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Day 3 Mission Possible - Newspaper


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Day 3 Mission Possible - Newspaper

  1. 1. Welcome to Chemistry! You will need: 1) Mission Possible – pgs. 1-6 (Picked up last week) 2) One blank sheet of lined paper 3) Pen or pencil to write with & 5 colored pencils or markers Please sit in the same seats as last week. Please get out a Pencil or Pen..
  2. 2. Check Off Date Given Date Due Name of Assignment Possibl e Pts. Earned Pts. 8/21 8/22 Newspaper Blackout -Redacting 50 8/21 8/23 Signed Brochure 35 8/21 8/28 E-Mail Me (Name-first & last, period of science this term, favorite lab or science experience K-7th) 40 8/22 8/26 8/27 Mission Possible 120/15
  3. 3. 1. When is the Mission Possible assignment due? 2. What do you need to do when you enter chemistry class? 3. How do you earn your grade in chemistry? 4. What mornings are tutorials offered in chemistry? What time do they start? 5. When is your e-mail assignment due? 6. Why is important to always represent yourself well?
  4. 4. How did you do? Honestly evaluate your level of performance based on the descriptors. CONTRIBUTION; ATTITUDE; FOCUS; FINAL PROJECT Pt Values = 5, 4 or 3 No 2 or 1 pts offered because there are no “D” or “F” grades in High School Areas for Improvement?
  5. 5. Tested, Observed, Generated Ideas Completed pages 1 & 2 of lab sheets Completed Final Structure Completed page 3 of lab sheets How do we Write a Conclusion Paragraph?
  6. 6. After completing a lab, it is important to write a conclusion paragraph based on evidence. Evidence can be quantitative (numbers) or qualitative (descriptive observations, patterns, etc.)
  7. 7. Address the following points in your paragraph. 1)Restate the overall purpose/challenge of the lab. 1) Independent Variable: materials and restrictions 2) Dependent Variable: Design for Height of structure or Strength of structure
  8. 8. 2)What were the major findings? 1) Summarize your trial results…. 2) What happened, give any specific #’s or observations to support the viability of your structure 3) What did you find that worked, what didn’t work?
  9. 9. 3) Was the hypothesis supported by your evidence? 1) Yes or No 2) How so? 3) Did anything surprise you?
  10. 10. 4) How would you improve this experimental structure? 1) What did you learn about the materials? 2) What would you differently?
  11. 11. 5) What else could we do to continue a study of this building topic? 1) If we could try again, what would you like to investigate? 2) How would you modify this experiment? 3) Would you use different materials or have different parameters? 4) What value does investigating building structures have in our world?
  12. 12. Chemistry is present in every aspect of life. Choose any 2 questions and record a minimum of 3 bullet points about the topic. Write 1 summary sentence telling the chemistry or physics connection. ay.htm
  13. 13.  Final Draft of Conclusion Paragraph – Make sure spelling & punctuation is correct – Check your grammar and “flow” of sentence structure  Go to “Chemistry in Everyday Life” hyperlink – Choose any 2 of the 15 questions – Bullet answers – NO complete sentences
  14. 14. Due Today: – Nothing Due Tomorrow at the beginning of the period: - Mission Possible-Lab – Chemistry in Everyday Life = homework Due Wednesday: - E-mail Me Lab Donation – Best by 9/6-$5.00 – Check to MVMS or Cash