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Acids & Bases Day 1a

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Acids & Bases Day 1a

  1. 1. You will Need:2. Acids & Bases Part 1 – Page 1 of 3 Bookshelf3. Textbook4. Pencil, Colored Pencils
  2. 2. 1. Please line up A-Z in horseshoe pattern.2. Parent Sig and put into Binder Check #3 – Worth 25 points of 185 total3. I will still take all missing work.
  3. 3. 1. Log in: to Learning Point.2. Select: Daily Assignments – Sem. 23. Open: up Power Point for today.4. Complete: front and back of page 1
  4. 4. Look around you and every liquid yousee will probably be either an acid or abase. The only exception would bedistilled water. Distilled water is justwater. Most water you drink has ions init. It is those ions which makesomething acidic or basic. (alkaline)
  5. 5. 1. Scientist use something called the “pH” scale to measure how acidic or basic a liquid is. (base also known as ALKALINE)2. The scale goes from “0” to “14”3. Distilled water is 7 (in the middle)4. Acids are found between “0” and “6.9”5. Bases are from “7.1” to “14”6. Most of the liquid you find every day have a pH near “7”, either a little below or a little above.The pH scale we talk about is actually a measure of the number of H+ ions in a solution.
  6. 6. A positively or negatively chargedION: particlepH Measures the # of H+ ions in aScale: solution (Potential Hydrogen Ions)ACID 7 BASE 0-6.9 NEUTRAL 7.1-14
  7. 7. Word DefinitionpH Scale What is it? Scale Range? Neutral on this scale is identified by what #? What is the # range? What kind ofAcid Ions? What colors are associated w/ Acids on pH paper?Base What is the # range? What kind of Ions? What colors are associated w/ Bases on pH paper?Corrosive Textbook pg. 286?
  8. 8. Word DefinitionpH focuses Read what you highlighted!on what kindsof ions?H+ = what One word answerkind ofsubstance?OH- = what One word answerkind ofsubstance?
  9. 9. Pg. 2862. What are the unique characteristics of an ACID?Pg. 2884. What are Acids used for? Be specific w/name of acid & use
  10. 10. Pg. 2892. What are the unique characteristics of an BASES?Pg. 2914. What are BASES used for? Be specific w/name of base & use
  11. 11. 1. Shade the center area of your data table with the appropriate color.
  12. 12. Pg. 3 of Lab Sheets2. Answer Questions 1-5Venn Diagram4. Minimum of 3 bullets for each section….do not need to be in complete sentences.Graphic Organizer1. Use word bank – First word is pH
  13. 13. 1. Complete anything you still owe2. Should be front page of Page 1 - Acid & Base lab sheets3. Balancing Equations #2 – Due tomorrow R & R on the back4. Binder Check #3 – Due Friday at the beginning of class5. ½ page of Notes for Test #3 – Target Concepts – Test on Friday

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