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Widgets and Gadgets for Educators #FLBlogConEDU


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Widgets and gadgets for educators covers a number of tools to help educators create unique content.
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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Widgets and Gadgets for Educators #FLBlogConEDU

  1. 1. Widgets and Gadgets for Educators Josh  Murdock   @professorJosh   #AFCJCSC14
  2. 2. Pixlr Animoto PowToon Reflector GoAnimate Clipping  Magic Jot  Pro Google  Glass SlingShot Procreate DragOnTape
  3. 3. Pixlr Pixlr  h8p://  is  one  of  the  most  popular  online   FREE  photo  ediEng  apps.  You  don’t  need  to  buy   Photoshop  with  a  lot  of  the  tools  available  here.  
  4. 4. Jot  Pro Jot  Pro  is  the  great  stylus  for  iPad.  The  sound   dampening  Ep  simulates  natural  pen  and  paper   contact  for  a  smoother  and  quieter  stroke.  The   rubber  grip  provides  comfort  while  the  sleek   brushed  aluminum  and  steel  shines  in  all  four   colors.  To  top  it  off,  it  magneEcally  a8aches  to   your  iPad  for  storage  and  transport.  Jot  Pro  is   the  new  standard. Buy  for  $29.99
  5. 5. Reflector Reflector    wirelessly  mirrors  your  iPad,  iPhone,   or  iPad  to  any  Mac  or  PC.  Great  for  app   reviews,  presentaEons,  and  tutorials.   Buy  for  $12.99
  6. 6. GoAnimate GoAnimate  is  a  easy  to  use  video  makers  with  animaEon   soSware  with  drag  and  drop  funcEonality.   FREE  to  $50  a  month  
  7. 7. Clipping  Magic Clipping  Magic   is  a  web  app   that  can  help   you  remove  an   images   background  in   seconds.   Currently  FREE
  8. 8. Google  Glass Google  Glass  Specs Google  Glass  Explorer Wearable  technology  is  the  future  –  Can  Glass  be  a  leader?  
  9. 9. Procreate Procreate  is  an  iPad  app   packed  with  120  brushes,   from  true-­‐to-­‐life  sets  of   pencils,  inks  and  paint   brushes,  to  unique  digital   tools,  Procreate  is  a  full   digital  studio  at  your  finger   Eps  with  mulEple  layers.   Easily  import  and  export   other  images.   $4.99  for  iPad
  10. 10. PowToon Powtoon  is  a  cheap,  but  a  fun-­‐filled  and  easy  way  of  crea8ng   presenta8ons  and  animated  movies.  Using  templates  and  built  in   voice  elements  you  can  have  a  product  demo,  feature  walk-­‐ through,  or  marke8ng  pitch  without  any  equipment  and  talent  at   all. Various  plans  available:  FREE  to  $57  a  month  
  11. 11. Animoto What:    Animoto  lets  you  create  videos   from  photos,  clips,  and  music  in  minutes. Educators  FREE  Animoto  Plus  Account:   h8p://     Price:  Free  -­‐  $41.60  ($2.50  my  plus  level) Available:  Both  Online  and  iOS  app  
  12. 12. SlingShot SlingShot  is  a  smartphone   video  stabilizer  that  fits  all   smartphones,  even  with   cases.  It’s  a  instant  table-­‐ top  tripod  and  tripod  mount   for  your  smartphone  as   well.   Buy  for  $19.95
  13. 13. What:  Dragontape  is  a  collaboraEve  online   video  merging  service  with  which  you  can   drag  online  videos  starEng  with  YouTube   onto  a  ‘tape’  that  can  be  shared  with  the   world. Price:  FREE DragOnTape
  14. 14. Blog:  hSp:// TwiSer:  @professorjosh Facebook:  hSp://   Pinterest:  hSp://   LinkedIn:  hSp:// SlideShare:  hSp://     Email:  
  15. 15. •  Follows  you •  Wireless  microphone •  Works  with  iOS,  Android  and  video   cameras  (Swivl  Camera  Mount   required) •  Works  with  op^onal  Swivl  Cloud  video   hos^ng •  Includes  base,  marker,  charger,  mobile   device  mounts  and  lanyard •  Swivl  in  Ac^on