Branding Concept Idea for an Architecture Firm


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Branding Concept proposal for an Architecture Firm.

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  • Stakeholders and Strategy
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  • Branding Concept Idea for an Architecture Firm

    1. 1. LAKE STREETARCHITECTUREA Branding Concept ©2012 Jackie Riley
    2. 2. Overview Brand Positioning Conceptual Review Identity Design Branding Collateral Marketing Touch Points Future Branding ©2012 Jackie Riley
    3. 3. BRAND POSITIONING ©2012 Jackie Riley
    4. 4. Lake Street Architecture is a premier, unique architecture firm that will collaborate, conceptualize, and simply refine quality design for interested stakeholders. Lake Street Architecture creates an collaborative atmosphere to foster the integration of different ideas as well as materials to accomplish the ideal architecture design. Lake Street Architecture strives for timeless, sustainable design that is well-crafted and keeps a stakeholder’s budget in mind.Positioning ©2012 Jackie Riley
    5. 5. “give life to Aware Unique Customers Budget the street” Collaboration AestheticStrategy ©2012 Jackie Riley
    6. 6. CONCEPTUAL REVIEW ©2012 Jackie Riley
    7. 7. Sustainability High End Husband Brands Nature Client Budget Company Future Architecture Building Wife Design FriendlyConcept ©2012 Jackie Riley
    8. 8. IDENTITY DESIGN ©2012 Jackie Riley
    9. 9. Elements ©2012 Jackie Riley
    10. 10. Logo Design ©2012 Jackie Riley
    11. 11. Together we future build. Future building.Slogan ©2012 Jackie Riley
    12. 12. BRANDING COLLATERAL ©2012 Jackie Riley
    13. 13. Stationery ©2012 Jackie Riley
    14. 14. ©2012 Jackie Riley
    15. 15. Responsive Design ©2012 Jackie Riley
    16. 16. Portfolio ©2012 Jackie Riley
    17. 17. Vehicle Display ©2012 Jackie Riley
    18. 18. Exterior Signage ©2012 Jackie Riley
    19. 19. Exterior Signage ©2012 Jackie Riley
    20. 20. MARKETING TOUCH POINTS ©2012 Jackie Riley
    21. 21. Promotions Acadia Daze July 27th – 29th, 2012 ©2012 Jackie Riley
    22. 22. Acadia Daze ©2012 Jackie Riley
    23. 23. Time Assessment GoalsSocial Media ©2012 Jackie Riley
    24. 24. FUTURE BRANDING ©2012 Jackie Riley
    25. 25. ©2012 Jackie Riley
    26. 26. ©2012 Jackie Riley
    27. 27. ©2012 Jackie Riley
    28. 28. Thank you. ©2012 Jackie Riley