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Siop impact of social media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Siop impact of social media

  1. 1. Discussion
  2. 2. The ObligatoryThese are Discussantefforts, and really nice researchSIOPers could be doing a lot more of thiscutting edge workWeidner et al., Schmidt et al., and Nguyen& Siu, are in one genre, whereas Landers &Callan is in another genreBoth kinds of work are needed and relevantto SIOP, but my comments below pertainmore to the former genre and less to thelatter
  3. 3. Three Things: #1Theres a lot of scholarship in this area(some of it good) that appears inconference proceedings instead of journals:CSCW, iConference, ACM SIGCHI,and HCI International... We need themAND they need us!
  4. 4. Three Things:#2Alternative and non-traditional employmentarrangements are one ofthe fastest areas of jobgrowthTemps, independentcontractors, contractedservices, eLancersThe boundary betweenwork and non-work use ofsocial media may (havealready) become muchmore fluid
  5. 5. Three Things: #3Social networking and social media providepowerful new opportunities for datacollection and analysis that can complementthe use of employee surveysExample: "twitteR" provides a simple DIYinterface for extracting structured datafrom Twitter for statistical and/or textanalysis (using the free and open source Rstatistics platform)