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12.01.20 the blessings of baptism1

  1. 1. The Sacraments 2. The Blessings of Baptism Understanding how we come to faith… Memorization Verses:Baptism works forgiveness of sins, rescues from death and the devil, and gives eternalsalvation to all who believe this, as the words and promises of God declare.Christ our Lord says in the last chapter of Mark: "Whoever believes and is baptizedwill be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned" [Mark 16:16].
  2. 2.  LSB 594 Now that to the font Ive traveled, 1 Gods own child, I gladly say it: All your might has come unraveled, I am baptized into Christ! And, against your tyranny, He, because I could not pay it, God, my Lord, unites with me! Gave my full redemption price.  4 Death, you cannot end my gladness: Do I need earths treasures many? I am baptized into Christ! I have one worth more than any When I die, I leave all sadness That brought me salvation free To inherit paradise! Lasting to eternity! Though I lie in dust and ashes 2 Sin, disturb my soul no longer: Faiths assurance brightly flashes: I am baptized into Christ! Baptism has the strength divine I have comfort even stronger: To make life immortal mine. Jesus cleansing sacrifice.  5 There is nothing worth comparing Should a guilty conscience seize me To this lifelong comfort sure! Since my Baptism did release me Open-eyed my grave is staring: In a dear forgiving flood, Even there Ill sleep secure. Sprinkling me with Jesus blood! Though my flesh awaits its raising, 3 Satan, hear this proclamation: Still my soul continues praising: I am baptized into Christ! I am baptized into Christ; Drop your ugly accusation, Im a child of paradise! I am not so soon enticed.
  3. 3. Baptism: Personal Reflection We are to remember to use the blessings of our baptism daily. Luther wrote, “A truly Christian life is nothing else than a daily baptism once begun and ever to be continued.” Baptism is a one time act with continuing benefits.1. Write about the day of your • Romans 6:3-4 Paul wrote, “Know baptism. What you’ve been told ye not that so many of us as were / what you remember, and the baptized into Jesus Christ were gifts and promises given. baptized into His death? Therefore2. Write about living your baptism we were buried with sin by baptism daily. HOW you live out these into death that like as Christ was blessings w/the Spirit. raised up from the dead by the• Tip: Bring your thoughts alive in glory of the Father, even so we also the style of a personal narrative should walk in newness of life.” with specific details, figurative language, and vivid imagery.
  4. 4. PRAYER• blessings• forgiveness andrescue• Christs grace• belief + faith• truth + powerP raiseR epentanceA ppreciationY ouE veryoneR esolve
  5. 5.  1 The man is ever blest Who shuns the sinners ways, Among their counsels never stands, Nor takes the scorners place. 2 But makes the Law of God His study and delight Amid the labors of the day And watches of the night. 3 He like a tree shall thrive, With waters near the root; Fresh as the leaf his name shall live, His works are heavnly fruit.
  6. 6.  Tragically, some people believe they are going to heaven when they die just because a few drops of water were sprinkled over their heads a few weeks after their birth. They have no personal faith, have never made a personal decision, and are banking on a hollow ceremony to save them. How absurd. Indeed, baptism is a vow, a sacred vow of the believer to follow Christ. Just as a wedding celebrates the fusion of two hearts, baptism celebrates the union of sinner with Savior. ~Max Lucado
  7. 7.  • What benefits does Baptism give? •Which are these words and promises of God? •What great and precious things are given in baptism? •If Christ has already won forgiveness and salvation for us and gives us all this by grace alone, why do we still need baptism? •To whom does Baptism give all these blessings? •It is possible for an unbaptized person to be saved? •Why are we not to seek a "baptism with the Holy Spirit" in addition to the Sacrament of Holy Baptism? Say Mean Matter ______________________________ SS: Blessings Key phrases Own words Answer the M: Forgiveness and rescue questions/ T: Christ’s grace Personal W: Belief + faith application Th: truth + power
