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The text, images, audio and video into a multimedia product

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Multiemdia's content

  1. 1. Multimedia Production
  2. 2. Multimedia Production Glossary • Multimedia • Interactivity • Hypermedia • Font and Text • Images and image formats • Audio and audio formats • Video and video formats • Convergence
  3. 3. Glossary - MultimediaMultimedia Production Is the integration of text, image, audio, video and animation to display information, ideas, concepts, processes or products in a creative and original composition that, for reproduction, requires digital technology. If to this work is added the element of interactivity, is called interactive multimedia.
  4. 4. Glossary - InteractivityMultimedia Production It offers users the options to control the media or objects, so that it can exploit the structure of the work in the sequence and timing decision. If the multimedia composition has a structure of elements acting as hyperlinks and through which allows the user to navigate, interactive multimedia becomes hypermedia.
  5. 5. Glossary - Hypermedia We talk about hypermedia if a multimedia project has aMultimedia Production structure, defined through hyperlinks into their constituent elements that allow the exploration of the user. Multimedia success depends on proper integration of elements: text, audio, images, animation and video. Each of these components has unique characteristics that define when and why used.
  6. 6. Glossary - Text In Multimedia, the linguistic legibility is elementary, where the choice of words, length of sentences, their structure, redundancy andMultimedia Production the use of terminology appropriate to the audience and the theme, can guide the information, adequately. The Titles, Subtitles, Menu options, Hyperlinks and Contents must be expressed in a clear and flat. Has a vocabulary appropriate to the reader and the topic Has a clear and functional design The paragraphs structure is suitable Use examples in an explicit context Properly use of typography Recommendations for an appropriate text
  7. 7. Glossary – Text (Purpose of writing)Multimedia Production The text should use a vocabulary appropriate to the reader and the target topic. Text structure helps to distinguish between the most important and the secondary. With the first reading, the user must understand the text. Text writing requires skills such as thematic analysis, the search for ideas, outlining, organizing information and ideas, assessment, re-writing, among others. Those working multimedia content should have the necessary experience to give the text a suitable level of formality, and a structure and consistency to enable the message flow according to the type of presentation and purpose.
  8. 8. Glossary – Text (Purpose of writing) Advertising – Slogans - Articles Seeks to influence andMultimedia Production Explore interests change opinions Persuasive Personal Functional Informative, Expository descriptive and explanatory, using Standardizes communication a structural model Creative Search expressions The text should use a vocabulary appropriate to the reader and the target topic.
  9. 9. Glossary – Images (Resolution) To express ideas in form and color.Multimedia Production dpi/ppp pixels
  10. 10. Glossary – Images (Resolution) Web/PC • 72 - 96 dpiMultimedia Production Print • 150 dpi Professional • 300 o más dpi SVGA • 800x600px (4:3) XGA • 1024x768px (4:3) HD 720 • 1280x720px (16:9) SXGA • 1280x1024px (5:4) HD 1080 • 1920x1080px (16:9)
  11. 11. Glossary - ImagesMultimedia Production • An accurate mathematical description of each picture element. • The images are difficult to build and do Vector not achieve a realistic detail. • Do not lose resolution ever. • Description of the image pixel by pixel. • Used in photography, you can save very precise details seen from a Bitmap distance. • The image loses resolution as it approaches.
  12. 12. Glossary – Images (Formats) Formato Descripción ExtensiónMultimedia Production Tagged Image File Formato no estándar y simple. Guarda los .tif, .tiff Format (TIFF) datos de manera muy lineal. Joint Pictures Expert Compresión basada en la percepción del ojo a .jpg, .jpeg Group (JPEG/JFIF) los colores. Hay pérdida de resolución. Windows Bitmap Formato básico, pesado, para imágenes de alta .bmp (BMP) resolución. Muy aceptado y usado. Graphics Interchange Imágenes con número de colores limitado a .gif Format (GIF) 256. Puede ser animado. Bueno para web. Portable Networks Concebido para web. Imágenes de buena .png Graphics (PNG) resolución y que aceptan transparencias. Standarized Vectors Formato vectorial. Estándar de la W3C para .svg Graphics (SVG) describir gráficos vectoriales. Basado en XML.
