: we must set goals and ambitions. What if you have a passion and you know what you want to do? °That you should not pursue your passion in college but instead study concrete skills °That a liberal arts degree is useless
  2. 2. Mark Andreessen Blog on Career Planning Some Things That I Agree With °Focusing on developing skills and pursuing opportunities °Seize any opportunity or anything that looks like opportunity °Graduating with a technical degree is a good advantage °Graduating with a useful undergrad degree means you can skip grad school and go straight to work °Try to go to one of the best colleges or universities for your field Make it a point to be in the best pond possible