Jane Eyre: Chapter 21-25


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Jane Eyre: Chapter 21-25

  1. 1. JANE EYRE<br />501015381635<br />Written by Charlotte Bronte<br />Summarized by Jack Román<br />CHAPTER 21<br />MR RIVER’S SACRIFICE<br />Jane had twenty girls to teach. Only three could read and none could write. They were very poor, might be as good and as intelligent as children from the greatest families in England.<br />Mr. Rochester had reminded in Jane’s thoughts. She was sad for Mr. Rochester, for what happened at Thornfield. Now Jane pretends to be happy here in Morton as a schoolteacher. <br />St. John Rivers found her crying, he thought (that) she was uncomfortable with her job. <br />Not at all, said Jane. “I’m Grateful to have home, and work to do.” Then John Rivers begin to talk about his future: “God called me to be a missionary. I felt bored by the routine life of vicar*. He was tempted (tentado) to change of profession.<br />Suddenly Miss Oliver appeared at night. She was rich, generously furnished the cottage*. She likes St. John, and she try to catch his attention but he refused to love her because his heart was already promised to God, anyway he loves her and she too. <br />-----------<br />Jane decided to try to persuade St John to marry her. Jane thought he could do more good with Miss Oliver’s money in England, than as a missionary. He delighted the idea of marrying with Rosamund Oliver but he said he couldn’t marry with her!! <br />St. John was talking with Jane, watching his clock. He picked up his hat when a piece of paper on the table caught his eyes. He glanced* at Jane, then tore off a tiny piece very quickly, and with a rapid “Good bye” rushed out of the cottage. Jane could not image what he had found to interest him so much.<br />*cottage: casa de campo<br />*glance: ojear<br />CHAPTER 22<br />SUDDEN WEALTH<br />When St John left the cottage, it was beginning to snow, it continued all the night and the next day. In the evening Jane sat by the fire when suddenly heard a noise… It was St. John. His coat was covered in snow.<br />He came to talk with Jane. She remembered his strange behaviour with the piece of paper. She thought for a moment he might be going mad. He began to speak to Jane: “Twenty years ago a poor vicar fell in love with a rich man’s daughter. She also fell in love with him, and married him, against the advice of all her family. Sadly, less than two years later the couple were both death. The baby daughter was brought up by an aunt, a Mr. Reed of Gateshead. This child was sent at Lowood and then became a governess in the house of a certain Mr. Rochester. ” St. John spoke like a review of the Jane’s life… He asked Jane if she wanted to know the name of the child, the name of this person.<br />Beside Mr. Briggs, a lawyer has something to tell her, and everybody is looking for her!<br />St. John took out of his walled a tiny piece of paper, sketch book of Jane drawing. On it was the Name of JANE EYRE.<br />St. John spoke all of this because Jane had lied abut her name “Jane Elliot”. So Jane admitted she was JANE EYRE not JANE ELLIOT.<br />What Mr. Briggs wanted to say is that her uncle Mr. Reed of Madeira was death and he left all his possession to Jane about Twenty thousand pounds. She was serious when she heard it.<br />Jane was surprised that he had spoken all of these things. “My Full name is John Eyre Rivers”.<br />St. John, Diana and Mary were Jane’s Cousin. “I had found a brother and sisters to loved and be proud of the rest of my life. The people who saved my life are my close relations!”<br />Jane was glad for this. She suggested sharing the money in equals’ part. Each one received Five thousand pounds.<br /> <br />CHAPTER 23<br />A VOICE FROM THE PAST<br />I promised to stay at Morton School until Christmas, When St John Would be able to find another teacher, Said Jane. Now Jane has thought to leave Morton School.<br />St John looked Serious. ‘What are your plans?’<br />St. John suggested to Jane to use her energy and intelligence in the service of God.<br />---------<br /> Jane and Hannah cleaned the Moor House From the top to bottom. All was ready, Diana and Mary arrived at Moor House, and their faces were cold and stiff from the long journey. Jane, Diana and Mary spend the whole Christmas week in perfect happiness.<br />St. John continued his serious studies, and spent much time visiting the sick as usual. Nothing has changed his plans, or his feelings for Rosamund Oliver. He said she was engaged* to a Mr. Granby, a very suitable young man, according to her father. Now maybe He has overcome his weakness (the love for Miss Oliver).<br />St. Join Chose Jane to learn Hindustani instead of German. “I’ll need it for my missionary work in INDIA, and you could help me to learn it by studying with Me.” said John.<br />Jane accepted it but now she felt under his influence, obeying all his commands without thinking.