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Pensar Slideshare 2010

  1. 1. RESEARCH + DESIGN + ENGINEERING + Built to thrill. Our goal is to create products that go beyond the expectations, leaving a meaningful, memorable experience with people. We’re a group of designers and engineers who believe client engagement, customer observation, a solid development process, and hard work yields killer products that will thrive in today’s competitive market. By combining design and engineering, we’ll develop your next product faster and more efficiently. Pensar will provide you with a seamless, agile resource that will deliver the results your business demands. We’re looking forward to your toughest challenges.
  2. 2. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 2 Pensar | Overview We excel at understanding the trade-offs involved in balancing risk and innovation. The result is products that meet consumer desires, are available when consumers want them and are delivered at an exceptional value. Team + Founded in 2001 + Seattle-based + 20+ talented engineers and designers + Innovation, Horsepower, Skill-set, Schedule Industrial Design + Research + Concept + refinement + Design intent through production + Recipients of IDEA, iF (Germany), and G-Mark (Japan) awards Engineering + Mechanical engineering + Analysis + Manufacturing + High volume experience (+20 million parts/annually) + Strong partnerships with Tier 1 contract manufacturers in Asia Project Management + On-time and on-budget + Close communication and collaboration + Integrated teams reduce risk and increase speed
  3. 3. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 3 Expertise | Industrial Design Successful product experiences come from a comprehensive understanding of users’ needs, wants and desires. Research Refinement + Emerging technology investigation + Associated product accessories + Focus group + User Interviews + Design Language Guides + Workflow analysis + Color, finish, material selection + Human factors (ergonomic assessment) + Animated simulations + Opportunity finding + Final prototypes + Product positioning/market analysis + Design intent stewardship + Materials and processes + Graphical user interface + Trend analysis + High resolution renderings + Customer definition + unmet needs identification + Packaging design + Product graphics Concept + Brainstorming + Brand + product integration + Class I, II, III medical device design + Concept generation + Concept storyboards + Concept CAD modeling and rendering + Design language development + Proof of concept models (form/study models) + Prototype evaluation + Sustainability considerations + User interface design and prototyping + Strategic expansion
  4. 4. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 4 Expertise | Mechanical Engineering A solid technical foundation is at the heart of every successful design effort. Mechanical Design Analysis + Complex advanced surfacing + Kinematic analysis + Complex mechanisms + Tolerance analysis + Composite design + Structural analysis + Electronics packaging + Linear and nonlinear static analysis + Motion control systems + Normal modes analysis + Opto-mechanical design + Transient and frequency response + Precision positioning mechanisms + Random vibration + Flexure mounting + Steady state and transient heat transfer + Design for decoupled DOF motion + Test-analysis correlation + Molded part design + Computational fluid dynamics + Material selection + Operational testing + Datum selection + Create testing goals + Manufacturing processes Manufacturing + Tooling Design + Documentation + Tooling Design Support + Manufacturing Ramp Up Support + Global Sourcing + Prototype and Production Tooling + Process Debug + Offshore manufacturing set up + support
  5. 5. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 5 Expertise | Electrical Engineering From concept to realization, Pensar has your electrical engineering needs covered. System Level Development + Concept to realization + User interface designs (consumer, medical, industrial) + Motion control systems: servo, stepper, linear drive, etc. + Consumer electronics (household, entertainment, portable) + Embedded systems: control, communication, sensor monitoring, etc. + Design for manufacture + Regulatory and compliance testing Hardware/Firmware Design + Concept to Manufacturing hand off + Digital (general/high-speed logic, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, etc.) + Analog: sensor interface, amplification, filtering, noise reduction, etc + SPICE simulation + Microcontrollers: Microchip, STMicro, Atmel AVR, Cypress, etc. + Wireless design: RF, RFID, Bluetooth, Zigbee + Schematic development + PCB design
  6. 6. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 6 Expertise | Project Management Strong leadership throughout the design cycle is critical to ensure that projects are on-time, on-budget and on-scope. Data + Patent searches + Product specifications/requirements + Project Data Management + Online Data Networks + Interface diagram + Regulatory compliance + Milestone monitoring + Scope management + Risk analysis + management + Costed bill of materials Resources + Team composition + Multi-tiered, linked development schedules + Communications management + Manufacturing Liaison + Transition to production management + Supplier management + Issue resolution + Budget management
  7. 7. PORTFOLIO +
  8. 8. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 8 XBOX + Pensar was selected as Microsoft’s engineering partner for our ability to deliver solid solutions for mission-critical objectives. + Consumer electronics demand development teams that work collaboratively to find solutions that fulfill the demands of design, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.
  9. 9. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 9 XBOX + Pensar’s engineers took on the challenge of redesigning the internals of the new XBOX 360 to fit the slimmer, smaller size. + As the sole mechanical partner for Microsoft’s new Xbox console, our responsibility started with a blank sheet and ended with successful manufacturing in high volume.
  10. 10. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 10 iU22 Ultrasound System + Responsible for the complete Mechanical Engineering effort- including the exterior panels and complex mechanisms. + 110 tooled parts, 3 million dollar tooling budget + Delivered on-time and on-budget.
  11. 11. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 11 Photo-sharing Watch Concept TRANSPARENCY As you take pictures, the images will be shared with your audience in real time, giving you a constant slideshow of the world through your friends eyes.
  12. 12. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 12 M Turbo Mobile Ultrasound + Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design + Pensar delivered 15% less cost, 20% higher drop, on schedule. + M-Turbo’s combination of value and durability have made it SonoSite’s top seller, representing over 70% of their sales.
  13. 13. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 13 Lifepak 15 Defibrillator + Medtronic/Physio-Control partnered with Pensar to create their new Lifepak line of mobile defibrillators. + Creating an extremely rugged device was critical for the Lifepak 15. + Pensar embraced the mechanical and project management challenges to deliver a product that excels in any environment it encounters.
  14. 14. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 14 A soothing bathing experience is one touch away- while reducing resource consumption. + By providing a better experience, can we entice people to change their daily ritual? + The Ence experience includes an automated mist cycle in the middle of a shower to drastically reduce water and energy consumption, and keep users comfortable while lathering.
  15. 15. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 15 Gunnar Optiks Women’s Collection 2010 + Gunnar is the eyewear of choice for the Digerati, gamers, and those spending long hours behind a computer screen.
  16. 16. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 16 Adjusting the in-flight picture + In this mechanical engineering effort, Pensar took ID skins from our client and created the inner mechanical detailing and adjustment mechanisms.
  17. 17. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 17 Talk n’ Tracks Toys Faced with a process of costly prototype trials between the US and Asia, Cranium turned to Pensar to surface their Talk n’ Tracks product to ensure a quality result the first time and speed their product to market.
  18. 18. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 18 Patented Forked-Core Whitewater Kayaking Paddle + It’s forked core design gives paddlers an extraordinarily stronger, stiffer, and lighter paddle. + Added to the Cooper-Hewitt collection for it’s pioneering use of carbon-kevlar.
  19. 19. PENSAR OVERVIEW | PORTFOLIO | CONTACT | 19 Don’t just take our word for it… “We have been working with Pensar Development since 2008 and even though they are an outsource service for our company, they have become an integral part of our team. Pensar not only delivers above expectations on design, but continues to meet or exceed our expectations on tight deadlines, professionalism on presentations and pro-activity in offering ideas and understanding our brand.” Andreea Trufasu Director of Product Development, Gunnar Optiks We’ll listen to your customers and your business goals to tailor the product solution that fits your unique needs. Feel free to call or email to discuss your next project. We’re looking forward to it! 206 284 3134 x10