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8th grade registration 2016


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8th grade registration 2016

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8th grade registration 2016

  1. 1. International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Preparing Students for Success in Higher Education and Life in a Global Society
  2. 2. What are colleges saying about IB? “We value both AP and IB courses as evidence of rigorous academic challenge….However, the full International Baccalaureate is generally considered stronger than either AP or IB coursework alone” Duke University Admissions Officer “It is the “best” high school prep curriculum an American school can offer” Marlee Jones Director of undergraduate admission, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  3. 3. IB Diploma Programs: 2,368 schools in 141 countries IB Asia Pacific 373 IB Americas 1234 IB Africa, Europe, Middle East 761
  4. 4. Merits of the IB Diploma Program  Students develop: language skills (bilingual), critical thinking, appreciation of the arts, conduct authentic original research, scientific inquiry including experimental design and laboratory work  Develop international mindedness, global awareness and understand one’s ability and responsibility to impact the local and global community  Excellent college preparation & college credit. Sophomore status and scholarships are given at some universities.
  5. 5. Benefits  Educate the whole person-emotionally, socially and intellectually  IB cultivates leaders with skills that include negotiation, diplomacy, cultural understanding and confidence.  Meets students needs for the 21st century and the future world market place.
  6. 6. Research Findings  IB students outperform their peers on state assessments  IB Diploma students have higher acceptance rates to colleges (21% more likely to be admitted to the top 10 prestigious universities)  IB Diploma students perform better in post- secondary education than their peers  IB students are twice as likely to attend graduate school  IB standards are aligned with best practices in education and support effective teaching
  7. 7. University Graduation Rate Within Six Years IB Students 86% IB Students from High Poverty Schools 76% All Students 57% *19% in California Public Schools (4 years)
  8. 8. University Acceptance Rates University or College Total Population Acceptance IB Diploma Student Acceptance UC Irvine 44% 90% UC San Diego 36% 66% UC Berkeley 25% 51% UC Los Angeles 25% 49% USC 22% 69% University San Diego 49% 83% Cornell University 18% 47% BYU 64% 96% Georgetown 18% 28% CSU, Fullerton 55% 98% CSU, Long Beach 32% 92% Stanford University 7% 17%
  9. 9. TCHS Outcomes  100% Graduation and Four Year College Acceptance Rate  TCHS IB students are now attending: Princeton, NYU, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB, UCSC, UCR, UCI, UCD, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly SLO, Lewis and Clark, George Fox, Arizona St, UNLV, America Musical and Dramatic Academy  Average Diploma Candidate earned 20 college units (5 college courses), several were awarded sophomore status entering college.  $3 million in Academic Scholarships awarded averaging $107,000 per diploma graduate
  10. 10. IB Diploma Curriculum
  11. 11. Suggested IB Four Year Schedule9th Grade Advanced English 9 Spanish 1 or Spanish 2 AP Human Geography Advanced Biology Algebra I or Geometry Physical Education 10th Grade Advanced English 10 Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 AP World History Physics or AP Physics or Honors Chemistry Geometry or Algebra II or Advanced Algebra II Physical Education (online) or Band AP Art History 11th Grade English HL 1 Spanish 3 or Spanish HL 1 History of the Americas HL 1 Chemistry SL or Biology SL Algebra II or Pre-calculus or Mathematics HL 1 Design & Technology HL1 or Music HL1 or Dance HL1 or Visual Arts HL1 or Theatre HL1 CORE: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS Spring Semester 12th Grade English HL 2 Spanish SL or Spanish HL 2 History of the Americas HL 2 Elective Math Studies SL or Mathematics SL or Mathematics HL 2 Design & Technology HL2 or Music HL2 or Dance HL2 or Visual Arts HL2 or Theatre HL2 CORE: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay and CAS Fall Semester
  12. 12. Theory of Knowledge  The most unique course to the diploma program.  This course is the link to all the other courses  Teaches students to think critically, ask the big questions and discover the nature and scope of knowledge; epistemology. Theory of Knowledge extended essay creativity, action, service
  13. 13. Emphasis on the whole person through CAS Creativity, action, service (CAS) helps students become responsible, compassionate citizens
  14. 14. Creativity, action, service (CAS)  All IB DP students must complete 150 hours (over the 2 year program) of either an activity and/or team project that incorporates creativity (50 hrs), action (50 hrs), and service (50 hrs with the help, approval, and guidance of the CAS Coordinator).  Through CAS, students are transformed into compassionate international citizens who are philanthropic and globally minded. Think global act local.
  15. 15. Extended Essay  4,000 words maximum  Independent, self-directed research on a topic that interests the student  Familiarizes students with the independent research and writing skills expected at college  Written over the two years of the program-about 40 hours of work total  Students are supported throughout the process by a supervisor (any staff member on campus) and the librarian
  16. 16. Assessing Student Work  External assessments (sent to IB for scoring) are exams taken in May of senior year.  Internal assessments (school based) are projects, papers, and oral reports completed throughout the course and graded by both the teacher and IB.  Score of 1 to 7 for the course based on both Internal and External assessments
  17. 17. IB students issued iPads  Digital Books  Paperless classes  Creation of eBooks  Laboratory Interfaces & Sensors  Audio and Visual Assessments
  18. 18. TCHS IBDP Highlights  One of the few IB programs in California that offers Design & Technology HL (Engineering)
  19. 19. Progress in Motion  Enriching Experiences and Field Trips LA Philharmonic, LACMA, Norton Simon Museum, Joffrey Ballet, USC, UCLA, Cal Tech, UCSD, California Science Center
  20. 20. Example of an IB Perspective  The Norwegian diplomat Charung Gollar was asked to present the UN with a graphic showing the main problems in the world in 2004.  He presented a set of 8 pictures, entitled "The Power of Stars" and was applauded for the simplicity of his idea.  In spite of having no pretension at all, his work was presented to participate in the Nobel Prize Awards  The following are 7 of the 8 pictures presented
  21. 21. ANGOLA
  22. 22. BRAZIL
  23. 23. BURKINA FASO
  24. 24. CHINA
  25. 25. COLOMBIA
  26. 26. EUROPE
  27. 27. USA
  28. 28. Costs for IB Students  Diploma Student: one time registration fee of $168  Per subject fee • $116 per subject test • No fee is charged for Theory of Knowledge or Extended Essay  Total Cost for DP: 6 tests at $116 + $168= $864 Income-eligible students= $198  Saving thousands in college tuition costs!!  Fundraising and fee waiver opportunities are available to help with costs
  29. 29. Application Process  Complete IB Application  Writing Sample-Personal Statement  Most current school transcript  Sign Honor Code and IB General Regulations  IB Advisory Committee Review
  30. 30. Intra-district Transfer  Fill out Transfer form on LEUSD or TCHS website.  Under Reason for Request write “IB”  Turn in form to the Student Support Services at the District Office
  31. 31. Contact Information  IB Coordinator---Jason Garrison  IB Counselor---Kebra Deckert  TCHS IB School Website
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