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Current Event Summary Day 3


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Current Event Summary Day 3

  1. 1. You Will Need: 1. Current Event Summary Activity– 2 Picked up Wednesday 2. Pencil, Colored Pencils 3. STAR CARDS 61-101: Please Put your name on them, put in order and turn into the box at the front. 4. 1 manilla folder- bookshelf
  2. 2. You Will Need: 1. Complete Quiz #3 2. Turn Quiz into Turn-in Tray 3. Return Manilla Folder to bookshelf
  3. 3. Table of Contents – Online for Binder Check #3 – Due Monday April 22 at the beginning of classTarget Concepts for Test #3Create ½ page of notes, front side only, done by hand to support you during Test #3 – Monday, April 22nd.
  4. 4. 1. 2 paragraphs 1.Summary Paragraph 1.Introduction 2.Content – Relevance; Chem Connection 3.Transition2. Reaction Paragraph 1.Like or not 2.Why? -2-3 reasons 3.Conclusion
  5. 5. Required Components Pt. Value Earned Pts.Introduction Sent 55-6 Sentences of summary 20(no more than10)Article Relevance 15Your Reaction to the Article 20Conclusion 5Completed Graphic 35Organizer & PictureTotal 100
  6. 6. 1. Get a Signature for your Article – indicated that it is OK by Mrs. M.2. Binder Check #3 – Cover Page and Table of Contents; grades3. Target Concepts – ½ page of notes, front side only, done by hand4. Work on Current event Article: 1. Complete Handout outline 2. Write your Summary paragraph and Reaction paragraph
  7. 7. HOMEWORK:1. Binder Check #3 & Test #3 – Due on Monday, April 22nd2. ½ page of notes for Test #3- front side only, done by hand3. Current Event Summary & Reaction Activity – Due Tuesday, April 23rd