Janine MozéE Resume 7 2010


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Janine MozéE Resume 7 2010

  1. 1. JANINE MOZÉE Benicia, CA 94510 (707) 246-6474 janinemozee@hotmail.com SUMMARY OF RELATED EXPERIENCE Janine Mozée is Adjunct Professor at Brandman University, where she instructs adult learners in the Liberal Studies and Social Sciences as well as Education programs. Her role at Brandman includes teaching and supervising students in the Liberal Studies and Social Science capstone courses. Dr. Mozée is also Adjunct Professor at Touro University, teaching courses in the Master’s program in cultural competence and educational pedagogy. She provides cultural competency training for school districts, schools, parent and community organizations, and state departments of education. Cultural competency practice makes it possible to take advantage of unique cultural characteristics to improve educational outcomes and ensure educational equity for students of all economic, language, race, national origin, and gender groups. Prior to that, she was Student Services Coordinator for Mount Diablo High School, where she supervised the Counseling Department, Diablo Community Center (a therapeutic center), the College and Career Center, and university PPS interns. Previously Dr. Mozée acted as adjunct professor of counseling psychology at Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP)-Stanford to students in the Psy.D. and Ph.D. programs, where she taught courses on the ways in which cultural competency issues can affect clinical practices in counseling psychology and psychotherapy. Dr. Mozée was Director of the Nevada Character Education Project (NCEP). As the Director of the NCEP she was responsible for implementing the Nevada Character Education Research Study. This quasi-experimental research study involving sixteen schools examined whether character traits can be embedded into the regular curriculum. Dr. Mozée’s previous experience includes counseling, teaching, and administration in K-12 schools. The majority of Dr. Mozée’s teaching, mentoring, training, counseling, and administration work has taken place in inner-city, ethnically diverse, and high-poverty schools with emphasis on special needs schools and students, as well as urban and suburban low- performing schools. She is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. EDUCATION 2002 Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of Southern California 1995 M.Ed., Education Administration, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 1990 M.A., School Counseling, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 1985 B.A., Liberal Studies, U.C. Santa Barbara, CA 1983 A.A., Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA with Honors Credentials: California Clear Multiple Subject, Bilingual Certificate of Competence (Spanish), Pupil Personnel Services, Clear Administrative Services
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 1/2008-Present Adjunct Professor, Brandman University Department of Arts and Science; Department of Education Walnut Creek and Fairfield, CA Teach undergraduate liberal studies, social science, and education courses to adult learners. Teach and supervise students in capstone courses LBSU 401 and SSCU 497 and 498. Conduct outreach activities. Coordinate with local agencies, DVC, CSU-East Bay to complement Early Childhood Development programs. 1/2008-Present Adjunct Professor, Credential Advisor, College of Education, Touro University Mare Island, CA Teach Master’s level course on cultural issues and competence in educational pedagogy (EDU 717). Act as instructor and advisor to EDU 706 single subject credential students in foreign language. 2/2009- Student Services Coordinator, Mount Diablo Unified School District 6/2010 Concord, CA Provided leadership to staff, students, and community. Promoted district vision and mission. Followed federal, state, and district policy. Shared knowledge of effective strategies for identifying and addressing the needs of high risk students. Supervised PPS interns. Conducted teacher observations and evaluations. Developed and provided professional development. Supervised Counseling Department, Diablo Community Center (a therapeutic environment) and the College and Career Center. Conducted SST, 504, and IEP meetings. Participated in teacher recruitment activities. 2006–2008 Director, Nevada Character Education Project; Assistant to PGSP Vice President of Academic Affairs Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (now known as Palo Alto University) Palo Alto, CA As the Director of the Nevada Character Education Project, assumed responsibility for all of the Nevada Character Education Project tasks such as: conducting the evaluations of the project; developing strategies and techniques for embedding character traits in the regular curriculum; providing professional development and counseling to school districts throughout the State of Nevada in the use of professional development training packages; designed, developed, and produced three training videotapes demonstrating the use of the Nevada Character Education Project’s research findings, i.e., videotapes, written “how-to” guidelines, data collection strategies, and strategic planning. As Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, helped design courses, established schedules for when classes are taught, provided background information for textbooks students are asked to purchase, produced syllabi for courses, and assisted with the evaluation of courses taught at the university. -2- Mozée
