08. historical method socratic seminar


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08. historical method socratic seminar

  1. 1. • Readings: – Dissertation research – Exam 1 Review Week 9: Historical Method Socratic Seminar TOK Research Abstract
  2. 2. Where We are Going• 5 minute prep for SS – Get your notes in order – Discuss main points of article, your question. – Decide who is speaking, what in general you will say, how you will make it interesting.• Socratic Seminar (30 min. -?) – 6 minute rounds – 3 min. outside questioning – 3 min. debrief and notes• Discussion of writing dissertation 1 (3/24)• Notes on Unit Exam review (3/20)
  3. 3. Socratic Seminar• Have your article ready, both to quote, and to summarize, the main idea presented.• Attempt to analyze the following: – What is the scope of the article? Is it a description of an event, a critique of competing views, or something else? – What is the argument of the article? What propositions or truth statements does it make? – Evaluate the argument made in the article. Are there any counter-factuals considered? Is the article too limited? – What are future areas of research concerning your question, the articles content, and/or its application for your Extended Essay?
  4. 4. Identity, Change over Time, and Borders• Answering Question 1 from last week, I discussed some of the different approaches to the idea that history is written from particular perspectives• I focused on three areas, discussed the revised symbols, and offered diverse ways of thinking about the similar issues (borders, statistics, geneti c variance, pre-modern accounts)
  5. 5. Identity, Change over Time, and Borders• To what extent does the subjective approach of history reveal changing perspectives over time regarding humanity, identity, and border disputes? – This is NOT the original question, but a dissertation question that acts to clarify towards my thesis statement. – I must take a position as a result of this new “research question”
  6. 6. Thesis:History is the fabric of the past woven togetherby the styles and capabilities of bothcontemporaneous and future histiographers.The concept of historical identity as it relates toborder disputes over time often reveal apragmatic theory of truth due to the continuingeffects of the dispute. When disputes areresolved, or recede in time, coherence theoryof truth seems predominant in histiography;particularly as it relates to the fields of ancientscientific and historical knowing.
  7. 7. TOK Dissertation 1 (3/24)• You will complete the following: – Outline hand-out (condensed version of the EE due 4/17) – Write a 3 page abstract based on a POK question combined with your EE topic. – Loosely reference all 5 chapter topics studied the last 8 weeks (Truth, Logic, Argument, Ethics, History) – Cite 3 peer-reviewed sources (MLA)
  8. 8. TOK Research Sharing• Go to ebscohost, create a folder with this format: “EE.lastname.firstna me.workingtitle”• Share the folder with me (use my email)
  9. 9. TOK Unit Exam 1 (3/20)• 20 short answer questions from the 5 areas previously discussed.• Focus on studying the following: – Be able to use 10 specific vocabulary terms, people, or theories in each area. – Previous week’s notes focusing on an understanding of the general topic and the POK presented in each chapter – Forming Socratic Seminar question worksheets