Social Media CPEC Exemplary Practice #AFC63


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Social Media CPEC Exemplary Practice #AFC63

  1. 1. Social Media: plary P ractice CP EC ExemCommunicate Engage Network #AFC63
  2. 2. Comm unicate “Social Media provides the opportunity to connect yourself to content and people in an amazing way”
  3. 3. Communication - the human ction - is the key to personal conne reer success. - P aul J. Meyer and caCommunicate Engage Network
  4. 4. Experimentation
  5. 5. Y ou cannot open a book without learning somethi ng. - Confucius Communicate Engage Network
  6. 6. Engage“Social learning theory focuses on the learning that occurs within a social context. It considers that people learn from one another.”
  7. 7. Presentations
  8. 8. Participants will explore teachingand learning strategies utilizingsocial media to enhance studentlearning.  This course will showcasevarious applications and how theycan be used to enhancecommunication, collaboration, andstudent engagement.  Social andlegal issues relating to the use ofsocial media in higher education willalso be explored.  Participants willdevelop a plan to appropriatelyintegrate social media into a specificcourse. 
  9. 9. Teaching and Learning Social Media Part 1 6 PD Hours Online 2 Week Course (little extended) Develop 4 M odules using SoftChalk ocial Media All Ab out •  What’s S 101 •  Socia l Media Tools es thical Best Practic •  Legal and E Media •  Integra tion of Social Par t of n or Cer tificatio D igital Profess
  10. 10. Post Survey being the n a scale of 1-10, with 10 •  O this course l did you find be st, how usefu course 8+ overall? 94 % Rated the comments o n variety of •  Lo ts of positive urse, links, igation of co e xamples, nav colleagues. and commu nication with ad positive feedback on •  A ll outcomes h rea ching them
  11. 11. Feedback much I d idn’t know I didn’t r ealize how oncrete edia! It also gave cabou t social m mentation in class. example for imple
  12. 12. Feedback It did exTaught actly w me how hat it p romised to use . in the c social m lassroo edia m. ow m find in n my narr ial o enlighte he potent room. o urse e about t class T his c or your earn ing m l media in l socia incl uding
  13. 13. Examples
  14. 14. LEARNING Don’t worry! Lots of links, definitions, & more info at the end Brain Overload?
  15. 15. we meet the wo rld is throughThe way other people - Rober t Kerrigan Connecting LearningNetworking
  16. 16. NET WORK “Networking in the 21st Century is all about understanding who your networking with and the medium they prefer to use.”
  17. 17. Networking in 21st Century ”We don’t have to be friends to connect”Teaching faculty, staff, and students about social networking tools.
  18. 18. Twitter Chats & Hashtags # AFC Convention Hashtag #AFC63 Follow Along, Get Information, Meet New People & Win Prizes
  19. 19. What’s Next? •  Social Networking for Job Search – 1 Credit Course for Student (CGS 2650) •  Staff Development: Networking in the 21st Century •  Teaching & Learning with Social Media Part 2 (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest)
  20. 20. Teaching and Learning Social Media Part 2 s ing the detail •  Tools – Learn tting to play and actually ge with th em in depth – 1 hour F2F •  Hybrid with 2 4 hours of Meetings and ork onli ne course w into few tools •  Dive deep play with as discussed to projects. par t of various cussed must •  Ide a: 4 tools dis ents in 2. com plete assignm
  21. 21. What do I need to do now?
  22. 22. Facebook•  Mashable’s The Facebook Guide Book•  Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know•  How to protect your Facebook Timeline privacy -•  Facebook Privacy Help Topic•  Facebook Pages vs. Groups•  Professor Josh•  Personal Twitter•  Mashable’s The Twitter Guide Book•  What’s a Twitter Chat?•  How to Run a Successful Twitter Chat•  AFC Twitter•  Professor Josh
  23. 23. Delicious•  Delicious Help•  7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking•  Social Bookmarking in Plain English•  Professor Josh Blogs • Support •  19 Reasons You Should Blog tweet/ •  Professor Josh Various Social Media Tools •  Hootsuite: (Social Media Dashboard, great for multiple accounts) •  Google+: (Latest Social Networking via Google) •  YouTube: (who doesn’t know about this?) •  LinkedIn: (resume, jobs, professional network) •  Flickr: (photo sharing & exploring galore)
  24. 24. T CONN ECTED? READY TO GE @professorjosh