  3. 3. 1/2007-6/2007 Adjunct Professor, Pacific Graduate School of Psychology-Stanford Palo Alto, CA Taught counseling psychology courses on the effects of cultural competency issues and clinical practices in counseling psychology and psychotherapy. 2003–2006 Associate Director, Nevada Character Education Project Senior Research Associate, Center for Educational Equity, WestEd Oakland, CA Provided technical assistance, professional development, policy development and planning and data collection and evaluation for school districts and school in Federal Region IX for the Equity Assistance Center. Responsible for the data collection and analysis for the Nevada character education research study. Trained and monitored observers employed by the study. 2002 Research Assistant, Center for Educational Equity, WestEd Oakland, CA Assisted in writing an unsolicited bullying program proposal to the U.S. Department of Education. Participated in Equity Training of Trainers with Santa Rosa Unified School District. 2002 Educator/Counselor, Girls’ Group Home, Mount Diablo Unified School District Concord, CA Taught 8th through 12th grade girls in all subject areas. Led group sessions on racism, political and cultural issues, civic engagement, and learning problems. 1998–2002 Administrator, grades K–6 Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District; Benicia Unified School District Fairfield and Benicia, CA Developed an effective counseling and advising program that led to the successful merging of diverse ethnic groups of students that led to peaceful relationships. Developed and implemented school-wide positive reinforcement program; facilitated staff/parent/student conferences and staff meetings; developed and implemented a school-wide conflict resolution program. Wrote and won a special education mini-grant for a conflict resolution program; was a member of the district discipline committee, expulsion panel, and district teacher recruitment team. Responsible for developing numerous Individual Education Plans and co-developed student behavior plans. Evaluated and trained teachers and staff. As Summer School Principal, created a new report card for each grade level, and implemented a new language arts program. 1993–1998 School Counselor, grades 6–8, Hawthorne School District Hawthorne, CA Instituted counseling, advising, and mentoring programs to successfully unite students of varied ethnic backgrounds. Initiated school-wide self-esteem and conflict resolution programs; served as Student Study Team Coordinator, Individual Education Plan Team -3- Mozée
  4. 4. Member, SARB representative; supervised student attendance staff; and coauthored a Safe Schools grant. Provided academic, social, and emotional counseling services; worked successfully in an inner-city, high diversity, high poverty environment. 1985–1993; Classroom Teacher, grades K–8 2001 Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles, CA; Lennox School District Lennox, CA; and Benicia Unified School District, Benicia, CA Teacher in high-poverty, highly diverse school districts. Served as Program Quality Review team member; mentor teacher to university teacher interns; staff development instructor in health and physical education; Student Study Team member; and mainstreaming teacher. Trained in Assertive Discipline program with Lee Canter. PUBLICATIONS Mozée, J. & Beckum, L. (2005). Examining the Relationship Between Cultural Competence and Academic Achievement: One Urban District’s Experience. Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, National University of Singapore. Mozée, J. (2002). California’s new social promotion and retention policies and their impact on an ethnically diverse, high-poverty, high-performance elementary school. Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. SELECTED PRESENTATIONS Mozée, J., (2008). Understanding Cultural Diversity to Enhance Your Child Care Practice. Workshop for members of the California Association for Family Child Care in San Jose, CA. Mozée, J., Beckum, L., & Christianson, J. (2006-7). Nevada Character Education Project. Series of trainings and presentations to Nevada state and local administrators and staff on research findings of project, best practices, data collection methods, and strategic planning. Mozée, J. & Beckum, L. (2005-6). Cultural competency. Series of presentations to the Board of Trustees, district office administrators and staff in Washoe County School District, Nevada. Mozée, J. & Beckum, L. (2005). Examining the Relationship Between Cultural Competence and Academic Achievement: One Urban District’s Experience. Presentation at the International Conference on Education, National University of Singapore. Mozée, J. & Beckum, L. (2004). Embedding character education into the curriculum. Series of presentations to the Board of Trustees, administrators and staff in Washoe County School District, Nevada. Mozée, J. & Carr, J. (2004). The Nevada Character Education Project: Focus on classroom observations. Presentation at the Conference on Civic Education Research, Reno, Nevada. Mozée, J. & Beckum, L. (2004). Dealing with hate-motivated behavior. Presentation at the Teacher Leaders of California Conference, Burlingame, CA. -4- Mozée
  5. 5. Mozée, J., Beckum, L., & Humphrey, G. (2004). NCLB, English language learners, and teacher quality. Presentation at the New Teacher Center Symposium, San Jose, CA. Mozée, J., & Beckum, L. (2004). Inclusive strategies for equity. Presentation at the Teacher Leadership Conference, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA. Mozée, J., & Hahn, S. (2003). Working with second language learners: Effective classroom management strategies. Presentation to Tuba City Unified School District, Tuba City, AZ. Mozée, J., & Humphrey, G. (2003). English language learners and the No Child Left Behind Act. Report at the Education of American Indian Students Symposium, Flagstaff, AZ. Mozée, J., Beckum, L., & Hahn, S. (2003). Civil rights compliance in the child nutrition program. Presentation to the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Office of Civil Rights, Phoenix, AZ. Mozée, J., Hahn, S., & Humphrey, G. (2003). Meeting the needs of a culturally diverse society. Presentation at the National Indian Impacted Schools Association (NIISA) 21st Annual Conference, Reno, NV. Mozée, J. (2000). Teacher perceptions of and effectiveness with African American students. Paper presented to the Rossier School of Education Doctoral Cohort, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. SELECTED TECHNICAL REPORTS 2004-2007 Technical reports to the United States Department of Education, Safe and Drug- Free Schools, Character Education Programs. 2003-2006 Technical reports to the United States Department of Education, Title IV, Civil Rights Division. PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS  American Educational Research Association  Character Education Partnership -5- Mozée