Presentations still suck here


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Most presentations in the Czech Republic still suck. It's time for a change!

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  • Félicitations Jeanne! .. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre. Je vous remercie d'avance pour votre participation et le partage de vos 'favoris'. .. Avec l'amitié de la France. Bernard

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  • Not just presentations do suck here...I think this country's people have a lot of issues with flexibility...
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  • This is right on, and applies everywhere in the world.
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  • Jeanne,
    You make the case well about there being insufficient improvement in presentation quality/standards. It's great to see you are addressing it seriously.
    Many presenters haven't lifted the game from the old 'overhead projection' times - the same mistakes are being made; too much information on slides (too 'busy'), sometimes too much glitz...too little 'message', too little focus on the audience's needs and expectations. More than anything, there is little attention given to basic design elements and concepts (like fonts (serif/sans serif), whitespace, colour, content positioning, etc)
    However, the result must be about being a 'Presentation', per se. It should not be regarded as a 'PowerPoint presentation' - it just uses PowerPoint as the key tool. Many presenters think that simply employing PowerPoint software will be enough - too little thought is given to the cover this clearly.
    The 'author' also has to balance the requirements of the actual presenter (often an executive, not the author) with the message they want to convey to the audience. First and foremost, I've found it crucial to be certain what the overall purpose of the presentation is in terms of a message, plus what the presenter wants to avoid - this has a big impact on both the specific, detailed content and the overall feel of the imagery.
    I’ve prepared very many presentations and you learn from experience how different 'customers' want them done for them.
    Some financial managers I've worked with, for example, demand it plain and simple (absolutely no 'frills' or 'bells and whistles'), and 'kept on message'. Some may want a more light-hearted approach - say, if it's for training purposes.
    Excellent presentations are usually done by the large mining/mineral export corporations, where the audience comprises fund managers, shareholders, major customers, etc. The preparation time can be long, but subject to late changes/updates, plus several levels of management generally want to review it and want you to incorporate changes.
    The same thing, though, can apply to their website updates, so that they are sometimes not as useful to their audience as they could/should be. Rather than the Marketing people having the overall control, engineers and others can treat it like a 'committee' exercise.
    That's why the saying 'a camel is a horse designed by a committee' came into being.
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  • Jeanne - you are headed in the right direction. I recently created and presented a class on presentation and used some of the resources you mentioned. One resource that really had a WOW for me is the 'Did you know' series. Go to YouTube and search for 'Did you know' and look at the presentation by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman.
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Presentations still suck here

  1. Jeanne Trojan @jmtczPresentations in CZ still suck!
  2. All overthe worldpresentations are getting better.
  3. There’s a new awarenessthanks to these people…
  4. Death by PowerPoint Alexei Kapterev
  5. It’s really nothing that new.e.g. ‘Death by PowerPoint’ came out in 2007
  6. But, in the Czech Republic, presentations haven’t changed since the 1990s
  7. Do you want me to be more specific?
  8. No audience focus No clear message Too much information Text-filled slidesSpeakers reading slides No enthusiasm No interaction No reason to listen No reason to care
  9. The worst part is that it’saccepted as normal here!
  10. How do we start to change things?
  12. 1 Don’t accept bad presentations from your team, your colleagues or yourself.
  13. If we stop being polite, things might improve.
  14. 2 Use all available resources to find out how it’s done right.
  15. You can find endless resources on the Internet.
  16. 3 Get some proper training for your team and yourself.
  17. But some trainers suck so choose carefully.
  18. 4 Ask for honest feedback after every presentation.
  19. Act on that feedback so you get better every time you speak.
  20. And, an added incentive for improvement…
  21. On my blog, I will start reviewing presentations I see.I could be in the audience the next time you speak!
  22. Presentations shouldn’t suck here.Let’s change it together!
  23. They’re waiting for you to be outstanding!
  24. Jeanne Trojan @jmtcz