  13. 13. Glossary – Audio Supplementing the visual experience by adding voice, sound or music.Multimedia Production When you add audio in multimedia projects, consider the following: 1. Use audio instructions in oral form as it serves as an alternative to printed text, when the audience has limitations in reading or viewing. 2. Use appropriate music to create appropriate environments in games, presentations or videos. 3. Call attention with short and meaningful sounds in basic tasks such as the arrival of an email or the click of a button, but use them sparingly. 4. Use format for streaming audio to listen, in this way the file is not written to disk. 5. All audio file containing spoken dialogue should be available in text, so, if the user has limitations in the computer, or if are in the wrong place, can listen the audio content without having to play. 6. Providing options to lower the volume or stop playing at any time.
  14. 14. Glossary – Audio (Formats) Formato Descripción ExtensiónMultimedia Production Waveform Audio File Formato estándar sin compresión para audio sin .wav Format (WAV) pérdidas. Tamaño grande de archivo. MPEG-1 o MPEG-2 Popular formato con compresión y pérdida de .mp3 Audio Layer 3 o III (MP3) calidad de audio. Elimina las partes menos “humanamente” audibles. Archivos pequeños. Windows Media Audio Por defecto para Windows Media Player. Utiliza .wma (WMA) algoritmos propietarios para comprimir audio. Open Standard Formato abierto que soporta una variedad de .ogv, .oga, (OGG) codecs de audio, siendo el más popular Vorbis. .ogx, .ogg, Compresión similar a mp3. .spx Advanced Audio Coding Basado en MPEG-2 y MPEG-4. Una versión que .m4a, .m4b, (AAC) incluye derechos de autor es propiedad de apple y .m4p, .m4v, usada en su tienda iTunes Music Store. La extensión .m4r, .3gp, de esta variación es .m4p .mp4, .aac
  15. 15. Glossary – Video Electron-capture technology, recording, processing,Multimedia Production storage, transmission and reconstruction of a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion. When using video, consider the following recommendations: 1. Avoid using videos, prefer to use a static image type close-up. 2. Split the video in short segments. 3. When recording video to include in multimedia projects, use techniques to reduce file size and improve the quality of the image, eliminating unnecessary details of the frame. 4. Specify the type of format used and add a link to the site where you can download the necessary software to view it.
  16. 16. Glossary – Video (Formats) Formato Descripción ExtensiónMultimedia Production Audio/Video Interleave (AVI) Desarrollado por Microsoft. Viejo. Video sin pérdida de .avi calidad. Archivos pesados. Motion Pictures Experts Formato de compresión de audio y video desarrollado por el .mpg, .mpeg, Group (MPEG) grupo con el mismo nombre. Ha tenido varias iteraciones. El .mp1, .mp2, .mp3, famoso MP3 es la capa de audio de MPEG-1, formato que .m1v, .m1a, .m2a, ya no es muy usado para video. .mpa, .mpv Quicktime Movie (MOV) Propiedad de Apple, junto con el códec para MPEG-4 usado .mov, .qt, .mp4 en video HD actualmente. Windows Media Video Propiedad de Microsoft, contraparte del formato de audio .wmv, .asf (WMV) similar, WMA. Flash Video (FLV) Propiedad de Adobe, formato para web. .flv WebM Propiedad de Google. Competidor de HTML5. .webm 3G Partnership Project Formato de video para celulares con tecnología de tercera .3gp, .3g2 (3GPP) generación (3G).
  17. 17. Glossary - ConvergenceMultimedia Production Is to enrich the capabilities of devices to interact between them and cooperate to improve the experience of the USER. Digital Living Network Alliance – Islands in the home