Monster Descriptions


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Third grade students practice adding details to their writing by describing "wild things" from their imagination.

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Monster Descriptions

  1. 1. The beast was as tall as a bear. It was covered inthick red fur. I was amazed that its fur was red.Squinting, I caught the sight of a tail as sharp as aknife. I gasped when I saw its long, sharp fangs.They were about as long as an encyclopedia. Itook a deep breath and I smelled the mosthorrible odor I’ve ever smelled. The smell couldfill up two classrooms - it was terrible! It movedas fast as a cheetah after it just had coffee. -Luke
  2. 2. ByLuke
  3. 3. I couldn’t believe how tiny the beast was. The thing wasas tiny as a newborn pup, and it looked like one too. Ithad a pearly white halo and angel wings with fluffyfeathers covering them. I gasped at the sight of sandycolored fur spread like peanut butter all over theamazing thing’s body. Amazed, I stared at its roundedand stunningly white teeth. I couldn’t believe the sightof its eyes, they were as green as freshly polishedemeralds. A comforting smile spread across its glorious faceand it would chirp and twitter softly. The creature’s longand silky soft tail would flick gently against the floor. Itwould stride with its chin up, and it lookedtremendously proud of its delicate figure. I couldn’tbelieve how soft and gentle the enchanting beast was. -Taylor
  4. 4. By Taylor
  5. 5. The wretched beast smelled like static electricity.It was as big as three skyscrapers. Thehumongous tail was as large as two or even threegenerators. The beast’s mouth was as wide as apick-up truck. Its ancient black scales were madefrom diamonds, gems, rubies, and crystals. Itseyes were like large boulders and were as red aslava. The noise coming from the creaturesounded like an earthquake. -Brian G.
  6. 6. By Brian G.
  7. 7. I looked closely at the red beady eyes, and themouth dripping with lava. I could not believe how big itwas! It was the size of a rocket! I couldn’t help looking atthe red murderous look in its eyes. The monster had razorsharp black teeth and the head had 3 eyes. The beast’s furwas striped black and orange. The toenails were as greenas lettuce. Its fingernails were yellow as the sun.I caughtglimpses of its fangs. They could slice your hand off in onebite! As I watched it move in a slow way it could lift youup in a second and run away with you before you couldblink your eye! The smell of the beast’s breath almostkilled my dog. It smelled like garbage with the smell ofrotten eggs. The monster’s tail had sharp spikes pointingstraight up at the ceiling. The expression on its face wasnot happy it was furious. It had 6 arms. -Sophia
  8. 8. BySophia
  9. 9. The monster was as long as two school buses. Thebeast had overlapping black scales on the body. Thescales on the head, forearms, and its back feet werecovered in red scales. I stared hard at the creature’srazor-sharp forearm talons and its first four teeth.The claws looked as if they could slice a suit ofarmor with one strike. It’s leathery bat like wingshad huge claws on them. I shivered when I caughtsight of the snarl on the beast’s mouth. Themonster’s blood red eyes had a look of anger. Whenit moved the monster half slithered – half crawled. Icaught sight of a razor-ended forked tail. The tailwas about 2 ft. in length and width. -Joey
  10. 10. ByJoey
  11. 11. It was as big as a two-story building withspikes on it’s back and head. Its wholebody had plated armor. He had four arms.He had a tail that was three feet long. Histeeth were as long as a banana. His eyeswere as red as blood. Every time he roaredit almost made an earthquake. With eachstep he took the ground shattered. -Creighton
  12. 12. ByCreighton
  13. 13. The beast had bright yellow beady eyes.Thick double layers of black fur! Super, sharpteeth that hang down all the way to the floor. Itwas as tall as the Statue of Liberty. The beasthad a high-pitched squeaky voice! If it everwanted to say “roar”, it would only come out as“reek!” The monster would move as slow as asnail! Also, if it wanted to take a step it would bea THUD! It smelled like garbage. Its tail was softwith a ball of spikes on the bottom of it. -Kayla
  14. 14. ByKayla
  15. 15. I gasped at the sight of the beast darting around likea hyper cheetah that just drank coffee. Thecreature’s eyes seemed like they were changingcolors like purple, pink, yellow and green. I thoughtthat it was pretty cool. It was as big as a skyscraperand it had a HUGE smile across its face. It didn’thave a tail! The beast made a high-pitched squeak,just like a dolphin. The monster had fangs that wereas big as a person’s head! The beast had pinkfeathers for its fur. The thing’s body was the shapeof an oval. The monster had huge feet. I looked soclose and saw the huge arms and hands. -Shea
  16. 16. By Shea
  17. 17. I stared at the wild thing. It has dark blue earsthat were the shape of a bouncy ball. The wildthing had eyes black as midnight. He had a tailthat looked like a platypus’ tail but it was blue.The thing had feet dark blue as it’s ears. Thebeast had little tiny balls next to its neck. Ismelled fish. It moved very slowly, slow as asnail. It had a light brown nose. Its mouth wasslanted like an upside down “V”. Its eyes werenext to its nose. It sounded like it said peep. Ithad a shell on its belly. It had little arms. -Anthony
