Biotech day 3


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Biotech day 3

  1. 1. TODAY IN SCIENCE YOU WILL NEED:  Pencil, Calculator, Log #4  BioTransgenic Corn Conclusion – 1 pg 1 side - Bookshelf  Biotechnology Lab – Picked up last week-You should have 3 pages 6 sides  Please sit in your normal seats for taking roll.
  2. 2. Reminders  Signed and Corrected Test #3 – Due tomorrow  Check grades on-line for accuracy  Progress Notice to be sent home next week on Tuesday- Signature will be required
  3. 3. Analysis Graphing Results can be visually quantified by using the averages for each corn crop type. You will be constructing a bar(column) graph that shows the comparison yield for crops with no, low and high ECB infestation. Chart Title (y vs x) Name(s), Period # __________________ vs _____________________ y axis x axis X axis label Types of Corn Y axis label Yield in kernel Mass (g)
  4. 4. ORGANIZING THE DATA Corn Type No Infestation Low Infestation High Infestation BT 123 Super BT 456 Golden Crop Find your AVERAGES from all the experiments to complete this chart.
  5. 5. BIOTECHNOLOGY VIRTUAL LAB COLLECT YOUR DATA ECB Level Mass of 1st ear Mass of 2nd ear Mass of 3rd ear Average (show work)   None 128.6  132.9 154.4   3   Low         • There are 8 different data collection tests. • Continue until all Data is Collected. g This average number must be moved to the Organizing Data table for graph BT123
  6. 6. ORGANIZING THE DATA Corn Type No Infestation Low Infestation High Infestation BT 123 Super BT 456 Golden Crop Record all the AVERAGE numbers in this chart for each corn….paying close attention to the infestation level.
  7. 7. Creating your graph (Visuals follow directions) 1)Make sure ALL your averages are filled in to the organization chart 2)Open up Excel or Google Docs spreadsheet 1)The directions for each of these is a little different but easy to figure out. 3) Input the data from your organization chart into columns A,B, C and D on your each spreadsheet. (see next slide)
  8. 8. ORGANIZING THE DATA Corn Type No Infestation Low Infestation High Infestation Column A Column B Column C Column D BT 123 Super BT 456 Golden Crop
  9. 9. 3)Highlight all information (A1- D5) 4)Insert “chart” COLUMN GRAPH 5)Make sure to have a Title, subtitle (put both partners names on the graph and print 2), X axis label, Y axis label 6)Save Graph (should look like next slide if done correctly…with your labels included) Creating your graph (Visuals follow directions)
  10. 10. Your graph should look like this however, your labels should be completed.
  11. 11. GRAPHING ON GOOGLE & EXCEL Choose: Google Docs OR Excel Graphing in Excel – PC 1)Input Data 2)Highlight 3)Insert – Column Graph 4)Use layout tabs at the top to customize graph 5)When complete; move to a New Sheet and Print Graphing in Google Docs 1) Sign up for account 2) Select “Documents” 3) Click on “Create” – “Spreadsheet” 4) Input data –Col. A = Names of Corn B = NONE Results C = LOW Infes. D= HIGH Infes. 5) Highlight Data 6) Click on Chart – Insert Chart Icon 7) Select – “Column Style Graph” 8) Customize – Name & Axis labels
  12. 12. TODAY 1) All 8 experiments and Graph should be completed. 2) For the Final Piece of this assignment you will be working with your Table Group. 3)Collaboratively, you will be creating a one page document that summarizes your findings as a table community.
  13. 13. Title: - Use “Cool Text” or “Word Art” Include a Picture: Your Choice –Clip art or from the Interent Explain: What is Biochemistry? What’s the Problem the Farmers are experiencing? Explain: What are scientist doing with the corn? Define: What’s your team’s Hypothesis? Insert Table: List of Pros and Cons for using BT Corn (use internet as needed) Summary/Conclusion; As a team: Suggest to the farmers the best course of action for having a successful yield of corn. Provide evidence that supports your suggestions. Always good to also include a counter argument . Use your data to recommend which seed farmers should invest in to not only gain a high crop yield but to also CONCLUSIONEXPECTATIONS
  14. 14. TODAY’S TASK LIST 1)Pick up your Assigned Computer. 2)You will be held responsible for its well- being. 3) Discuss your ideas with your table group. 4)All Individual or Partnership work will need to be completed on your own – TODAY is for COLLABORATION 5) Extra Credit – Cover Page Title, Picture, Name, Date, Period
  15. 15. HOMEWORK 1)We will be working in class tomorrow to complete our Conclusion/Recommendations 2)All work will be due by the end of the period tomorrow. 3)Test #3 – Corrected and Signed- Due Tomorrow.