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Menards Portfolio


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Work pieces from tenure as art technician/graphic designer at Menards.

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Menards Portfolio

  1. 2. Illustrator Work – Conversion for Flyers Primary task upon hire at Menards was to convert photo art to vector art to support “clip art” look Menards flyers formerly appeared as.
  2. 3. Illustrator Work – Assorted Flyer Logos and Bursts As art technician, also responsible for submitting weekly logos and product bursts for flyers. A small sampling of these, in keeping with Menards “cartoony” look, but adding movement and action.
  3. 4. Illustrator Work – Cartoon Art Cartooning experience earned me additional task of drawing “Ray” in various poses for POP displays and select store areas.
  4. 5. Logo Solution– First merchandising assignment. Came up with logo for a new garage accessory product line sold exclusively in Menards stores. Simple solution that plays up the “extreme” label yet visually certifies the product as sturdy and strong.
  5. 6. Logo Solution– Working off of the black & white original, my task was to update the “Quick Ship” logo for truss delivery. One is a text solution which focuses on a “point A to point B” graphic, while the other mixes text with iconography to highlight time and speed.
  6. 7. Logo Solution– Logo submitted for “Build & Save” sale, intended for web or broadcast TV advertising. An artistic solution that incorporated a tape measure, a visual cue to the consumer belying Menard’s existence as a hardware store. Art created solely in Photoshop.
  7. 8. B Sale Layout– Layout opportunities were given to me with B sales, supplemental sales weeks focusing on a specific department which required a fancier and more colorful look. This one in particular was for a Kitchen and Bath Sale to sell accessories for those departments. Tile was a big seller, so I chose that as the background. Aside from the bathroom scenes, all was created originally in photoshop using various techniques.
  8. 9. Christmas Gift Card Holder– Asked to come up with homey and warm gift card holders that older and younger age groups would enjoy receiving for gifts. The “House and Cardinal” design above remains one of the more popular sellers at Christmas. Painted effect was achieved using various photoshop filters.
  9. 10. Christmas Mailer– Collage created for contractor’s christmas mailer. Incorporated multiple items for sale into fictional art, a playful scene featuring mice terrorizing a cat.
  10. 11. Autograph cards– Assigned Special Appearance autograph cards, where my assignment was to make the cards more visually appealing than a simple photo, something that consumers would like to display. Action and still photos combined using photoshop filters.