  18. 18. By Anthony
  19. 19. I stared at the wild thing standing before me. It hada purple head with beady blue eyes. It could shootfireworks out of its head. His horrifying voicegrumbled in the distance. Its mouth spread acrossits face with a devious smile. I shivered when Icaught sight of its two terrible teeth. They weregreen and shiny. The monster had four yellow wingsas powerful as an earthquake. It was enormous,almost as big as a skyscraper. Its chest was coveredin blue scales as hard as a rock, and its legs wereorange. I gasped at the whistling noise of itsbreathing. The ground was shaking as it walkedslowly toward me. -Carly
  20. 20. By Carly
  21. 21. I was amazed when I saw the ferocious beast.Sparks flew when he breathed. The monstershands could turn into chainsaws. It was as big asa skyscraper. The beast’s tail was as big as a four-story building. The monster’s tail spikes were asbig as two grown men. The enormous eyes wereas bright as the sun. Its feet had spikes on thebottom, and two giant horns came out of itshead -Braedon
  22. 22. By Braedon
  23. 23. I couldn’t believe the sight of the weird creature standingbefore me. It was at least as big as an ice cream truck. Asmall, delicate smell of roses came from the beast. I hearda sound rise from its throat, a cross between a purr and asqueak. The eyes were a burning red. Small, white, razorsharp fangs stuck out of its mouth, and it had a forkedtongue that flicked from a devious smile. It burst around,as fast as lightning.The ferocious beast had claws as sharp as broken glass andthe body and head of a horse. That part of its body wasthe color of sweet honey. The creature had a graceful,cloud-white mane. It slashed at trees with the legs andclaws of a panther. The creature’s legs were blue andblack, and very long ending in jet-black claws. Finally, thetail was a glowing silver snake, with the snake’s head atthe end. -Maura
  24. 24. By Maura
  25. 25. The monster looked as silly as a cow. I noticedhis teeth were little car batteries. He was thesize of a Volkswagen Beetle. I looked closely. Itwas the silliest thing - he was a car! It hadjumper cables and a battery in its trunk. It hadhard metal scales. I couldn’t believe its clawswere mini tires. His eyes were headlights. Thething had an evil look on its face. It sounded likea loud train. The monster moved like a car onnew tar. -Dylan
  26. 26. By Dylan
  27. 27. It had gigantic wings. They were as black as agrizzly bear’s fur. The beast was medium and its tail wasas long as a snake. The monster ran as fast as a jet.Suddenly I heard a squeak like a dolphin. The monsterhad brown fluffy fur. The beast had red flaming eyes thatlooked like fire. It had sharp spikes on its head and body.They were as sharp as shark’s teeth. The wild thing had amouth and a nose the size of a little dot. It had horns thatwere black and pointy ears. I couldn’t believe the beast’ssharp teeth and spikes. They were as sharp as a sharkstooth. The beast could breath dark orange fire. Youwouldn’t believe the giant wings on the creature! It hadlong fur that was very funny. On the end of the tail it hada pointy triangle. -Jackie
  28. 28. By Jackie
  29. 29. I stared at the wild thing with huge, blue bulgingeyes. It took an hour to take one step. Suddenlyit made a noise like a hungry dinosaur. It had tenheads and chain saw hands. There were greenspikes on its heads. Each head was rainbowcolored and had two teeth as long as anelephant’s tusks. It had a purple tongue and wasover 50 feet tall. The scary creature had barefeet. It was green and was wearing ripped upclothing. -Nate
  30. 30. By Nate
  31. 31. I gasped at the gooey legs covered in boogers. Ithad bulging eyes that hung all the way to thefloor. The arms were flaming. The creature’schest was buff and scaly. I was amazed how bigthe mouth was, it was wide enough to eat alarge-mouth bass in one bite! The monster’shead looked just like a fish head. It had a fish tailtoo. The disgusting beast was at least 10 feet tall. -Joseph
  32. 32. By Joseph
  33. 33. I saw the monster’s grass-green eyes. Itmoved as fast as a cheetah. It had razorsharp claws on its four green legs. Theblood red wings were sharp enough to cutdown a full-grown tree. I stared at its fangs,which were as big as my face. I could hear itgrunt as it moved. The beast’s body wasstripped with bands of green, orange, andblue. It was as tall as a giant. -Chase
  34. 34. By Chase
  35. 35. I gasped at the terrifying thing as his chainsawhand grumbled while his grabber-claw handsnapped at me. His gigantic venomous fangswere glistening in the light. It had huge greeneyes - they were as big as windows. It hadgigantic meat tearing, razor sharp teeth and earsthat could hear 500,000 miles away. I couldn’tbelieve my eyes at how big the spikes were onhis back. It seemed to have just one wing. Thebrute had a belt with an axe that was brand new. -Chris
  36. 36. By Chris
  37. 37. The beast had two heads with two different colors,one was white the other was black. I shivered when Isaw its different colored eyes. One head had blueeyes and the other had red. It had black wings withwhite claws that were as sharp as knives. The clawswere as long as an unsharpened pencil. Thecreature’s wings were silky and soft. Its tail was aflaming ball of fire. The wild thing had a mane on itsback, neck, breast, and ankles. Its red legs werecovered in scales. It had a flowing tail that wasstripped with red and blue. -Jennifer
  38. 38. By Jennifer