<br />After a few days John commented to Jane (that) He’ll be leaving in 6 weeks: Jane would you like to be a missionary?<br />John wanted a wife who obey his commands and so forth, stay with him until the death. But Jane don´t wanted to his wife. She only could see John like a brother. <br />He’ll be asking in a few days; however he changed his manners towards Jane. He was as cold as stern with her. <br />“Remember, Jane, God calls us to work for him, and will reward us for it”<br />Jane answered finally: “That God really wanted me to marry you, I would agree!” <br />Suddenly a distance voice cry, ‘Jane! Jane! Jane!’ Where did it come? It was the voice of Edward Rochester, and it spoke in sadness and pain.<br />Where are you? ‘Wait for me, replied Jane. Only the hills sent a faint echo back.<br />She broke away from St. John, who had followed, asking her questions. But Jane gave order to leave her alone. <br />Jane fell to her knees to thank God for the sign he had sent to her.<br /> <br />Engage: comprometerse<br />______________________________________________________________________<br />CHAPTER 24<br />RETURNING TO THORNFIELD <br />In the morning Jane explained to Diana and Mary that She had to go on a journey, and would be away for several days.<br />And so she walked to with cross, the lonely crossroads on the moor, where she arrived a year ago with no money or luggage. Jane took the coach and after thirty-six hours of traveling she got down town at Thornfield village. She approached from the front thinking to see her Master.<br />But when she reached the great stone columns of the main gate, she stood still in horror. She thought to see a fine house, was nothing but a blackened heap of stones. There must have been a great fire. Jane ran back to the village to find answer to her questions.<br />In the village the Hotel-owner told her, ‘I was one of the Mr. Rochester’s servants at the time. Well I can tell you it was his mad wife who started the fire in the governess’ room. Anyway, in the fire the master risked his life helping all his servants out of the house, then bravely went back to save the mad woman.’<br />The wicked man jumped from the roof and died. But because he went back to help her, he was badly injured in the fire, losing a hand and the sight of both eyes.<br />Mr. Rochester is in another house of his, Ferndean Manor, thirty miles away. ‘Jane hired a carriage to drive there at once’<br />CHAPTER 25<br />FINDING MR ROCHESTER AGAIN<br />Ferndean Manor was a large old house in the middle of a wood. As Jane approached, the narrow front door opened, and out came a figure she couldn’t fail to recognize, Edward Rochester. His face looked strong and bitter, desperate. He kept looking eagerly at the sky, it could see nothing!<br />Jane knocked the door; Mr. Rochester’s old servant opened the door. They were john and his wife. Jane stayed at Ferndean that night.<br />‘But he may not want to see anybody except us’ warned Mary. <br />The blinding man (Edward R.) was sitting near the neglected fire in the dark room. ‘Put down the candles, Mary’, he sighed (suspiro).<br />After a moment he suspected that she wasn’t Mary… <br />Jane held his wandering hands. <br />‘Is it Jane?’<br />‘This is her shape…’<br />She is here. My living darling! ‘So you aren´t lying dead in the ditch somewhere’<br />I’m live, it’s not a dream, said Jane.<br />Well, during this time Mr. Rochester asked Jane some questions about her life, If the place where she was found a guy. Jane related all about it AND naturally he was interested in St. John, her cousin.<br />She told him that St. John wanted to married Jane. Jane said that he is young, handsome, blue eyes.<br /> Mr. Rochester suggested her to go, leave him and marry with him<br />But he doesn’t love St. John and her too, she only loves Mr. Rochester. Her heart owned to Mr. Rochester…<br />Suddenly He kissed her and says: Jane, will you marry me, a poor blind man with one hand, twenty years older than you?<br />‘Yes, Sir’ reply Jane.<br />Thank God! I understand that God has been punishing me for my pride and my past wickedness. Last Monday night Mr. Rochester was sitting by the window, praying for a little peace and happiness in my dark life. He cried three times “Jane!”<br />They had a quiet wedding. Jane wrote back to tell the Rivers the news. <br />Now she has been married for ten years. After two years his sight began to return in one eye. He can see a little, and was able to see his first child with Jane.<br />“Mr. Fairfax is retired, and Adele has grown into a charming* young woman. Diana and Mary both married, and we visit them once year. St. John achieved his ambition by going to India as planned, and is still there. He writes to me regularly. He is unmarried and will never marry now. He knows that the end of his life is near, but he has no fear of death, and looks forward to gaining his place in heaven.”<br />*charming: encantador (a).<br />