Oak foodwebgame


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Oak foodwebgame

  1. 1. California Coast Live Oak Food Web Game PHOTO: BCNPS Native Here Nursery
  2. 2. 5) You have now made a food chain. (Do not destroy HOW to PLAY it. You will use it in part 3.) 6) Record your food chain by taking a photo or drawing it. Then write down any questions you have Part I – SORT THE CARDS about it. 1) Read all the cards. 2) Sort the cards into four piles: Part 3 - BUILD A FOOD WEB a) Parts of the oak tree that can be eaten by 1) Start with the food chain you made in part 2. animals (Plants are Producers.) 2) Can you find other animals that eat this same part b) Animals that eat parts of the oak tree (These of the oak tree? Can you find other animals that eat animals are Herbivores or first level the animals in your food chain? Consumers.) 3) Connect them to your chain by adding arrows. c) Animals that eat other animals (These animals 4) Have your teacher check it. are Carnivores or second level Consumers.) 5) Record your food web by taking a photo or drawing d) Animals that eat both plants and animals (These it. Write down any questions you have about it. are Omnivores.) Part 4 – SHARE YOUR FOOD WEB Part 2 - BUILD A FOOD CHAIN Share the food webs you came up with your friends. 1) Choose ONE oak tree part (leaves, acorns, or another part). Part 5 – SEE IF YOU CAN BUILD MANY 2) Find ONE insect or animal that eats that part of the FOOD WEBS & USE ALL THE CARDS! oak tree. Now try to build as many food webs as you can to use up all the cards. You might end up with many different 3) Then find ONE animal that eats the insect or chains and webs. That is OK. All the cards do not animal you just chose. have to connect with each other. Make sure you are 4) Connect them with “Is Eaten By” arrows. Make careful to connect creatures that have a food sure you have the arrow pointing the right direction! relationship.
  3. 3. Artwork by Joaquin Miller Elementary 3rd grade students as part of their city animal reports and 5th grade students for JM Streamteam. All captions by 5th grade students. Concept and game design by Beth Keer. Art direction by Helene Moore. ©2010 Joaquin Miller Elementary School Oakland, CA