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Definition of Matter Lab Day 3


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Definition of Matter Lab Day 3

  1. 1. Today in ScienceYou will Need:1)Pencil, Colored Pencils,Highlighters or Markers2)Calculator3)Definition of Matter Lab –4 pages 8 sides – Picked upTuesday
  2. 2. Test #1-Retakes1. 10 opportunities to retake2. Starts Thur. Sept 27th – Oct. 5th3. Before school or at lunch4. Please schedule a time with me.5. Same content/different tests6. No notes;just a calculator
  3. 3. I spy w/ my little eye1. The inside of the “WhatzIt?”2. Not a screw, ring, magnet or marble….3. But found towards the head of the class4. In plain site and not hiding5. Do you think you’ve unlocked the mystery yet?…..
  4. 4. TEXT BOOK Pg. 85 (Each worth 5 points) sh edPhysical Properties Definitioni n i f Example ve (Own Words) ha ight (Your Own) uld st n ho laThermal Conductivity SState One of 5 main phases of matterMalleabilityDuctilitySolubilityDensity
  5. 5. Turn to the Periodic Table on Pgs. 196-197You will Need BLUE, ORANGE & PURPLEShade in each box of your P.T. as follows:• Liquid = BLUE = Do FIRST• Gas = - ORANGE = Do SECOND• Solid = - PURPLE = Do LAST
  6. 6. Finding Percents:Fraction Entire Decimal Rounded to % Nearest 100th /109 2 divided by 109 = Nearest Percent2 /109 100 th value /109
  7. 7. Energy LevelsMost matter changes through the different phases when heat is either added or removed. Illustrate the DIAGRAM showing phase change from low to high.
  8. 8. Charles’ Gas Law 1. Pressure is Constant 2. Which is the IV and DV? • Volume change= • Temp. change= 3. What kind of relationship?
  9. 9. Boyle’s Gas Law1. Temp is Constant2. Which is the IV and DV? • Pressure change= • Volume change=3. What kind of relationship?
  10. 10. Atom/Molecular MovementIllustration Gas
  11. 11. Atom/Molecular MovementIllustration Liquid
  12. 12. Atom/Molecular MovementIllustration Amorphou Crystalli s ne RepeatingLattice – Crystal Pattern Ab to ilitystr etc h ate ibr ne V o Solid as t ni u
  13. 13. Atom/Molecular Movement Illustration Word Bank Plasma Freezing CondensationE E Sublimation Evaporation NN EER Gas R G MeltingG YY Liquid Solid
  14. 14. How are Changes of State andEnergy Related? MatterA change in state happens when ________________ Physicalchanges from one _______________ form to another. Achange of state is always a physical change. Remember Identitythat in a physical change the _________________ of thesubstance does not change. Added ReleaseEnergy must be _______________ or ________________ d inorder for a substance to change its physical state.Particles of different substances move differently. Thismovement of particles depends on the state of the Addedsubstance (solid, liquid or gas.) Faster Release SlowerWhen energy is _______________, particles move__________________ and become hotter. When energy d is_______________, particles move _______________ andbecome cooler.
  15. 15. Balloon Activity:1. Will be adding energy from our muscles to the balloon.2. In your own words, describe what is happening. (COMPLETE SENTENCES)3. Use the words ENERGY, ADDED, RELEASED, TEMPERATURE when describing the relationship between temperature and increasing or decreasing energy.
  16. 16. States of Matter – Part 21. Complete the chart based on information you have gathered from your notes and virtual labs.2. Mark an “X” in the columns of Definite Shape, Definite Volume or Takes the Shape of the Container if the description applies.3. If the description does not apply draw a -------- the box or leave blank.4. GIVE the PHASE/STATE for each example
  17. 17. # Example Definite Definite Takes the State of Matter Shape Volume Shape of is? the Container3 Iron X X Solid4 Helium X Gas14 Fluorescent Lights X Plasm a17 Mercury at Room X X Liquid Temperature
  18. 18. •
  19. 19. Homework 1)View & Complete Syringe video 2)Complete Last Page – States of Matter – Internet Connections –Part 2 3)This packet is due tomorrow