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  1. 1. Majestic Wines - How can we help make them more sociable online? James Mortimer 17th October 2011
  2. 2. Today• Majestic Wines target market online: • Foodies • Wine enthusiasts/collectors • Party hosts/social drinkers• How the Come Dine With Me crowd use social media• Delivering value• Making noise online with the party hosts and social drinkers• Campaign ideas• Measuring success
  3. 3. Target Market: Foodies• What they like: • Cooking • Trying new things • Gourmet and premiums products• What motivates them: • Desire to try new things • Creativity• Who and what they’re influenced by: • TV chefs • Foodie bloggers • Broadsheet journalists + Tweeters
  4. 4. Target Market: Wine enthusiasts/collectors• What they like: • Wine • Travel• What motivates them: • Discovering new wines • Expanding their collection• Who and what they’re influenced by: • Books • Newspaper journalists/Tweeters • Food and wine blogs
  5. 5. Target market: Party hosts and social drinkers• What they like: • Enjoying time with friends • Good food and wine• What motivates them: • Their friends • Showing off• Who and what they’re influenced by: • Their peers • Social media posts
  6. 6. How the ‘Come Dine With Me’ Crowd use social media• Foodies and wine collectors are influenced by authoritative sources of information• Party hosts and social drinkers are influenced by their friends• Big opportunity• Facebook is a big part of their lives• Love to create content about themselves (photos, Tweets and status updates)• Love to show off• Enjoy engaging with the right brands, particularly if there’s something in it for them (freebies!)• Big opportunity to interact online
  7. 7. Delivering value• Asking the Come Dine With Me crowd to create content around Majestic Wines could be very powerful • They’re naturally very social • Influenced by their friends • Already creating content
  8. 8. Campaign ideas• Britains most stylish dinner party - monthly competition: • Users tag or upload content to Majestic Wines Facebook and Flickr • Each month our panel selects a winner • Prizes include hampers, dinner party supplies and wine• Delivers value to the brand by: • Raising awareness online (creates a buzz) • Increases mentions and fan numbers (gets people talking) • Can be combined with online and offline PR to secure media coverage
  9. 9. Measuring success (selling the campaign to the client)• In order to show the client value we need to report on our activity using appropriate metrics• These could include: • Number of entrants • Number of mentions across social media channels • Amount of coverage secured through PR activity
  10. 10. Questions