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Motivation Theories and related topics


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The powerpoint presentation is regarding motivation theories and related topics. The PPT contains head point mojorly. So i have uploaded the word document having the details so that it may help you all.

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Motivation Theories and related topics

  1. 1. Motivation in the Business Era Business Communication Nagindas Khandwala College Prof. Nelson Daniel
  2. 2. Motivation What do we mean by the term Motivation?
  3. 3. Motivation v/s Inspiration
  4. 4. Is Motivation Manipulation?
  5. 5. Stages from Motivation to De-motivation
  6. 6. Two Techniques of Motivation Financial Non- Financial
  7. 7. Financial Attracts reliable employees Satisfy many needs Retain employees Remuneration package PAY
  8. 8. MANAGERS EMPLOYEES Salary Interesting work Bonuses Involved in decision Vacation Feedback Retirement Training Other benefits Respect Motivators
  9. 9. Non-Financial
  10. 10. Myths in Motivation
  11. 11. Basic Principles
  12. 12. Four Drive Theory
  13. 13. Theory of Learned Needs
  14. 14. Theory of Learned Needs
  15. 15. Two Steps for using McClelland's Theory
  16. 16. Effort Performance Outcome Expectancy Theory Value How likely? How likely? How valuable is the outcome?
  17. 17. Motivating Force (MF) Force directing specific behavioural alternatives Expectancy (EP) Perceived likelihood that effort will lead to performance Instrumentality (PR) Perceived likelihood that performance will lead to desired rewards Valence V(R) The value of expected rewards to the individual Self-Efficacy Goal Difficulty Perceived Control Trust Control Policies Needs Values Goals Preferences
  18. 18. Expectancy Theory in Practice
  19. 19. Does it Fit Reality?
  20. 20. Goal Setting
  21. 21. Example of Goal Setting
  22. 22. Characteristics of Effective Goals
  23. 23. Introduction to Feedback
  24. 24. Essentials of Feedback
  25. 25. Sources of Feedback
  26. 26. Multi-source Feedback
  27. 27. Choosing Feedback Sources