  8. 8.  There are 4 basic truths concerning Baptism: 1. Faith is a gift given by the whole working of the Trinity through the Cross TO THE CHURCH. 2. Baptism is meant for all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or mental capacity as THE PLACE in which God PROMISES HIS PRESENCE. 3. Baptism confers saving grace as an objective truth by His word, and is the proper means and reality by which the Elect live all their days. 4. Baptism is the dying to sin and rising in Christ; a spiritual and physical truth that creates a new heart to worship
  9. 9.  Baptism works forgiveness of sins, in You only do I trust; never let me be rescues from death and the devil, and ashamed. Amen. (Luther) gives eternal salvation to all who believe this, as the words and promises of God declare. Christ our Lord says in the last chapter of Mark: "Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned" [Mark 16:16]. • Pray: O Lord, I am Your sin; You are my righteousness. Therefore I triumph and am secure; for my sin cannot overpower Your righteousness, nor can Your righteousness let me be or remain a sinner. Blessed Lord God of mine my Mercy and my Redeemer,
  10. 10.  What images are found in Scripture concerning the blessings of Baptism? 1. PUTTING ON Christ and His Merits (Gal. 3:26) 1. Enduo: To sink into a garment 2. Christ is clothed in righteousness BY his wounds. 2. Baptism SAVES (1 Peter 3:21) 1. Sozo: To make whole. To rescue from destruction and danger. To Heal 3. Baptism gives a GOOD CONSCIENCE (1 Peter 3:21) 1. Suneidesis: Awareness of morality 2. Strength to endure suffering (context) 4. Baptism is BIRTH into the Spirit (John 3:5) 1. Gennao: Signifies not the individual, but the father who has authority
  11. 11.  What images are found in Scripture concerning the blessings of Baptism? 5. Baptism CLEANS, RESTORES and MAKES HOLY (Eph. 5:26) 1. Hagiazo: To remove (make hallow) as to purify and set apart 2. Katharizo: To make something clean by complete cleansing (related to hilasterion, expiation, see Mark 1:23) and restoring relationship! 3. Loutron: To bathe and prepare for burial. Think Jesus or Samurai  6. Baptism REMOVES SIN (Acts 22:16) 1. Apolouo: To separate out the dirt during a washing 7. Baptism is DEATH AS VICTORY (Rom. 6:4) 1. Sunthapto: United and buried 2. Kainotes: Newness of life (unused) that is retrospective (remembering the former) 3. Contrast with the neos man in Christ
  12. 12.  A. works forgiveness of sins;  1 Peter 3:21 This water [of Noahs flood] Acts 2:38 Repent and be baptized, every symbolizes baptism that now saves you one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for also. It saves you by the resurrection of the forgiveness of your sins. Jesus Christ. Acts 22:16 Get up, be baptized and wash  Titus 3:5 He saved us through the washing your sins away. of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit. B. rescues from death and the devil;  • Rom. 6:3, 5 Dont you know that all of us  Pray: Dear Lord Christ, even if I do not who were baptized into Christ Jesus were fulfill Your Law, and still have sin, and baptized into His death? ... If we have been feel afraid of death and hell, I still know united with Him like this in His death, we from the Gospel that all Your merits are will certainly also be united with Him in His mine by faith. I am sure of this, for You resurrection. would not deceive me. You will surely Gal. 3:27 All of you who were baptized into keep Your promise. As a pledge of this I Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. have received Baptism and rely on it. Col. 1:13-14 He has rescued us from the Since You, dear Lord, are mine, I will dominion of darkness and brought us into gladly die, dear Father if it pleases You. the kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom Death cannot harm me, for it is we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. swallowed up in victory. Praise be to (Compare Col. 2:11-12.) You, Lord God, for You have given us the C. gives eternal salvation. victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is Amen. (Luther) baptized will be saved.
  13. 13.  Along with the three “Baptism Misfits” described last week, another question seems to arise (two versions):  If Christ already completed the work on the Cross…Why should Baptism be so important? Doesn’t it distract from Christ?  If we make Baptism so IMPORTANT, does it distract us from Christ? Implicit indictments from both questions:  Baptism is a good work that breaks the first commandment  Baptism gets in the way of faith alone if not relegated to a mere ordinance/commitment.
