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Wearable Technology: Separating Fact from Science Fiction


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Wearable Technology: Separating Fact From Science Fiction
With Google Glass being explored, smartwatches on our wrist, and high tech bracelets as your fitness coach – wearable technology is on the verge of becoming mainstream. It also has the potential to change our relationship with technology altogether, by making it more discreetly and smartly integrated into our lifestyle. An integrated ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, service providers, developers, designers, and fashion experts need to work together to deliver on the potential of wearable technology. Highlights will include specific opportunities, emerging trends, and business models that will allow wearable technology to become the next area for growth within the technology industry.

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Wearable Technology: Separating Fact from Science Fiction

  1. Wearable Technology Separating Fact from Science Fiction Josh Murdock @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  2. 1600s Abacus Ring The Qing Dynasty created an abacus on a silver ring. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  3. Growth of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  4. Growth of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  5. The Future of Wearable Technology @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  6. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  7. Pebble- 2013 raised via Kickstarter $10 million Samsung Galaxy Gear 2013 Apple iWatch ???? @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  8. App Development - Various eco systems for developing Marketing - Connecting wearable tech with unique marketing strategies. Opportunities @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  9. Fitness Market 61% of all devices in the wearable market are fitness or activity trackers. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  10. FitBit Flex Nike Fuel Band Jawbone Up @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  11. Basis @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks Misfit Shine Garmine vivofit
  12. FitBark AiQ BioMan Smart Monitoring Fabric Solar Bikini @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  13. Health Care Market By 2016, wearable wireless medical device sales will reach more than 100 million devices annually. $2.9 billion in sales, almost half of all wearable technology sales. Metria Wearable Sensor Imec EEG Headset @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  14. The first eyeglasses were not made of glass, but out of crystal. The lenses were set in bone, leather, or metal. 1200s Eyeglasses @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  15. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  16. Google Glass @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  17. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  18. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  19. KitchMe GlassTesla SocialRadar Crystal Shopper @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  20. Google Glass Ads @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  21. Meta GlassUp Recon Jet Glass @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  22. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  23. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks Oculus Rift
  24. Augmented Reality @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  25. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  26. Privacy Issues @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks
  27. @ProfessorJosh #MelroseTechTalks