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MA ELL - Induction slides


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Induction for distance students

Published in: Education
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MA ELL - Induction slides

  1. 1. MA ELL – Induction slidesInformation Learning Services
  2. 2. Contacts and sources of information• Library and IT staff• Website:• Questions via email:• Library printed guides• 4 Academic Liaison Librarians:– For ELL it is: Jane Munks
  3. 3. Username and password• You’ve enrolled with a username and chosen a password• This is used for:– Moodle– Email– Online access to electronic resources such as ebooks andejournals• If you forget it don’t worry–
  4. 4. Changes and improvements• New website• New library catalogue (Discover)– Gateway to all our ebooks and ejournals– 10,000 ejournals– Approx 2,000 ebooks– Improved access to the electronic resources inone single search engine
  5. 5. Other sources of information• Databases = search tools– MLA: linguistics, languages– PsycINFO: psycholinguistics– SOCIndex: sociololinguistics– Oxford English dictionary
  6. 6. Postal loans• Register online• Post books to you free up to 20 per year• Return at own cost• More Information at:
  7. 7. Sconul• Use libraries near to you• Take card to library of your choice• Passport photograph for each library card• Information at:
  8. 8. Getting hold of other items• Inter-library loans– 20 free requests for journal articles per year– Information on website at: