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  1. 1. Level 1 When the top position member has received100.00 donation to 4 donationsbecome a member of (4x100)=400 ToDonate2prosperity. the system Level 2 will advance that top Top position to the next position level To the matrix where that members sponsor is located.4 newmembers canenter the D2P D2Pmatrix by member member On Each level youmaking their have 24hrs Todonation to confirm yourthe member donation or riskin the top removal from theposition of the matrixmatrix Enter New Member New Member New Member New Member
  2. 2. Level 2 To You will not200.00 become Level 2to enter level 2 level 3 qualified until Top you have madeThere are 4 entry the 200.00level positions . position donation You have 24 hours to activate yourTo enter level 2 position or riskYou must make a D2P D2P removal200.00 donation to member member From thethe member occupying matrix.The top position. When the member in the top position has confirmed 4 donations 4x200.00- 800.00 his Entry Level 1 2 3 4 position will advance to the next level to the matrix of his sponsor
  3. 3. Level 3 You will not become400.00 to enter Level 3 qualifiedLevel 3 To until you have made level 4 the 400.00 donationThere are 4 entry Topposition on level 3 position You have 24 hours to activate your position or risk removal4 members can from the matrix.enter the matrix D2P D2Pby making their member member When the member indonation to themember in the top the top position hasposition of the confirmed 4matrix donations (4x400.00)= 1600.00 Entry 1 2 3 4 his position will level 3 advance to the next level to the matrix of his sponsor
  4. 4. You have 24 hrs Level 4 to confirm your 4th level donation or risk Re-entry losing your 800.00 position in the To enter level 4 Top matrix PositionThere are 4 entry When the memberposition on level 4 in the top position has confirmed 44 members can donationsenter the matrix D2P D2P (4x800)= 3200.00)by making their member member The system will re-donation to the enter this positionmember in the top in the firstposition of the available 4th levelmatrix entry position following the Entry sponsor. You have 1 2 3 4 Level 4 24hrs to confirm your position by making the donation to the Re-entry member in the top position