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Teaching and Learning with Social Media 2 - Google Plus


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Here is a short presentation on Google+ Basics and a few ideas for the classroom. Here is a short video presentation to go along with the slides.

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Teaching and Learning with Social Media 2 - Google Plus

  1. 1. Teaching andLearning Social Media Part 2 Google+
  2. 2. Social Media Explained with Cupcakes! :
  3. 3. How Do I Connect with peopleHow Do I Communicate with people How do I utilize new toolsWhy is digital literacy important
  4. 4. Google+
  5. 5. Google+
  6. 6. Google+ profile Check your privacy settings for public or friends
  7. 7. Google+ Circles
  8. 8. Google+ Photos
  9. 9. Google+ events
  10. 10. Google+ Hangoutsat with the whole family let you catch up with friends and family, whether you’re at home on your computer or using themobile app on the go. Up to 10 people can join a hangout, and it’s easy to invite specific friends oro share the latest news and see everyone’s reactions live, or add apps to your hangout to watchclips together, play poker with your buddies or doodle with your kids when you’re away fromo conferencing for up to 10 peopleaboration gets better when you’re face to face. Hangouts offers a suite of productivity apps that are what’s on your screen, collaborate in Google Docs, view presentations and diagram together. these, simply click the “Add app” button inside your hangout to browse and add new apps. If amber can’t join the hangout, you can also dial the person in by clicking on the “Invite” button and“+telephone” link. Calls to the US and Canada are free, and international calling rates are very dcasts are only a few clicks away nversation you want to share with the world? When you start a hangout, check “Enable Hangoutso stream your live hangout publicly on your Google+ profile, your YouTube channel and yourDuring the broadcast, you can look inside the Hangout to see how many viewers are watchinge you’re off the air, we’ll upload a public recording to your YouTube channel and to your originalpost, so it’s easy to share and discuss your broadcast after it’s over. Learn more
  11. 11. Google+ Short URL
  12. 12. Google+ Cheatsheet
  13. 13. Google+ tips
  14. 14. EDU Examples Colin Archilbald – Google+ Hangouts Quote: Students are willing to go to Goog Hangouts, its usable now for team meetings, office hours, tutoring. Getting a webcam set up is less than $30. All of my online students are "required" to hav video communication with me. One of the most interesting things has happen with teams of programmers. The start up a Hangout with their team, and leave turned on while they write code - for hours. They speak to their teammates on when they need to discuss some issue in the code. They share their screen, an team talks through the code issue. Its like working in the same room. Social Media in Education: Google+ Database Management databases-management/
  15. 15. Contact Josh Murdock Twitter: @professorjosh Facebook: Google+ Email:
  16. 16. Google+• Mashable’s Google+ The Complete Guide• Google+ Tips and Tricks Video Playlist:• 10 Helpful Tips for Using Google Plus:• Google+ Tools: apps-for-marketing-pros/• Google+ for Business and-apps-for-marketing-pros/• My Personal Google+:• Google in Education• Learn More about Google+