  14. 14.  Does Baptism diminish Christ’s work?  Christ’s ministry is INAUGURATED through Baptism (an event which has major spiritual and miraculous happenings)  Therefore, we are justified in recognizing Baptism through Christ’s very participation in it for our sins, as He draws us to the font to participate in that baptized life. Does Baptism break the First Commandment (idolotry)?  Wherever you see the word baptism, it is appropriate to substitute for “the word of God unto salvation”  Therefore, baptism is no more idolatry than the high view of scripture we have as the means of grace to bring forgiveness and salvation Is Baptism a good work that you do?  Did you birth yourself? Do you make food and clothing ex nihilo? Did you decide to do anything that wasn’t already decreed by God?  So also, Baptism is a gift given to the Church, it is the physical manifestation of the very everlasting waters which slake and save.
  15. 15.  Christ has indeed won full forgiveness before the world that You are merciful and salvation for the whole human to me and You help me. This I have race with His perfect life, suffering, received in Baptism, that You and death, and resurrection. He distributes none other shall be my Lord and God. this same forgiveness in Baptism. Amen. (Luther). (Baptism is a means of grace.) 1 Cor. 6:11 You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. Titus 3:5-7 He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by His grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. • Pray: I thank, praise, and glorify You, my Lord Christ, with heart and voice
  16. 16.  Three logical categories of “unbaptized christians” (not a scriptural idea, btw)  A child eligible to receive Baptism, but is unable to for extraneous reasons (early death, drought, etc.)  Someone going through a catechetical process who dies before the official date (typical in 1st and 2nd c. persecution)  Someone who rejects the need for baptism through some form of false teaching
  17. 17.  To the Child:  It is God’s will and decree to glorify himself in the salvation of His church.  Children are made members through the same means as anyone else (Water and the Word)  Those unable to have the water, have ALL the benefits of the Word (where the word has gone out) To the Adult convert:  Your faith through the hearing and learning of the word brought all the benefits of Christ at once To the unbaptized Christian  Why are you rejecting God’s clear gift in baptism? Is it through false teaching?
  18. 18.  Baptism gives these blessings to all who  Pray: Dear God, I know that even when believe Gods saving promises. I have done my best I am still to blame. Mark 16:16 Whoever believes and is But I am comforted, because You have baptized will be saved, but whoever does died for me and sprinkled me with the not believe will be condemned. blood from Your holy wounds. I am surely baptised in You and have heard It is only unbelief that condemns. Faith the word through which You have called cannot exist in the heart of a person who me, commanded me to believe, and despises and rejects Baptism against assured me of grace and life. With these better knowledge. But those who believe blessings I will gladly go ahead, not in the Gospel, yet die before they have anxious and hesitating doubts and fears, opportunity to be baptized are not which ask, “Who knows what judgment condemned. of God in heaven will hold against me?” Mark 16:16 Whoever does not believe For I now live in the assurance of the will be condemned. gracious decree which God has given Bible narratives: The Pharisees and experts from heaven against the curse of the law, in the Law in unbelief rejected Johns “He who believes in the Son of Man has baptism (Luke 7:30). The thief on the cross eternal life.” Amen. (Luther). was saved without Baptism (Luke 23:39- 43). •
  19. 19.  If you have been water baptized, but have yet to be baptized by the Spirit, you have yet to receive the FULL blessings of God!?!  The work of Baptism is a one time event with continuing benefits (Gal. 3:26)  We do GROW in faith, and have gifts according to the grace given (Roman 12:6)  The Spirit has come with DIFFERENT gifts throughout history (notably to the Apostles and first gen Christians as prophecy fulfillment), but not according to any greater measure of “blessing” in the one body of Christ (Romans 12)
  20. 20.  If I sin too much, or fall away, should I be re-baptized to REALLY commit my life to Christ this time?  Thinking of Baptism as the work of man is thinking Peter can walk on water by looking down at his feet.  Christ is the one who washes you. This is NOT a failure, even if we have jumped out of the boat for a time.  Even if someone never comes back to the boat, it is not Baptism that has failed, but the judgemet of God being enacted on a sinner.  If you want to get wet, understand you are remembering your birthday, not being born a third time!
