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05. forming ethical questions


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05. forming ethical questions

  1. 1. TOK Socratic Seminar: Ethical ReasoningTeams: Your Choice of Scholarly Journalsfor Socratic Seminar Prep nextweek, Thursday Week 5: Forming Ethical Questions
  2. 2. Socratic Seminar• SS: TOK Chs. 7-8, p. 237-257• Discussion: – What areas and frameworks of ethics made the most sense to you? – Discuss consequentialist v. non- consequentialist ethics. Create a list of 5 pros v. cons for both. – Write a problem of knowledge question from your section.• AIO: Gene Modification Discussion – Discuss your Problems of Knowledge, claims and evidences. What do they all have in common?
  3. 3. My Problems of Knowledge:• What factors are involved with definitions of “safety” regarding ethical reasoning? How is it connected to discussions of biodiversity and business ethics?• To what extent does one’s conception of justice stem from familiarity and proximity over and against innate human value?• What scope should ethical culpability take when forming and appropriate consumer ethical reasoning?
  4. 4. Works Cited• URL List from Sunday, Feb. 10 2013 23:51 PM• To copy this list, type [Ctrl] A, then type [Ctrl] C. Beverly Bell: Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds PLB143 - Lecture 20: Who owns biodiversity? Everything We Know So Far About Drone Strikes - ProPublica The Best Pro-Life Arguments for Secular Audiences The Humble Libertarian: The Abortion Debate: A Reasoned, Scientific Pro-Life Argument Abdulrahman al-Aulaqi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Here Are The Real Foxconn Atrocities - Business Insider Now Can We Start Talking About the Real Foxconn? - Bloomberg How Team Obama Justifies the Killing of a 16-Year-Old American - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic Al-Awlakis Son Among Al Qaeda Militants Killed in Yemen Air Strike | Fox News
  5. 5. Forming Ethical Questions: Formal Socratic Seminar Thursday, 2/20/13