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Testing Your Critiquing Skills: Get Ready Preview


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This is a short presentation to help attendees of the UIE Virtual Seminar, Testing Your Critiquing Skills, prepare their critiques. For more information, see

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Testing Your Critiquing Skills: Get Ready Preview

  1. Testing Your Critiquing Skills The “Get Ready!” Preview Jared M. Spool User Interface Engineering
  2. Testing Your Critiquing Skills: Site Navigation UIE Virtual Seminar September 24, 2008 Details at We’ll discuss the techniques for critiquing You’ll critique the same sites and we’ll compare notes
  3. Sites We Selected for the Critique: Site Navigation www. www. www.
  4. NASA
  5. Critique Assignment: Their audience focuses on ‘news of the day’ and multimedia They are hoping to reach more 18 - 24 year olds “We want to make ourselves relevant to young people.” Critique areas: 10 icons for major functions Multimedia functionality