  21. 21.  Beyond sacramental Baptism we are to seek "Spirit baptism," but between the no other "baptism" because preparatory mission and baptism of John the A. there is no other God-given Baptism today Baptist and the full, permanent mission and beside the Sacrament of Holy Baptism; Baptism of Jesus Christ. While Johns Eph. 4:5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism. baptism also gave the forgiveness of sins, it Note: The "instruction about baptisms" was different in that it pointed forward to the (Heb. 6:2) does not mean that there are redemptive work of the Savior. several Christian baptisms, but that the one  C. the special signs granted by the Holy true Baptism must be clearly distinguished Spirit were not another "baptism," but they from the many religious washings which were proved the truth and power of the apostles common in the ancient world (see for instance preaching. Mark 7:4).  Acts 19:6 When Paul placed his hands on them, B. the sacrament is not a water-only or a the Holy Spirit came on them and they spoke in Spirit-only baptism, but a water-and-Spirit tongues and prophesied. Baptism  2 Cor. 12:12 The things that mark an apostle- John 3:5 No one can enter the kingdom of God signs, wonders and miracles-were done among unless he is born of water and the Spirit. you with great perseverance. Titus 3:5 He saved us through the washing of  • rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit. Note: Matt. 3:11 speaks of baptizing "with water" and "with the Holy Spirit and with fire." The difference here is not between sacramental Baptism and some sort of
  22. 22.  Pray: Help me, O God, help me that in joys, that arise from the happiness of true faith I may securely hold the great that mysterious union between You and and saving treasures which You have every pious soul? O, purge away my given me through Baptism! Help me to dross, purify all my affections, correct do this through Your Holy Spirit, whom my will, enlighten my understanding, You have poured out abundantly in still my inordinate passions. Then come, Baptism. Help me to nevermore lose the Lord Jesus, come and dwell with me! forgiveness of sins and life eternal which My soul longs for You, and is impatient You have given me! Amen. (Zorn) that her divine guest should make His O Lord God, who has made u worthy to entry. Clothe her, O Lord, with the receive forgiveness of sins through the wedding garment. Then lead her to the washing of regeneration of the Holy marriage of the Lamb, that she may sit Spirit, send us Your grace, that we may down with You in Your heavenly palaces, serve You according to Your will. For and sing eternal hallelujahs, to You, O Yours is the glory, to the Father and the Father; You, O Son; and You, O Holy Son, with the Holy Spirit in the holy Spirit; one God blessed forever. Amen. church, both now and forever . Amen. (Johann Gerhard, 1582-1637). (Hippolytus of Rome, c. 170-236) O holy and immaculate Jesus, what tongue is able to speak those inward
  23. 23.  Therefore state it most simply thus, that the power, work, profit, fruit, and end of Baptism is this, namely to save. For no one is baptized in order that he may become a prince, but as the words declare, that he be saved. But to be saved, we know, is nothing else than to be delivered from sin, death, and the devil, and to enter into the kingdom of Christ, and to live with Him forever. Here you see again how highly and precious we should esteem Baptism, because in it we, obtain such an unspeakable treasure.
  24. 24.  LSB 922 1. "Go, my children, with my blessing, never alone. Waking, sleeping, I am with you, you are my own. In my loves baptismal river, I have made you mine forever. Go, my children, with my blessing, you are my own.
  25. 25. Baptism works forgiveness of sins, Baptism gives these blessings to allrescues from death and the devil, and who believe Gods saving promises.gives eternal salvation to all who It is only unbelief that condemns. Faithbelieve this, as the words and promises cannot exist in the heart of a personof God declare. who despises and rejects BaptismChrist our Lord says in the last chapter against better knowledge. But thoseof Mark: "Whoever believes and is who believe the Gospel, yet die beforebaptized will be saved, but whoever they have opportunity to be baptizeddoes not believe will be condemned” are not condemned.A. works forgiveness of sins; Beyond sacramental Baptism we are toB. rescues from death and the devil; seek no other "baptism" becauseC. gives eternal salvation. A. there is no other God-given BaptismChrist has indeed won full forgiveness today beside the Sacrament of Holyand salvation for the whole human race Baptism; and power of the apostleswith His perfect life, suffering, death, preaching. Actsand resurrection. He distributes thissame forgiveness in Baptism. (Baptismis a means of grace.)
  26. 26.  The Power of Baptism